The Experimental Party - Day Six

The Experimental Party - Day Six


This game has been discussed with Johnny and I think I’ve planned out a potentially really fun experiment! It may be a really short game but it’ll be fun (so join y’all).

The game is based mainly on the Third Party plus a few other extra fun things to make it a bit more balanced. Initially the mafia will not be aware of who the other mafia members are. The Mastermind becomes the most important person in the game to help secure the win for the mafia or the town. If you’re town you’re going to want to keep the Mastermind alive at all costs. If you’re the Mafia you’re going to want to kill the Mastermind as soon as possible. Who do you believe? Who do you trust? What’s going to happen? A whole lot of craziness! Will you be a Virgin? NOBODY KNOWS! (You won’t).

The Rules

  1. All standard SZ rules apply.
  2. Do not share your PMs with other players.
  3. Do not discuss this game outside of this thread and designated chats.
  4. To write your vote, format it as [Vote] Player Name. Abstaining is allowed; format it as [Vote] Abstain.
  5. Not voting or abstaining for two days will result in you being removed from the game.


Must visit one human every night.
That human becomes the Alien.
The original Alien will become Town and will recover their original role.
The visited human will become the new Alien (and Mafia for that night and the following day).
Once the Mastermind is killed or lynched the current Alien will remain the Alien.
If the Alien does not visit a Human then the Human will be randomly chosen for that night.
If the chosen Human is a Mafia member the Alien will be informed that their selection didn’t work and will remain a Mafia member for that night.
Wins with the Mafia.

Will always make the deciding Mafia kill.
Wins with the Mafia.

Will be able to find out another player’s role once per night.


The Mafia will not know the other Mafia members while the Mastermind is in the game.
Wins with the Town.

Wins with the Town.

Randomly assigned one person at the start of the game.
Can night kill that person at any point in the game.
If that person is lynched before the night kill, the Angel will die instead in their place at the end of the day.
Angel is not aware of that person’s alignment.
Wins with the town.

Visits one person in the graveyard at night.
Will learn that person’s role in the game.
Wins with the Town.

Chooses an upcoming day during the night once.
That night all lynches will be anonymous.
Wins with the town.

Chooses one person on Night One.
The Lyncher is not aware of the Target’s alignment.
The Lyncher’s vote counts as double only for that Target.
Wins with the Town.

Visits one person every night.
If that person is lynched the following day, the Monk will protect them.
Wins with the Town.

Visits one person at night
That person will sleep through the night and will be immune to Mafia kills.
Wins with the Town.

  1. Johnny
  2. Desinishon
  3. Specifice
  4. Dedenne
  5. Zoska
  6. Salzorrah
  7. Canas
  8. Desox
  9. Tyler
  10. Glitter
  11. Magipika


I’ll join hoping some batshit insane stuff happens.


Ok . In o/


Hi :3c




Holy shit, sign me up


why not


ayyy in




Three spots left y’all!


hi gays i’m here to rekt joint, count me in


Why the hell not


Save a seat for me : O


Night Zero has began! Some crazy… perhaps wacky even things have been happening. Nights are getting shorter… days are getting longer. Maybe it’s just the time of year. But this party has just started and everyone’s keen to experiment. Might be day before you know it! Three people are lurking… but are they all really people?

Please submit your night actions as soon as possible. Once all night actions are submitted the night will end. The night will otherwise end in 24 hours if all night actions aren’t submitted.



Phase post coming v soon!


Dedenne is dead!
Desinishon is dead!

Two people died tonight at the party. Some bad person found a gun… and it worked… but was that the right move? Another bad person huffed as they killed another. The third bad person had a change of heart and became good. But another bad person has risen in their place.

Some people did some visiting… and one person just slept peacefully. Let’s hope Day 1 is a better day for the party.

Glitter was visited by the Monk and cannot be lynched today.
The Mastermind is still alive.
The Alien has visited someone! There is now a new mafia party member.

You have 48 hours. Discuss.

@Desinishon IS DEAD
@Dedenne IS DEAD


“Some wacky things are happening” indeed… I’ve got absolutely no idea what just happened, but there’s a ton of flavor text about the Mafia so I guess I’ll just read it over?

Last action was obviously the Alien. That’s going to be an oddball because it’s basically being passed around until the Mastermind is dead, so it probably won’t help very much going by day to figure out who that is yet. The other two?.. The two other Mafia roles are the Detective and the Politician, but I guess it seems to indicate that they managed to make two kills, one just “killed” and the other one with a gun. So, questions, because if I don’t ask them I don’t know how to even go about this:

  • It says the Politican makes the night kill in the description, so does that mean the Detective did the other one? I’m assuming “bad person” means Mafia, but it’s all a bit ambiguous.
  • Where did the Mafia even get the gun from?
  • How are we even going to go about determining who is Mafia?

Last one’s the big one. The Monk visited Glitter, but we don’t know but that doesn’t tell us anything about roles. Jigglypuff will only tell us if somebody is innocent if the night kill is prevented, kind of like a Doctor, but not sure if “sleeping” simultaneously serves as a roleblock. That doesn’t even solidify anything because of the Alien. Lyncher and Angel are kind of just there, doesn’t help unless their target turns out sus. Prophet is kind of like the Lightkeeper, but by choice? The best course of action I could see is that maybe after a night or so, the Amnesiac can gain some information on dead people and then rely on the Jigglypuff, if not roleblocking, or the Monk to protect them while they share what roles were killed.

Ironically, our best bet will probably be hoping for the Mafia to kill themselves. The first post already suggested that they could possibly choose wrong at any point. It seems with such little information going around, it’ll be a game of waiting to see if the Mastermind is hit or not. The only real decision I think we can make is, would it be better to have these roles revealed so that the Jigglypuff and/or Monk can protect them? (If they’re not dead already, that is.) Or would it be better to cross our fingers and hope they don’t get hit randomly? All I can do is speculate for now since it’s already suuuper late and there’s nobody to talk to or call out for being sus except myself :wobblurk:


Ill spend every day plotting my revenge
The day after that
And the day after that
And the next day
And the next day
And the next day…



Th interesting thing about this setup, is that someone here currently knows who the mafia are.


So…a Mafia was converted it seems, but another one has taken its place. We have a MASTERMIND of all things o9we8ij0qffjp3qw4roeq3r aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is why I love these setups, absolute bedlam. The point about Amnesiac visiting tonight is a good one, the only thing is that they’d have to out to then be protected, could be worth a shot?