The Disney Movie Schedule For 2019

The Disney Movie Schedule For 2019


March 8 - Captain Marvel
March 29 - Dumbo
May 3 - Avengers 4
May 24 - Aladdin
June 21 - Toy Story 4
July 5 - Spider-Man: Far From Home
July 19 - The Lion King
August 9 - Artemis Fowl
November 22 - Frozen 2
December 20 - Star Wars Episode IX

How many of these are you interested in seeing? For me it’s Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, Aladdin, Spider-Man, The Lion King, and Frozen 2.


Oh shit Lion King

This looks like a great lineup, I’ll definitely be seeing Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Avengers 4, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, probably Spider-Man, and the Lion King!


About the only one I feel any remote interest in is Toy Story 4, but even then I need to watch 3.

Marvel movies - Honestly, I don’t care for Marvel, and given their whole “cinematic universe” thing that, while admirable in concept, results in a horribly confusing experience for those who don’t follow it closely (I’m looking at you, Iron Man 3!), I can’t even get hyped for their next movie.

Live Action remakes - These shouldn’t happen, IMO. Unlike the original’s stellar animation, CGI dates itself fairly fast. Compare Monsters Inc. with Kung-Fu Panda, and you’ll notice that the latter has a better “feel” to it due to advancements in technology and the art form, even disregarding differences between Pixar and Dreamworks’ style.

Frozen 2 - I didn’t really care for the original much. Sure, I liked it and enjoyed the twist near the end, but at the same time I wouldn’t go out of my way to re-watch it like I would with something like Mulan or The Iron Giant.

Star Wars IX - I don’t like the “Disney Trilogy,” and while I never watched Last Jedi, from what I heard it sounds like, for the lack of better words, a shitty cesspool of plot armor, offscreen things that should have been shown to us, random ideas, and wasted potential in one giant melting pot of “bad movie design.” Sure, Force Awakens may have been a New Hope rehash, but at least it didn’t jump the shark as badly as the prequels!

Artemis Fowl - Uh, the name rings a bell, but honestly I don’t remember much about it other than it had pixies and the main character was some villain to them or something; I ultimately didn’t like the series much, so that may contribute to my disinterest. Isn’t Artemis Fowl stupid-old now, too?


I didn’t know they released all of their movie plans for the next year… I’ll probably be seeing Captain Marvel, the fourth Avengers and the Spider Man movie out of obligation to the Marvel franchise, though odds are I won’t be seeing them until they come out on disc; I’m not much of a theater person.

I heard about Toy Story 4 coming out; I thought it was a joke at first, but now that it’s confirmed I am not too optimistic. Honestly, for a trilogy Toy Story wasn’t that bad, but I wish they wouldn’t keep making them until they ‘stop working’, since that’s mainly the attitude I had towards Cars. Cars 3 wasn’t that good… Similar worries for Frozen 2 because it’s got a lot to live up to, and some movies are better just standalone.

Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King are probably no’s on my list, at least for the theater. I honestly have a lot of doubts about all of these live action remakes of movies, and the Jungle Book was one of those ones that really hit that confirmation on the head. I don’t really approve of all of these remakes either, but depending on who’s in charge of each of them and how well each of them performs in theaters I might watch them after the fact.

Artemis Fowl… now that’s a series I haven’t heard in a while. I loved the book series, arguable that it’s a children’s series but something about it was just really appealing to me, enough so that I feel like I remember rereading it sometime within the last two years. If the trailer for it looks good I might check it out, but a lot of movies are infamous for not taking the source material to heart or just not making it feel authentic enough.

They’re releasing Star Wars right before Christmas again, big surprise… they feel like they’re being released a lot closer together than they actually are, but I probably won’t see this until I absolutely have to either. Before the first one I was optimistic, but after that it was kind of just “wow I recognize that cliche” or “that was a dumb decision”, just didn’t really connect to me that much. Then and again, I didn’t grow up on Star Wars so I wasn’t super looking forward to them in the first place though, my only interest was based more or less on the public hype for it.

I’m noticing that the only movies that aren’t based on an already existing franchise are the Captain Marvel and the Artemis Fowl movies, although technically Captain Marvel’s going to be joining the MCU so I’m not really sure if that counts either. If you compare that to a few years ago, when they were making things like Up and Monsters Inc., I kind of miss that content from them. I hope the quality of their movies at least stays steady while they come up with new ideas for stuff.



Frozen 2 better be amazing
Star wars is going to either impress me or feel like a flop since episode 8 covered a lot

Lion King is fun

Dumbo idkher

Yay more avengers