The Entertainment category and Social Media teams are looking for staffers!

The Entertainment category and Social Media teams are looking for staffers!


May 13th: Mod Applications are now closed. Thank you everyone who showed interest!

Hello! ~We’re currently looking for members of the Social Media team. Read on if you’re interested!

Moderator of Entertainment

It’s one of our broadest categories, spanning video games, popular culture, music, movies, books, sports, and more. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy helping to shape, read on!

SZ has a bit of a different moderation system from other forums; moderators have global powers, meaning they can moderate anywhere. Despite this, for the sake of organization, they all have a primary category or two that they manage. If your application is accepted, you’d be free to help plan for the other categories if the primary moderators of those categories are interested in letting you lend a hand, but your primary task would be the management of Entertainment.

Your application isn’t all that matters - activity so far, both in and out of the Entertainment category, will be taken into account.

Social Media

We’re seeking Social Media team members for our Facebook and Twitter teams. You’d be responsible for posting relevant content several times a week and working with your team members to plan new events! Click here to apply.

- Safari Zone Higher Staff

You can post any questions below, however do not apply in this topic.


(if for some reason your application doesn’t go through you can message mod applications to me or smt applications to @Ho-Oh directly. ive heard tell of a few bugs with the forms, sorry. it should automatically redirect you to a PM if it successfully submits, otherwise you’ve had an error)