The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


So technically I called it lol

Angel woulda had different flavor text, so that gun is particularly suspicious


What even angryhyperzoomeyes


O shit

[lynch] Magipika

Ok so what I’ve seen this game is that this is so town sided, considering how mafia doesn’t even know each other, and the fact how easy mafia can kill each other, that I’m afraid that this is gonna be a short game. Great for us, not so for the mafia, considering we already have Magi the Alien down, and it is possible that Dedenne/Desi could’ve been one of the mafia, based on the phase post.

I’m just wondering how someone got a gun, considering iirc no one is able to give out guns :thinking:




Night One

The town was inititally dumbfounded and confused. What happened, they ask? Canas immediately jumped in and yelled well just on the downlow Magi is the Alien, kill 'em.

Town went ahead and killed the poor Angel turned Alien. But in a twist of fate the Angel will rise again and become Canas.

Magipika is now Canas for all intents and purposes and has replaced his role. Eight people left. But how many of those are mafia and how many of those are town? You have 24 hours to submit your NA’s.

@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Magipika IS DEAD


Top 10 anime plot twists


Day Two

Zoska has died!

Not much happened last night, only two night actions were used. It’s not like anyone was asleep… but alas someone almost made a grave mistake.

The Mastermind is still alive!

I wonder if someone got a hint from beyond the grave?

@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD
@Zoska IS DEAD
@Magipika as Canas
@Magipika IS DEAD




I…I’m not sure what to make of all that.


So… I guess there was retribution for sharing?


I may have met my untimely demise, but now I have returned, a gift from not just the heavens, but possibly even from further beyond the vast reaches of space…

With me, I bring… absolutely nothing. Mastermind didn’t die, Jigglypuff didn’t visit, Ammesiac might know something. Seven roles left? And an unknown amount of mafia. Better get to work :’)


Who do you find most suspicious?


Okay, so I’m looking at two people specifically, who, during the entire first day phase, only said one thing each: Johnny and Tyler.

All Johnny said was “Not even the mafia knows their partners.” That’s it.

And Tyler suggested a Town role outting themselves and then leaving no further comments afterward.

Neither of them voted last night. Des hasn’t said much either, but at least he participated in the lynch? But with all of that said, I’m going to…

[Lynch] Johnny


Well, given that the Mafia don’t know who the other Mafia are, and can’t communicate with them, I wouldn’t put my bet on anyone. The ability to coordinate is just about the only thing that makes the Mafia who they are, so even if people do talk more, I wouldn’t trust them either. Most of it was objective talk, up until the point where ‘the Alien’ got called out, and then there was only one type of action after that. I’ll just help spread out the votes then and [Vote] Desox, maybe increase the options. Might bring out the Lyncher too :eyes:

For a status update, only two night actions were used, and the Monk didn’t visit anybody and nobody slept, so it doesn’t sound like the Jigglypuff did either. Looking at the roles, sounds like the people who went out were the Amnesiac, hopefully, and also the lead Mafia killer, since I’d expect that’d be a visit. The Monk only protects people from lynching, so they might have just chosen not to act, but the Jigglypuff prevents only Mafia kills, and have absolutely no reason not to act. So I’d expect they’re dead among either Desi or Dedenne, unsure about the Monk. (Unless they just forgot; hoping they didn’t.) If the Amnesiac is still alive, that would mean they won’t have protection anymore if they reveal, but the most they could tell us at this point is if the Mafia team killed or not; otherwise, anonymity is best to lower the chances of losing roles.

There’s the chance that there’s only one Mafia left, but the Mastermind’s alive so even they don’t know that yet. Whoever had a gun Night Zero either didn’t get to use it last night, so maybe they were killed or they don’t get more than one gun.


Well that gives me a town read on Magipika. Seems like a highly reasonable post.
I also find myself agreeing with Specifice, it’s really unusual for Johnny to be this quiet. Tentative town lean there and also a scum lean on Johnny until such time as we hear from him.

I’m going to go along with

[lynch] Johnny for the moment but I could be swayed easily enough.


I didn’t suggest them outing, just asking if Amnesiac would benefit from doing so


The “could be worth a shot?” part kinda leaned towards suggesting to me, but hey, at least you’re here. What are your thoughts on all this?


I just haven’t posted or voted because I’ve been busy. With all the times I’ve thrown my partners under the bus, I thought you guys would know better and act immediately if say I was scum, and there’s a confirmed scum

Not that activity has ever been indicative of alignment.

I’m gonna chalk it up to Specifice being new at this, but GP’s vote is kinda concerning to me. There are a few reasons why:

He townreads Magipika because of his post, and Magipika said this :

But GP thinks it’s “unusual” for me to be this quiet? That contradicts his agreement with Magipika. Not to mention that there’s no basis for comparison here. Did he mean “unusual as town”? Well, that would be correct, but that is also true for “unusual as mafia” and “unusual as third party”.

TL;DR: Inactivity means squat. I’m busy.

The only thing holding me back to vote for GP is his town-read on Magipika, because I agree with that. Although, I’m gonna vote you anyway until you explain your contradiction [Lynch] Glitter

I’m gonna share some reads for now, in case whatever happens:

Specifice - Town. She’s actively scum-hunting (at least trying to)
Magipika - Town. His post is pretty pro-town, I’d expect the opposite from mafia.

Salzorrah - Scum. Information instead of analysis. It might be a stretch, but she’s my best bet for mafia. Her post is a poor attempt at looking helpful while providing nothing of use to the town. Classic scum-tell.

If I had to guess, I’d say the remaning mafia is between Desox/GP.

I see no problem with Aaron’s suggestions that Amnesiac could out and be protected. It’s a solid strategy, the downside is that Jiglypuff could be dead. Heck, for all we know Amnesiac could be dead, but in any case Amnesiac would know better, so it’s not like a mafia could convince Amnesiac of what to do, because they’d have more information. You’d have to be pretty stupid to try and pull that off, and I have a bit more faith on Aaron.


I can agree with most of that. Looking forward to any defense from Salzorrah now, because that’s a good point on her post.


I didn’t say I agreed with them, I said I’m town reading them. Not the same thing.
It was a good pro-town analytical post. Not necessarily 100% correct but the right kind of play.