The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


Maybe there is something deeper at play, but remember the fact that the gun was an unexplained addition to the game, which we all clearly saw the effects of the same phase as it occurred. What you’re suggesting are unexplained changes to the rules which would drastically effect the strategy of the game, and yet have gone without mention, which I don’t think are going to happen. The quick referral to a potential third party when Nica said “2v2v1” or some stuff back then has never been corroborated since, but you’re latching onto it like it’s hard fact.

I see you’re still confused about the Alien. Right, quick re-explanation…

The Alien was a poor choice, it was admitted that rules should have been made against spilling the secret. The original intention was for it to be passed on various times, but its mechanics were not role swapping. If the old me had lived to pass on the role, then the result would be that Canas would still become a Vanilla Townie because he had no original role, old Magi would become the Angel as he was in the beginning, and the person the old Magi visits would temporarily have their role poofed into oblivion while they hold the Alien role. Perhaps if the Alien had worked as intended, you might have seen these mechanics come more to light, but unfortunately that was not the case. Got it? Good.

Let’s phrase Autocrat a slightly different way. We’re not going to just say that Autocrat is a Vanilla Townie, because everyone here is supposed to be a third party role; maybe there were balancing issues with adding in something else, or maybe Nica couldn’t think of anything else (which would surprise me but I guess maybe some of them are too overpowered). Essentially, that would be lame, and Autocrat sounds much cooler. And even then, technically if Autocrat would normally win with itself, which is Third Party, but we’re all Third Party, wouldn’t that mean we all win if GP wins? :thonk: (Sorry that was just me messing around, I just really don’t believe something weird would happen to GP specifically, and that’s all I’ve got to say on that matter. If you disagree that’s not going to make me lynch GP anyways.)

It is very unlikely that attempting to save Spaget from lynching when Spaget is killed would count as a night action; just as a Cop who visits someone to learn information and is then killed before receiving it would not count as a night action either. What you’re proposing is an alternate, very mildly plausible but a far stretch from the mainstream ideas that have much more evidence behind them.

Possibility 1: Your scenario
I am TP for some reason and might win tonight if we lynch you.
GP is Autocrat with a suddenly existing win condition and will also win if we lynch you.
Tyler is the Mafia and BS’ing Amnesiac, and did the killing action on Spaget last night.
You are the Monk, but none of your NA’s have gone through for the last few days; your NA was cancelled by Spaget’s death but counts as “someone doing something” anyways.

Possibility 2: The other scenario? I’m not good with names…
I am Vanilla because I used to be Alien, but I passed it on and had no original role.
GP is Autocrat, basically a Vanilla Townie in a Third Party game.
Tyler is Amnesiac and visited Desox last night, as the “someone doing something” action last night.
You are the Mafia and visited Spaget last night, as the “someone killing something” action last night.

So that’s those as I understand. There’s a lot of weird assumptions which have to pass for yours to make sense though on the part of me and GP, and the flavour text, so I’m tempted not to believe it. Perhaps if you reread the stuff above and think about it a bit, you can adjust it to the information? I don’t know, I think it’s unlikely I’m going to change my vote though.


I already said that whether you’re TP or not, or GP’s Autocrat role does something or not, you two are not the enemy here. I specifically clarified that fact in the last post I made. I’m also 100% sure that none of you two should be lynched today, that it should either be me or Aaron.

I do like the clarification from you, and yes, I definitely understand now, and I am having second thoughts about you being TP, but as I already said, it doesn’t matter.

I still am iffy about GP, and I still think he could still steal the town win, because I’m pretty sure Nica couldve changed some things and basically steal what would be the town’s win, and make it so GP technically wins the game. But it’s already too late for that, and there’s nothing I could do about it, unless we lynch GP, but I 100% AGREE THAT WE SHOULDN’T DO THIS AT ALL, even though we should’ve before in the early game.

Now with you two out of the way, since any info about the two of you is meaningless in deciding between me or Aaron, let me reevaluate both possibilities you’ve shown.

Possibility 1: My scenario
Tyler is the Mafia, threw Desox under the bus to get a convincing “amnesiac report”, and did the killing action on Spaget last night.
I’m the Monk, but my NA was cancelled by Spaget’s death but counts as “someone doing something” anyways.

Possibility 2: Aaron’s scenario
Tyler is Amnesiac and visited Desox last night, as the “someone doing something” action last night.
I’m the Mafia and visited Spaget last night, as the “someone killing something” action last night.

The problem is that Aaron “forgot” to do his amnesiac reports, WHICH ARE HONESTLY MORE VITAL TO THE GAME TO GET INFORMATION.

I on the other hand wholeheartedly decided NOT to save anyone from any lynches, because that could impede on us getting any good lynches on anyone.

I’m not being angry or defensive here, I’m just trying to get my point across, since both you and GP have been tied up on what I think of you two, instead of you two thinking on both of us. It is also bad considering all the attention is on me, instead of the attention being on both of us, if it makes any sense


So, I’m a little bored so I’m going to try to account for all of the roles so far (or at least what I think people were when they died…

Dedenne - Killed Night 0, Jigglypuff or something else (since Jigglypuff should have been visiting nightly, but stopped)
Desinishon - Killed Night 0, Jigglypuff or something else
*last night phase the Jigglypuff or Monk were seen to act
Magipika - Lynched Day 1, Angel --> Alien (Mafia)
Zoska - Killed Night 1, role unknown
Desox - Lynched Day 2, Detective (Mafia)
Johnny - Killed Night 2, role unknown
Spaget - Killed Night 3, Mastermind

Canas - Alien --> Vanilla
Glitter - Autocrat
Gunner - Monk or Politician?
Aaron - Amnesiac or Politician?

Unaccounted roles: Prophet, Lyncher, Monk/Amnesiac?

Prophet and Lyncher almost certainly died among the first few days, so I guess it’s a question of whether or not the Amnesiac or the Monk died early in the game and when, or whose claims are more legitimate now. Normally I’d find not using your NA super suspicious, especially if it were something useful like Amnesiac, but I mean, he didn’t even update his own game in time because he was so busy… :thonk:

I don’t know, your defense holds up a little bit I guess, but I just don’t buy the idea that the Monk protecting a dead person from lynching the next day counts as a night action. That’s the main deciding factor for me, regardless of whether Aaron was kind of neglecting his responsibilities as an investigative role.


[lynch] Salzorrah

Honestly, Gunner just sounds desperate while Aaron is otherwise quite composed. Gives the impression that maybe he’s got less to worry about or knows he has a stronger case. I’m still open to being swayed to change my vote but for the moment I’m voting Gunner.

Sorry I’ve been around less my health issues are playing up and it’s making it had to focus on mafia.


Not trying to be meta here, but I’ve already done not using my NAs in other games because I feel like it would harm the town, which I felt it here.

The example you gave before couldn’t be compared to mine, since the cop (example you gave) died trying to do his night action, which obv wont go through since they themselves died. But I’m the one who did the action onto a person who’s gonna die, and I’m pretty sure it will go through, but it would be negated, like for example you gave a vest to a person who’s gonna die, If it doesn’t go through like you say, said person would die, and vest gets negated, but if it does go through, vest protects the person and lives. Same goes for cop reports, the cop would still get the report on the person despite it being redundant as the person they investigated had already died. You get what I’m saying?

Here’s the thing, I may sound desperate, and I honestly can see why since I’ve been hard defending myself, but it’s because all your attention has been onto me. You haven’t even batted an eye onto Aaron. Are you sure he has a stronger case? Have you asked him questions? Because from the way I see it, he thinks he has a stronger case, because you haven’t asked him anything.


Maybe it’s just because irl stuff came up and through me out of the loop but Aaron’s claim doesn’t seem to warrant much in the way of a cc. The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

I guess, for the sake of fairness, I’ll do this.

@Tyler can you give me a brief rundown of why I should trust you over Gunner? My vote’s currently set to her for reasons already stated but I guess I want to do my due diligence.


Welp, the day’s gonna be over soon smh, is it unllkely that I could change your minds further @Magipika @Glitter???


Seeing as how we’re two days overdue, and Ho-Oh’s been busy, I don’t really expect a turn in votes at this point… Aaron could very well be Mafia, but well, it’s all experimental and I suppose it wouldn’t be too upsetting if we lost at this point, since a lot of this has pretty much gone over my head. My gut says to leave it as it is and my thoughts are too tired to question my decisions as they are. :’)


Throwing in the towel @Magipika smh :frowning:


Because I’m the Amnesiac lol, Gunner is acting way too flustered AND jumps onto my yet-to-be-CC’d claim. If needed I can visit tonight and see who Gunner was in the event the game has not been won.


Night Five

Salzorrah was lynched!

@Johnny IS DEAD
@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Desox IS DEAD
@Magipika IS DEAD

Three remain. The game is still running… who should be trusted?


Now all NAs have been sent…

Day Six
@Johnny IS DEAD
@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Desox IS DEAD
@Magipika IS DEAD


Okay so, I know I’m innocent and Aaron looks pretty legit. I think that means that the most suspicious one is probably Magipika who has been skirting through the game on an unverifiable claim of being a Vanilla in a game where that role isn’t meant to exist. I gave them the benefit of the doubt before because what they were saying made sense but given the circumstances it’s got to be them.

[lynch] Magipika


Son, you’re blind. Maybe Gunner was right about your ulterior motives after all.

[Lynch] Glitter


so what was your original role then? this alien role confuses me


because claiming as a vanilla role when that shouldn’t exist is…iffy. but then at the same time, is that due to the way the roles are setup, so there isn’t necessarily a role for you to have in place of losing the alien one.



Conos was originally the Alien. He had no original Town role, so he defaulted to a Vanilla Townie.

I suppose since GP and I are going to be in a deadlock, it’s up to us to make our cases to you so you can make a decision.

First off, the fact that I’m a Vanilla Townie. I may not be able to prove that I’m a Vanilla Townie specifically, but as a result of the Alien shenanigan I am at least confirmed to be Town; it’s stated specifically in the flavour text. I can also justify fairly easily that I’m not Mafia; I wouldn’t have made such a large case against Gunner when both of you guys were on the fence about the vote, and I certainly could’ve made a better case against GP or Aaron using her evidence if I had been. I’ve been scum hunting all game and I don’t think it’s been very hard to see that.

Next stop on the evidence train… you’re one to talk about ‘unverifiable roles’ GP, claiming to be the Autocrat. There’s so many unchecked roles, and you just so happen to be the one that’s got the least ability to be proven. I find it interesting that it says “all NAs” have been sent, since in theory only one of should have an NA left, that being Aaron. That might well be more arbitrary clues thrown in by Nica, but you never know. (As a side note, it’d be nice to know who you visited so we know you’re still doing Town work behind the scenes.)

GP, you seemed strangely concerned about a third faction last day phase even though there was still clearly a Mafia member present, and I’m still suspicious because you focused in on me specifically before you even took a look at Aaron or Gunner. You seem to be so sure about this third faction existing, even though there’s been no clear evidence of one, and it makes me wonder if you know something about it that we don’t because you are it. You seem to have some other objective related to me somehow, one that precedes even lynching the last of the mafia, but unlike Gunner, I don’t think you have some unidentified objective as the Autocrat; I’m starting to think you might not be the Autocrat at all.

If I had to decide, I’d trust a confirmed Town a lot more than a supposed unprovable role with no evidence to back it.

(Sorry for the delay, my parents are trying to teach me to wear ties :wobblurk:)


You’re the only one here claiming an unaccounted for role that isn’t in the OP. There’s nothing confirmed about you at all.

Meanwhile, I’m claiming an un-CCd town role that works exactly as explained in the description.

But please go on about how I’m the scummy one.


I think there somehow needs to be clarification as to how the role works because as it stands GP is blatant scum because he’s arguing against someone who as per the list is confirmed town. But I feel that might not be the case and I’m not sure why…


I’m not arguing the purpose of the Autocrat at all, I’m arguing that there’s no proof you’re the Autocrat.

I don’t know why you’d think that a role not being CC’d yet would be a good defense, because us three and Spaget have been the only people to claim a role all game. With so little information out, it’d be easy to claim any of the other roles which are also unaccounted for, like Lyncher or Prophet as I said earlier, and since you know who Aaron’s visited so far, you also know what roles are safe to claim. If you really wanted to, we could wait several day phases for Aaron to check every single dead person for their role, but that’s a massive waste of time and there’s much better ways to figure this out.

You all know exactly what’s happened to me over the course of the game. I was Alien to start with, and since I visited somebody else, I’m now Town. I know I’m Vanilla, but I obviously can’t convince you of that, but I haven’t had anything to hide the entire game. I haven’t really got anything left to say, so either we wait to time out and let Aaron get more info or we make a decision sometime today.