The name's Sayaka

The name's Sayaka


Hello, I’m new here.

I’ve gone by many names on the internet but my most consistent one is some variant of what you see here. I’ve never participated much in Pokémon communities and I’ve always been more of a lurker than anything, so basically a non-entity. That may or may not continue to be the case here…but I’d like to try contributing a bit to what seems to be a new community.

I’ve been a fan of Pokémon for 17 years now, since I was very, very young and I’ve been pretty obsessed with the series ever since, having played nearly all of the games many times including most of the spinoff titles. I’ve dabbled in the TCG and have watched a good bit of the anime years ago. I’ve also messed around with romhacking quite a bit, but have never actually completed anything. I always get too ambitious and lose sight of what I wanted. :disappointed:
I really admire what people in the romhacking community have done and would like to someday do something for them.

My favourite game in the series is easily White 2 and while it’s hard to pick a favourite Pokémon, ever since I first played Gold it HAS to be Totodile. But yes, I love Minccino too. <3

I think this is good enough for an introduction. I like the design of this site a lot and hope to be using it for a long time!


Heyy welcome to the comunitty :slight_smile:


Hey Sayaka and welcome! I’m doing an apocalocke of black atm and I’ll be doing white 2 next as both are my favorite games as well! Perhaps you’ll enjoy discussing them a bit in Pokemon Gaming ahaha.

I hope to see you around for a long time as well~



Jk! Hey! I’m Saleh, a fellow romhacker. Nice to meet you! I do hope you have fun here. Great to see a new face.

omgggg lala likes new faces and she gave u some chocolates OMGGG ISNT THAT NICE??


YES love BW2 and Totodile is a cutie!! Welcome to Safari Zone :blush:


Hey Sayaka! Welcome to Safari Zone! Nice to meet you! I’m Wobb.

I love your Minccino profile picture! Minccino is one of my favorite Pokemon.
I actually just got a Minccino adoptable on Safari Zone yesterday. You should get an adoptable too.

Also, why do you call yourself Sayaka? Where’d that come from? :eyes:

I’m a ROM Hacker! :scream: If you ever wanna talk about hacking, you can come to the rom-hacking and dev-lounge channels on our Discord Server! :wink: