The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


Honestly I can’t say much more to convince you. All I can say is that I absolutely am the Autocrat and that this whole “I’m vanilla cause I’m Canas” thing isn’t nearly as concrete as Magi’s making out. Quite frankly it seems really fishy to me that we’ve got Magi magically reappearing in the game in Canas’ spot and then not long after we suddenly have talk in the phase post about potential third parties that weren’t listed in the OP.


It’s really fishy to me that you’re using me taking Canas’ place as evidence again, since I already told you he dropped out for personal reasons, not for game mechanic-related purposes. Seems to me like you’re grasping at those straws again because you don’t have any other reasoning, and you’re starting to message the people whose minds you hope to change when like you do you’re backed in a corner.


There’s only three of us here and I’m directly opposing you, who the hell else was I going to talk to? Who’s clutching at straws again?

I’m up for waiting for Aaron to check every other role. I’ve got plenty of time.


Just practicing while we wait, haha :fufu:


You’ll wait for me to check every role yeah…tbh I don’t know how the game currently is still going as technically all 3 Mafia are dead…

No role now currently wins with Mafia and honestly it’s hard to read anyone as a result right now. Pika looks solid because reading through the game they were Angel, they turned into an Alien and was lynched, then came back as Canas who at this point had retained their original role, whatever that was. If this for some reason was a Maf role, Pika would’ve won today by performing the last NK and as it’s that string of logic to get to Pika’s versus your claim which is just your word, I’m going to bring down the hammer.

[Lynch] Glitter


I’m not suggesting Magi is a mafia role, I’m suggesting that they’re our mysterious third party. Look at it this way.

The game starts, there’s no mention of a third party role anywhere in the OP and there’s not in the flavour text. Then suddenly, not long after Magi rejoins the game, the flavour text is implying that there is a potential (and thus probably because why the fuck would Nica mention it otherwise?) third party role.

The only other option here is that the GM was lying to us from the beginning, which I doubt, or she randomly changed how a role functions part way through the game without warning the players.

Don’t you think that’s a bit fishy? Look at the three scenarios you have here.

  1. Nica brought Magi back in as a third party, explaining why the flavour text suddenly started mentioning a third party option not long after and why the game is still going despite the mafia all being dead.

  2. Nica lied in the OP from the beginning. There was always a third party role despite the OP (and early flavour text) saying nothing about it.

  3. Nica fucked someone over by changing their wincon part way through the game for no reason.

Which one of those sounds more likely to you?


I suppose I only need to respond to the first scenario, since the other two are equally applicable to you. Let me put down a little timeline.

Night Zero:

Night One:

Night Two:

Day Three:

Canas became Town Night Zero. The suggestion of a TP came almost two days later. They say correlation doesn’t imply causation, but lack or correlation does not imply causation. It sounds more to me like something fishy happened around Night Two, but we still have no clue what it is.

From what we know currently, the TP win condition must still be possible when only the three of us are left, and from GP’s actions it seems to me that his goal is either to survive to the end, or get me lynched. All I’ve been doing all game is trying to get the Mafia lynched since they’re usually our biggest threat, and it’s not common to have a TP condition that directly relies on lynching Mafia; meanwhile he’s been uncertain all game about his reads and who to lynch and has been set on lynching me despite all of the evidence I’ve put forward. I feel like my motives have been pretty obvious the entire time, but we still don’t have the least bit of proof from you.

Edit note: this game has gone on for so long, I thought I realized an airtight defense when I was out on a run and then I after I posted it I scrolled up to see I remembered it wrong, can’t believe it’s Day Six already smh


Well something’s just gone wrong tbh because I’ve thought of all those scenarios and my only conclusion is that something changed during the swap over that we’re not aware of, what TP role could come in…it would have to be one implemented outside of the game, in which case that’s a tad unfair for a GM to just smash in a role unbeknownst of that degree. The only reason I’m voting you really GP is because I have no idea how Magi could be TP, it’s just baffling me.

But then my gut says Magi’s defence so orchestrated to feign innocence…agh…NICA WE ARE HAVING WORDS AFTER THIS


If you think Magi is feigning innocence why are you voting me? -_-


And with that… town wins!

@Johnny Prophet
@Desinishon Monk
@Specifice Mastermind
@Dedenne Jigglypuff
@Zoska Lyncher
@Salzorrah Politician
@Magipika as Canas … Vanilla but originally Alien.
@Desox Detective
@Tyler Amnesiac
@Glitter Autocrat … read below for more.
@Magipika Angel

N0 … thankfully Desox wasn’t the killer as he tried to kill Salzorrah. I had the other mafia members submit a kill in case the main one didn’t. At the role PMs I realised that Specifice could out themselves late game and be protected during the night all the way assuming mafia killed themselves (and I didn’t even think of Canas outing lol ooopsss) so I gave Desox a gun for being a good detective. He wasn’t a good detective. He killed Desinishon and that wasn’t a good idea for him because he could have chosen Specifice and made the game a lot easier for them two (but still stacked against them with the town roles). Once the last (or second last? Idr which night) I gave gp the third party win condition … like people suspected early on (I planned from then) because otherwise the game would end super quickly and I wouldn’t get to drive y’all crazy. :’)

Magipika’s Angelic person was Desi … which would have really confused the fuck out of Magi given what happened lol

Tyler barely investigated anyone :frowning:

Specifice lived the fuck out of the game. :slight_smile:


Good game and thank goodness, waiting out the results of this game was shortening my life span, I think "-.-

Adding in a TP win condition on some random night, for heaven’s sake, trying to figure out why the game hadn’t ended was tripping me up so badly I was going crazy just from thinking about it… Desi’s mysterious death was just the first of many straws which I think threw everybody in a daze, but it’s a shame we never got to see how things like the Prophet and the Lyncher would affect how the game worked.

Would’ve loved to see the Alien travel around a bit more, bit rough for the Mafia that Spaget managed to be invincible until they were all dead, but that was certainly an interesting experience to remember :fufu:

(Side note: somebody removed :hug: from the forums behind the scenes and made a certain person very, very sad)


Well what do you know, I was right all along… You know, if you had let me lynch Aaron, I couldve killed GP and the game wouldve been over soon.

Coupled with the fact that @Desox and @Conos were terrible maf players, I basically carried my team as far as I could go, and did I mention I got my suspicions right?

I still think I deserved that win smh




Smh dying on N0


Angie, I’m going to kill you.
I would have won if you hadn’t changed my role randomly :slight_smile:


Like poor Canas he didnt even do anythint this game.





There are…a few issues.

Changes need to be made somewhat clear to the game as the reason the last day went on so long AND why GP stood no chance of winning in theory, is because there was no logical way for the game to continue.

Also the randomness in events etc needs to be pre-meditated, because there were a few swaying factors because of interference where it was perhaps not due.