The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


But you said his post was, and I quote “Highly reasonable”. Consider what you said was reasonable, i.e active members not necessarily being town, and my point that acting unusual isn’t indicative of alignment, unless you compare it to something.

Also that I’ve given my reads on every person alive. That would be an easy post for you to deconstruct and have a better read on me. What do you think about my reads? What do you think about Desox and Salzorrah? Would you rather vote me than one of them?


Active members not necessarily being town is reasonable. Any mafia player worth their salt knows that there’s two ways a mafia player can go undetected either be active as fuck to appear pro-town or to do whatever you can to fly under the radar.

It’s not the lack of activity that concerns me about you here, it’s that it’s you being strangely inactive. You are usually a very active participant and this only being active now when there’s votes on you is a massive departure from the norm that I can’t ignore meta info be damned. I’m having very bad flashbacks of this happening before and me being right that I can’t really shake.

As for your reads, I totally agree with your two town reads. I think Gunner as mafia is a stretch, admittedly not implausible, but unlikely, and that Desox is most likely the second mafia, or maybe Aaron. I still currently get the impression that you’re the other one.


Do you think a high profile mafia player would simply be inactive? Never been in my life have I laid low, neither as mafia, nor town. Only when I’ve been busy, so I don’t know what kind of flashbacks you’re getting.

Usually I will do what I always do and be pro-active. GIven case I don’t have the time to do so, I’d do what Gunner did and try to appear town with posts that are nothing but information we already know.


Okay, I’ve definitely read through most of what has been said, and here are my thoughts tho.

First off, we should def keep in mind that at the start of the game, there were 3 mafia (Alien, Detective, Politician). We lynched the Alien successfully, and considering how the phase post worded, there is a possibility that the Politician could’ve misfired on the Detective. If that’s the case, there should only be 1 maf left at the best (2 at most), which means there’s a high likelihood that we lynch a town today, considering we still have 7 people left

Now my reads:

Johnny - leaning Town - I honestly don’t think that he’s hiding something, I disagree with GP that something is up with him. His posts definitely looks sensible, and despite that he incriminates me, it has its basis, considering I haven’t done much in this game to convince you that I’m town.

Spaget - honestly null, I don’t know, majority of her posts haven’t been telling, it’s usually most on null reads, but I’m putting her as town for now.

Magi - confirmed Town (Angel) I don’t think I need to say more

Desox - null (slightly leaning scum), Desox hasn’t said much in this game, other than him lynching Magi

Aaron - null (slightly leaning scum), Same case with Desox, Aaron hasn’t put much down to convince me he’s town, but then again, hasn’t done anything to convince me that he’s scum.

GP - leaning Town, again mostly by statistics, considering on how proactive he is, my gut is telling me that he’s mostly likely town.

I’m interested though in what GP said about Magi tho, that he town-reads Magi. I mean, shouldn’t Magi already be confirmed town at this point (as the Angel)? Nevertheless tho, I do agree with GP that Desox and Aaron have been quiet, with most of my suspicions towards Desox.

I also want to address, since no one has done so, that we have an Autocrat in the game. He may be dead, maybe not, but the only thing that the OP says about him is that he wins with Town, but in EM, he takes the town win, and makes it his solo win, so we could probably still need to keep an eye out for him.


Oh, I’m not an Angel anymore. I identify as an Angel turned Alien turned mob victim, reborn as a Canas as an Alien turned Town. Vanilla since I never had any role. At least not the new me… just make sure you guys keep those two entities seperate, we don’t speak of that traitorous scum Magi. :’)


I think I can give that a pass. I’m still weary of you, but I’ll leave it go for the moment.

[unvote] Johnny

I’ll most likely be pursuing Desox or Aaron next instead. I don’t really have the energy to go on a scum hunting expedition right now though.


Oh good, I wouldn’t want you to waste your time right now.

Anyway what do I make of what we have so far…firstly I’ve been inactive due to me being away with no internet access, so drop that as your reasoning to even slightly pursue me. Not saying you shouldn’t, if you want to then go ahead. I was leaning Gunner as scum until the last post made; it seems a little more analytical compared to everything else.

Magi IDEK what you just said so I’m gunna go ahead and just confirm you as Town, Spaget you’re doing some poking around to see what you can find out, nice! Some good stuff coming from you there, a slight town read because there are still some weird blanket posts that I’m not sure to chalk down to an attempt to blend in or new playter gameplay.

Also based on the flavour text? I’m gunna go ahead and say the Amnesiac probably didn’t visit anyone, again I know it’s just flavour text but that indicates an uncertainty…in which case that’s not good news in terms of gathering info. Alas.

@Desox what say you?


Browsing through these again and tbh none of them really trigger any significant suspicion from me as of yet (although you guys are very good with your words lol.) If Sal’s right and we are lucky enough to only have one Maf left then we’re in a very good place right now, so I’m gonna hold off on my vote until the last person has a say, because so far all eyes are turned to Des.

[Unlynch] Johnny


I don’t buy it. Town-reading high profile players is another classic scum-tell, and Gunner’s post is basically just that and null-reading everyone else. [Lynch]Salzorrah


The whole “Desox is inactive” kinda works until I remind you I’ve not been active literally anywhere this last week… grasping at straws.

It’s called 8 hour night shifts with no break since Wednesday people, try it out and tell me.

I do what I can with a half awake brain when I’m not working already. Luckily I have a rest day on Wednesday.


I dunno, you’re not wrong about the mafia tactic thing but it still feels like a stretch to hard scum read Gunner.

Honestly this game is screwing with me a bit for some reason. Aaron and Desox made fair points. At this stage I’m getting mostly semi-suspicious null reads.


Actually, based on the flavor text, I think it’s about a 50-50 possibility that the Amnesiac visited somebody last night. As I said, while the Monk may or may not be dead and the Jigglypuff likely is, we know for a fact neither of them used their night actions because “nobody was asleep”, and last day phase it was announced publicly who was immune from lynches. Angel is gone, and the Mastermind, Lyncher, and Autocrat don’t have night actions. The Prophet obviously didn’t use their NA or nobody would be sending lynch posts right now.

The Politician’s NA is the one which makes the Mafia kills. Since there were only two NA’s, that means that either the Detective or the Amnesiac was responsible for the other one. This is where the ambiguity in the flavor text comes in, as it hints that potentially both:

  • One of the Mafia, presumably the Detective, could’ve died, which would probably cancel their NA since nobody would be alive to receive the information.
  • The Amnesiac could’ve gotten some information tonight, although it’s unsure as well. If the Detective did die, then this is essentially confirmed.

The alternate scenario would be that the Detective did visit somebody and survived the night, while the Amnesiac would have then just forgotten to visit someone (as one of the the few people who said they were busy/without Internet), or was Zoska and got killed overnight. I’m favoring the first one though, since it’s both more favorable to us and both statements are, despite not confirming anything, seem to be leaning towards the positive side. This same optimism is why I don’t think that the Amnesiac got killed Night Zero either, since it would be odd to then mention the Amnesiac so long after they died, even if we aren’t supposed to know that yet.

As a side note, to Gunner, normally the Autocrat would override the Town win as Third Party; however, since everything is Third Party, I think the Autocrat is just a glorified Vanilla Townie in this scenario. At least, that’s what the description says.


I know I’m stretching, but I’m townreading everyone else. Sometimes it’s easier to find the town first and the mafia by process of elimination.

Also, Desox isn’t making himself any less suspicious, imo. If he really was town, he would help with reads and not just come here to excuse himself.


Hence the suspicious part.
What he says is factually correct but something about how he presented that post feels wrong and quite frankly I’m not particularly comfortable with the idea of you leading a lynch against Gunner right now either. I’m normally much more sure than this but something about this setup is botching my reads or something.


Well, there are like 14 hours left on the day phase. You have some time to make up your mind.

I’d worry about the mafia closing in on the mastermind, but if I’m right, I think Gunner and Desox already know they’re partners.

I’ll let others say more, but I won’t expect much. We haven’t been the most active town.


Honestly the quiet town is definitely not helping.


It’s a stretch but right now with the lack of…direction we have then putting pressure at least somewhere makes a little sense. We need to use that to hopefully draw out errors and therefore our scum start slipping up. Desox I’ll just give the benefit of the doubt today due to activity, Gunner however…

Eep I’m conflicted because Johnny is making sense, yet Gunner’s posts made me townlean. GP also being stumped really concerns me, even when that’s the case you’re at least pushing a player…hm…

[Vote] Salzorrah for now


I’m going to pressure another, because I know real life stuff gets in the way, but this phase ends tonight, and I’m not getting overly suspicious vibes from anyone else. ._.

[Lynch] Desox


Honestly if the situation was reversed with you Johnny, I would honestly scumlean on you for the exact same reasons that you pointed out, but I don’t know how I could explain myself further with my reads.

Considering the stats, there’s 1 or 2 maf left, with me believing that we most likely have 1 left, and apart form you and GP, (and ofc Magi), the others have been substantially quiet, which makes it harder to formulate a tell on them. Odds are both of you have a very high chance of being actually town.

I also don’t get why you’d think me and Desox are in cahoots, when I already said that I was slightly scumleaning him? Even his post now, Desox hasn’t been helpful, to the point that I think he is scum.

Also, a sidenote to Magi, Idk if the Autocrat is just a glorified Vanilla Townie, I’m not convinced that it is, considering there still has a lot of unsolved mysteries in the game, like how there were 2 kills on the first night, when only the Politician and the Angel are capable of killing people?

[lynch] Desox


If I was mafia with Desox I’d throw him under the bus as well, that doesn’t say anything. There’s also the fact that you hesitated to say anything at all about Desox. You clearly stated that it was a null read and a slightly “scum-lean”.

Only when forced by the circumstances you say “to the point I think he is scum”.

I don’t think I can be convinced that Gunner and Desox aren’t scum at this point, to be honest. Not when GP has convinced me that he’s town and I was pretty much town-reading everyone else. It’s simple process of elimination and other things I’ve mentioned.