The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


Honesty, right now Desox is the closest I have to a strong scum lean. It’s not the inactivity itself that gives that impression to me with him right now though, it’s more like that he used that one longer post just for the sake of making his excuses and never really went any further which he could have there even if he doesn’t have the time to be making a high number of posts. I’m going to join this wagon and stay I think.

I’m going to have to keep thinking about the rest of you.

[lynch] Desox


Night Two

Desox was lynched!

After a confusing day … everyone decided it was Desox turn to die. Did they hit a mafia member? Are there multiple threats? Please submit your night actions!

Six people left. :slight_smile:

@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Desox IS DEAD
@Magipika IS DEAD


Day Three

Johnny has died!

Very quiet night last night! Only one thing happened. Everyone else… relaxed.

Are we looking at 2 vs 3, 1 vs 4, 2 vs 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 vs 1?

The Mastermind is still alive!

@Johnny IS DEAD
@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Desox IS DEAD
@Magipika IS DEAD


Well that was helpful.

EDIT: Time to actually say something of value…

Sounds like every NA but the Mafia is dead. Don’t think people are going inactive at this stage in the game… that being said, what else is left? Mastermind for sure. I’m still a Vanilla. One or more of them is the Mafia, and then for the last ones, Autocrat, Lyncher, and Prophet may or may not be alive, but at this point their actions aren’t going to be very helpful.


I’m at a complete loss if this is going well or not lmao

So the last person Johnny thought might be Maf was Salzorrah…

So only one night action was used last night according to the flavor text? The Mafia kill itself, most likely.


This thing with you replacing Canas as a nilla really throws things out of whack because prior to this we had eleven participants and eleven roles and now we have 12 roles but the same eleven participants.


That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s mafia. We have to be careful pursuing that line of thought or we can create confirmation bias.


well fuck me

I honestly don’t know what to say, so I’ll leave it up to you on what you think of me.

@Glitter Are you saying that Magi might not be 100% town? I mean, I am intrigued that the phase post included a 2v2v1 and 3v1v1, and considering that we don’t know any third party roles, it could probably mean Magi is TP? The question is if he’s safe?

I’m a bit skeptical on Spaget, and how she tries to focus the attention on me, but I’m not too sure on it, she could’ve just jumped the gun there, so I’ll have to wait and see, maybe revisit this if it leads somewhere.


I’m saying there’s some murkiness there. I don’t exactly feel like they’re lying but at the same time I don’t think we should ignore the possibility.


We don’t have 12 roles? I’m not really sure where you got that idea from but I replaced Canas and his role. Alien essentially overrode the Angel out of existence, so consider Vanilla the ‘lack of role’. I can’t seem to quote on mobile (ugh) but I’ll highlight what the desc says:

Must visit one human every night.
That human becomes the Alien.
The original Alien will become Town and recover their original role.

As far as I’m aware, since Alien had no original role that’s why I’m Vanilla. And even if not I’m still Town.

I realized when you said it that the phase post included 2v2v1 and 3v1v1… what? Do we have Zombies here or something too? There’s no hints in the flavor text at all so I don’t know if this is a red herring or not. I feel like the gun and all this ambiguity means maybe one of the Mafia got an upgrade/change at some point?

I don’t know how to do reads at this point, give me a minute…


I’m not saying you’re scum or anything but you must admit it’s a bit strange that you came back to life and suddenly we have another faction.


You don’t know we have another faction. It was only vaguely hinted at as a possibility, and of all the things that happened more unexplained things that have happened, more have occurred on the Mafia’s side.

Please stop saying I came back to life. I did NOT come back to life. Why do you keep insisting that? Imagine I’m like Aaron when he subbed in to replace that one guy who made no sense; it’s just that I happened to have been in the game already, but since I did literally nothing and knew nothing before I died, it was okay to sub me in.

Emphasis on ‘Magipika is Canas’. The only things that have happened to the current me is, I was Alien, but ratted out the person I turned and became Town. It’s all stated in the description. Canas dropped out for personal reasons, not weird substitution. I thought this was clarified but I’ll elaborate a bit more if you’re still confused.


This is describing three factions. It’s not a vague hint. A GM would not include this if a third party wasn’t in the game. Why draw attention to that chance when the OP does not contain a listed third party if they hadn’t added one?

You don’t need to be defensive, I’m not necessarily scum reading you. I’m just saying that it’s very strange that a third faction appeared in the game right around the same time that you rejoined the game in Canas’ position.


I think the connections you’re making are highly circumstantial. For starters, I subbed in for Canas at the beginning of Day Two; this is already midway through Day Three. Even then, you shouldn’t be using me rejoining the game as an event in the timeline at ALL. Technically speaking, nothing has happened to Canas since he transferred Alien to the Angel on Night Zero.

Just because these events both were some of the only outstanding things announced in flavour text, doesn’t mean they’re connected. For heaven’s sake, the ratios including third party are only half of the possibilities, and they don’t even make any sense, especially in a game where we are ALL Third Party roles. What would their win condition even be? What possibilities are there? Would they be a Mafia or Town role or just another TP role?

If there were a TP all of a sudden, I’d be the least likely person to be it, not to mention there’s like three other people (Spaget, Gunner, and Tyler) that you’ve said literally nothing about. Makes me think you’re either trying to pin me as TP as Mafia or you’re just laser focused on me for some reason since nobody can make any reads.

By the way, just call me Canas from now on. I think it’d be either less or more confusing but it’s more helpful anyways xD


You’re right, Tyler did say Sal’s post had him leaning Town even though Johnny’s posts made sense to him…idk what to think, there’s so few of us, but someone here is pulling the wool over our eyes. :thonk: It is a little weird how much focus is on Magi given that there are a couple of other players here, but then again Magi, you are the only other active player in this thread rn for him to respond to lol


I’d honestly would like to hear from Aaron as well, something more substantial than yesterday, not scum reading him, not yet atleast, but I would like to see him say something at the very least.


Magi aside, I’m in agreement with you and Specifice about wanting an explanation from Aaron.


I’ll read and post when home.


Uh, I think we’re incredibly overdue for voting, guys. ">_>

[Lynch] Tyler

Edit: I know you didn’t feel well yesterday, but I’m at a loss here. ._.


I think we’re twelve hours over… I don’t know if it’s Tyler or not but all I know is it’s not me, let’s just randomize it then.

[Lynch] Glitter

I mean that’s the only lead I got, even if it’s wrong… :wobblurk: