The Price Is Right Safari Zone Million Dollar Spectacular -|- Episode 2

The Price Is Right Safari Zone Million Dollar Spectacular -|- Episode 2




Behind the 4 is…

A lose everything. That’s okay. You got one out of the way. What number would you like to pick now?


Good we got that out of the way I guess


And behind the 1 is…

The other lose everything! Well, at least you will win something with your last pick. What is the last number you want?





You’re going to win at least something here… behind the 6 is…

$3,000! Not bad! Here is what the rest of the board looked like…

And with that, we’ll be right back with game number three of the first half!!


Who is the final contestant of the first half?

@Conos, come on down! You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular!!

And let’s see what prize you are playing for!

It’s a new car!! It’s a 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider!! One of the fanciest cars in the industry!!


You’re playing a game called Switcheroo. Before I describe the game, let me show you the other prizes you are playing for…


It’s a coffee maker, an activity tracker, a PlayStation 4 controller, and a copy of NBA 2K19!!

This game is pretty simple. At the bottom of the board are 5 red blocks, each with a different number on them. Your job is to put each block in the tens spot for the correct prize. Normally you have 30 seconds to do this, but the clock isn’t working today, so simply tell me where you think each number goes, and we’ll go from there.

If you have any questions, let me know, otherwise, tell me where the 2, 5, 1, 8, & 4 blocks go!





Alright, let’s see how many you have right.


You have one right. Now, you can end the game here, and we’ll see which one you have right. Or, you can take one more crack at the board and move whatever numbers you’d like. If you want to move the numbers, give me your new guess.





Alright, let’s see how many you have right this time…


Ouch. Absolutely none right. Let’s see what the correct prices were…


And with that, we’ll be back shortly to spin the wheel!


It is now time for the first showcase showdown! Normally we do it in order of least won to most won, but since we skipped the IUFB segment, we’ll just go in order of who got called down first.

As always, the highest number goes on to the showcase at the end of the show. However, if you hit a $1 (100) in one spin or a combination of two spins, you will win a bonus of $10,000!! Hit the 5 or the 15 in your bonus spin and you’ll win an extra $50,000!! However, if you hit the 100 again in your bonus spin, you will win $1,000,000!!!

The spinning order will be @Specifice, @Wrath-o-Los, and @Conos.

So please, @Specifice, give me a number from 1-20, and spin the wheel!





Wow, 90! Would you like to spin again, or stay? Remember, if you go over 100, you’re out.




Alright. @Wrath-o-Los, please give me a number from 1-20 an spin the wheel!





70. You’ll have to spin again. Please give me another number from 1-20.




100. You are way way over. Thank you for playing though!

@Conos, please give me a number from 1-20 and spin the wheel!