The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


tbh - i’ve not been following and this has shown when i’ve been useless and not bothered using my NA at all. I’m the Amnesiac and have learned absolutely jack-diddly-squat because i keep forgetting and also don’t seem to be getting pinged for phase changes here

Make what you want of that information


I trust that. So I’ll randomize it to someone else.

[Unlynch] Tyler
[Lynch] Salzorrah


So Gunner, GP, and you are Mastermind, Mafia, and something else? I’ll take a 1/3 chance.


I can promise that I’m not Mafia. So if you’re trustworthy, then it’s between Sal and Glitter.


I’m definitely not mafia. I’m the autocrat which in this game means I’m pretty much a vanilla.


[Lynch] Salzorrah

So unless someone dares to CC, basically everyone’s roleclaimed at this point?

Oh and [Unlynch] Glitter


I didn’t catch one from Specifice.


Yeah, about that… I’m not the scum you’re looking for.

I’m the Monk. I haven’t used my action since D1 coz I realized that if I used my action, it would’ve definitely tampered onto who we actually wanted to lynch, and make it harder for us to lynch them (like if I protected Desox yesterday, but we collectively thought Desox was scum, then we wouldn’t be able to lynch him, and have to wait for the next day). Also, it wouldn’t help us if I actually continued to protect someone without any knowledge of their role.

So yeah, I don’t know who’s lying. My bet is either on Aaron or GP, I’m more skeptical on GP, not because he’s scum, but specifically because he’s the Autocrat, and I really feel like there’s a lot that Nica’s hiding on that role in this game, and that makes me real suss on that, but I also feel really suss on Aaron just because he’s probably our only investigative role, yet doesn’t visit for 2 consecutive nights?

Yeah, I’m probably gonna go with [lynch] Aaron mostly because I might not have the time to change this, but I kinda find the claim pretty bs :x


Ima need y’all to stop making good defenses lol

I’m just gonna randomize this again tbh

[Unlynch] Salzorrah
[Lynch] Glitter


Night Four

All votes are equal. Nobody was lynched.

The day dragged on… it felt like four days, not two days, that’s how loooooong it was! Alas. It is sleep time. What will happen tomorrow? Five people are still alive!

The Mastermind is still alive!

@Johnny IS DEAD
@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Desox IS DEAD
@Magipika IS DEAD


Day Four

Close enough. :slight_smile: Going to sleep soon soooooo… why not? Someone did something and someone did some killing. Pretty chill night last night.

@Johnny IS DEAD
@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Desox IS DEAD
@Magipika IS DEAD

Four people left!




Gunner claims Monk but hasn’t done anything.
GP claims Autocrat, but he can’t do anything.
Aaron claims Amnesiac but forgot to do anything.
Spaget soft-claimed Mastermind, and it was probably the last thing she should have done.

smh indeed

[Lynch] Salzorrah

Yours was the most provable, and yet you “decided” not to use it? I don’t think anyone would’ve cared if it tampered with who we wanted to lynch, nobody has any dang idea what they’re doing in this game so it hardly would have made any difference. And for the record, I don’t think there’s anything up with the Autocrat.

EDIT: It sounds like the Amnesiac did something last night, and the Mafia did something last night. You know who didn’t do anything last night? A nonexistent Monk. If you even wanted to bother to prove the Monk was still alive, you could have visited me or something, but now it’s your word on ours, and we’ve got a lot more to back ours up.

RE-EDIT: Oh, and one small detail; you didn’t deny the existence of Autocrat when GP claimed it; instead you used that as the reason he was suspicious? The weird stuff happened with the Mafia, not the Autocrat, and that doesn’t change the fact that he claimed Town; in fact, you essentially confirmed it with that. Don’t worry; I imagine it’s quite a tight situation you’re in and I don’t know how someone would manage to pull all this off.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Well, slight apology to Spaget >.>, I guess in the end revealing was probably the safest move; especially since now we know there’s definitely only one Mafia left. We had faith in you and for that you had to die xD

Okay, I’ll stop talking to myself now.


Woo i did something hooray, all we know is that now the mafia investigator is definitely not alive as that was Desox


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ok

Yes, I decided to not use it before, because I honestly did not trust any of you, and I’d rather not target anyone than to target someone then we find out that we want to lynch that said person, but we can’t and we would’ve had to wait for the next day to do so.

That’s why I decided to use it tonight, and fuck my luck as always, I chose Spaget, the reason being is that I thought maf would kill Aaron because he was essentially an investigative role, and thought that maf would gloss over Spaget (because honestly Spaget is really good at hiding in plain sight, no one notices her that much). I didn’t choose you because I think you’re TP now, and even though I don’t know what your win condition is now, I don’t trust you. I do agree that GP is town, 100% the Autocrat, but I honestly don’t trust that he’s just a glorified vanilla townie. I still think that he would steal the town win away from us, and make it his solo win.

Now, I’m 100% not convinced that Aaron is the Amnesiac. I do agree with him that Desox is the Detective, but I don’t trust that he got that info from his night action. Remember, Spaget was the Mastermind, and since Spaget’s dead now, he now knows who his other mafia members are. We already know Canas was the original Alien, but he doesn’t know who the Detective was, until now. I’m pretty sure Aaron threw Desox under the bus, just so he could get a convincing amnesiac report.

[lynch] Aaron


Yeah sorry but I’m the Amnesiac and that’s that, you’re panicking hardcore and deciding to instead try to move your spotlight onto me

[lynch] Salzorrah


I have no reason to be panicking right now. Magi asked me why I wasn’t been able to prove anything, I told him everything he needed to know. Also, who would I move the spotlight towards then? Magi the TP, or GP the Win-stealing Town?

Also, anyway you slice it, if I’m town or scum, I’ll lose this game no matter what. If I’m scum as you say, I lose, and GP gets the Town win. If I’m town, you lose, and GP still gets the Town win. Magi could probably win as well, depending on his win con. The choice for me is if I want to live until the end of the game, or die right here right now. I don’t know bout you, but I’m picking to live.



Nica might’ve added a single gun in an isolated incident to get things off to an interesting start, but you’re literally making assumptions that change the rules of the game and make you seem like a victim…

First off; I’m still not TP. I would have thought the third time I explained precisely what happened, you would have understood that I’m actually just reading from the role description, but it appears you’re just overlooking that to suit your needs.

Same thing with GP; we’re not spontaneously getting a Town to have TP win conditions directly against the original rules, there’s been absolutely no basis for this claim except for an ambiguous statement from Nica that, mind you, still has not and never will be confirmed. It’s meant to be confusing but I think it’s working a little too well.

I will concede one thing; I believe that you visited Spaget, although maybe not on the terms that you claim.

By the way, one of many things I need you to prove to me if you want me to vote for Aaron; if your NA on Spaget was supposedly cancelled by the night kill, then whose other NA was this?


That’s why I think there’s something deeper in play, why would Nica have the urge to put in a single gun at the start of the game? That doesn’t make any sense, and it definitely changed the way the game played as Desi or Dedenne couldve been alive and be here right now. You can’t blame me for seeing that there could be other things that haven’t been explained fully in the game.

The reason why I keep pinning you as TP is because Canas shouldve been the new Angel, since he swapped “Past Magi” with the Alien, but you said that replaced Canas, and you claimed to be vanilla. If you claimed to be replaced, you shouldve claimed to be the Angel again (which does nothing since Desi already died). Also adding in the whole phase post thing, you were the only one who could be TP since all the others were preallocated to maf or town at the start of the game, and it’s the same thing with GP with the first paragraph that I said. The OP said that the Autocrat wins with Town, but I honestly think that’s too vague of a description. If he was a vanilla townie, it shouldve been said that the Autocrat is a vanilla townie, and wins with town.

All of this is beside the point. Whether you two are telling the truth or not, the fact is that you two are the only ones who could decide who lives today. Either you’re TP or not, it honestly doesn’t matter, and it’s the same for GP.

As for your question, I was the someone who did something, and Aaron was the one who did some killing. I already said why I think so right here.


Let’s do a quick check shall we? Does anyone here have a role description different to what the description in the OP is? Autocrat traditionally doesn’t win with the town sure, but this isn’t a traditional game. I’m this games equivalent of a vanilla. You’re clutching at straws.

That said, I’m not totally sold on Gunner just yet. I’m a bit busy to do a proper read through so I’ll come back with my final vote. Leaning strongly towards voting Gunner though.