The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


I’m gonna read up on the roles before I really get into this, because that’s a lot going on lol


Oh man, okay, this is pretty hectic. I’m assuming that been turned into an Alien isn’t the same as dying or being lynched for the Mastermind, since it’s a limited time role change. So like Glitter said, the original Alien knows who the current Alien is rn, so that’s pretty helpful.

I’m still not sure how 2 people died, where did that gun come from? I don’t think it was the Angel, given the flavor text.

I know this game can end up being pretty short, but should they really reveal Day 1? I’m hoping that the 2 kills was a one time thing, but if they end up getting lucky and hitting Jigglypuff then the Mastermind has no night protection after that.


Not even the mafia knows their partners.


I’ve been reading the flavour text over and over, and I’m struggling to make sense of what happened. This set up is so insane already holyhell

I’m looking through the roles, and I wanna agree with Spaget that neither of these

sound like an Angel kill because it says “bad person”, and the Angel is Town. But I can’t see what else would’ve made the second NA, there’s no GS or Vigilante to make the shot. Unless the Angel killed their target and then was converted by the Alien the same night?

This game is madness :dyinglol:


I mean, one bad person killing another kind of implies that somehow one mafia killed another.


Less than 24 hours. If you don’t vote twice in a row you will die a very sad death so vote or abstain! :slight_smile:

@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD


I wanted to see who voted first and who they voted for since it might indicate who the alien used to be. I hate abstaining and random voting both. Let’s see if I can’t make something happen with some pressure and take it from there.

[lynch] salzorrah


Btw I was alien and visited Magi


Oh? That is good info. Idk whether or not to trust it tbh, but I’m gonna go ahead and pressure this a little bit.

[Lynch] Magipika


It’s Day 1 and there’s been so little information or discussion. I’m gonna place a vote on Magi as well to get the ball rolling, I don’t want the mafia to have a free kill. Plus, if Canas is lying and Magi flips town, we can just lynch him tomorrow.

[Lynch] Magipika

I don’t know why I keep mispelling ‘town’ as ‘down’


[unlynch] salzorrah
[lynch] Magipika

That works.
Kinda gamebreaking to be allowed to just say it but if she didn’t outlaw it I guess it’s on her.


Yeah I was gonna ask how you were going to control this cos this could’ve easily happened and is an instant loss for alien @Ho-Oh, but well, sorry…

[Lynch] Magipika

Canas has everything to lose if lying, so it wouldn’t make sense for that to be the case.


And it’s not like the argument “Oh, he’s the Lyncher trying to get me lynched” can be used, because the Lyncher doesn’t get to choose their target until Night 1 or later.

Also, yeah… I feel like there should’ve been a rule against the OG Alien just outing.


Well, everything in here is just experimental, so it’s not a huge biggie~



I wish this game had a dead chat xD


Well, not much I can do but lie back and take it. I don’t even know who the other Mafia are or how this would work without a Mafia chat, probably would’ve ended up lynching or killing one my own instead, haha…

Before I go, I just want to know if I killed Desinishon or not? Still beats me how the Mafia could’ve gotten two in, but I was Angel before I turned and he was my target; although I don’t remember sending in any message to night kill, that’s kinda spooky :eyes:

Mafia’s probably going to murder each other on accident, good luck but hardly knew ya :’)




But I swear I didn’t do it, myehh…WAIT DID YOU CALL ME AN IT?! :zoomeyes:

Also, [Lynch] Ho-Oh.


No, when I read the flavour text, I speculated that the second kill might be an Angel who got converted by the Alien.


The Angel did not kill anyone last night. It is all part of the plan, don’t you worry kids. :slight_smile: