The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!


Day 18: What genre do you prefer in anime?

I think action/adventure and fantasy are pretty good so far, several of the ones I have liked have been shonen ones but I’m realizing that the shonen elements aren’t necessarily what I watched them for : O

  1. What is your least favorite genre?

I don’t like slice-of-life, European medieval fantasy, superhero, realistic drama, or romance.


Day 19: What is your least favorite genre?

Superhero, “horror” if it can be called that


Day 19… Like I mentioned yesterday, Isekai “trapped in another world” anime.


Day 19: What is your least favorite genre?

Can’t stand anime that is primarily fanservicy, no matter what genre it is. Hmm, idk I guess like plain romace is one I’m not fond of. If it doesn’t have some comedy or something else going along witht the romance then I can get bored pretty quick.


Day 19: What is your least favorite genre?

I really don’t like ecchi, especially when it doesn’t fit in with it’s main theme and feels forced. (Cough, Highschool of the dead) could mecha also count? I also dunno exactly I feel about slice of life but it’s probably one of my least favorites since I never care for the slice of life episodes tooooo much in some anime I watch.


19.) What is your least favourite genre?

Gonna have to agree with Shiny on that. I couldn’t think of any genres until she mentioned ecchi :dyinglol:


11.) What anime would you want you live in?
The Inazuma Eleven world like they have football superpowers that’s my fucking childhood dream

15.) Overall, do you prefer the manga or the anime of any given series?
Manga with exceptions

16.) Would you consider anime better than Western animation?
not really, they are way too big of a genre to compare

17.) What is your favorite series?
that’s a hard one I think maybe Toradora or Code Geass

18.) What genre do you prefer in your anime?
Suspense romance or mistery.

19.) What is your least favorite genre?
Harem and Ecchi


Day 19: What is your least favorite genre?

Ecchi is pretty ‘skecchi’ now that you mention it… but otherwise I guess I wouldn’t really be into slice of life or romance-centric anime either. Horror, it depends on whether or not the story is good or not and whether I can watch it and still sleep easily.


Yeegh, there’s a reason I didn’t want to mention ecchi… Thing is, I consider it more of a “specific age thing” rather than a genre, kinda like [REDACTED].

Which ties in nicely to Day 20, I say… My least favorite thing with anime has to be the “neckbeard weeaboo” stereotype associated with it. While they appear in a few forms (with probably the most commonly known one being the “edgelord that studied the blade” variety), the specific one I’d like to poke at is the one that’s into… let’s say, more “unsavory, not family-friendly” content that dwells in the basement. It’s one I tend to see commonly thrown around, and one that ultimately makes me resilient to stating that I enjoy reading manga simply due to the associated stereotyping it has with that.

  1. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

The fact that people believe that all anime fans are neckbeard weebs, as mentioned above.


Day 20: What is your least favorite thing about anime?

The community. Tbh a lot of the people interested in anime that I’ve met have been a bit, well, interested in fanservice. Which is what turned me off from anime originally, since I believed that stereotype. I also dislike that the term weeb is thrown around so much, by the community and by those outside of it. Though that’s partially all our faults since it’s become a joke.

I strongly dislike the stereotypes focused around anime and its one of the reasons I don’t own up to liking anime much in public, outside of my closed friendgroup. Fanservice is also disgusting and far too bountiful for my comfort level.


20.) What is your least favourite thing about anime?

How the passion for it and for characters can be a double-edged blade. If you voice your opinion about a character or series you don’t like, even with valid points and making it clear you’re not judging the people who do like it, you’ll get attacked for it. People who are fans of the thing you don’t like most of the time won’t listen to reason. You’ll try to explain why you don’t like it, and they’ll give back long-winded replies which usually just translate into “You’re wrong because we like it.” I don’t think it’s a large portion of the community (I hope), but I really hate that people can be like that.


Day 20: What is your least favorite thing about anime?

I strongly agree with all of the points made above on this one. I’m gonna list fanservice as my answer, because there certaonly is too damn much of it, and it really sucks when you’ve got an anime with a great art style and story, yet it’s tainted with fanservice which can easily turn you off to it. Leave it with the hentai or something, like damn.


Day 20: What is your least favorite thing about anime?

How lazy the animation can be at times, or dragging out certain scenes to expand episodes from 1-2 to 5-7.


@Shiny what about this masterpiece is “lazy” to you? >:(

screams to the heavens for a Pandora Hearts reboot



**edit, I can’t make a face with > because it indents, oof


hahaaa, I’m not late :fufu:

1.) Who or what got you into anime in the first place, or how did you discover it?
I’ve always watched Ghibli from when I was little, but I only got into anime series after seeing the title “Wolf’s Rain” on some desktop wallpapers online while I was browsing. I wasn’t expecting to stumble across an anime, but after that, I really got into it and have loved it since!

2.) What do you think of OVAs?
Never actually seen one, but I plan to eventually. I don’t really have much of an opinion on them because of that.

3.) Have you ever read the manga before/after an anime? What did you think?
Before highschool, I read manga much more often than I watched anime. Now I don’t have as much time, but I try to, to see the original source material as it’s fun to compare the two. It’s definitely hard to wait for an anime to complete itself if the manga is already all the way out, so I end up spoiling myself often too xD

4.) What is your favorite anime movie?
I think my favorite has to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. It’s one of my favorite childhood movies from Ghibli and the world always fascinates me. There’s so many other from Ghibli and other studios that really compete though.

5.) Has a series ever made you cry?
Ouran Highschool Host Club, every time for the past 4 times. I can’t hold back, the fluff is too strong and the world just draws you in so much to believe they’re all real. It’s so good.
Made in Abyss made my cry from how horrifying and sad it was. I’m not that great at watching horrors tbh, but dang it’s good.

6.) What’s your favorite anime facial expression?

7.) Do you have a favorite voice actor, and who might it be?
Oof, I don’t keep track so I wouldn’t know, but what I thing I should look into now :fufu:

8.) Where do you watch your shows or read your manga? for shows and movies, though occasionally I can find some shows or movies on netflix or amazon prime. I used to use the library for manga but that section’s right next to the main center aisle, so I’ve resorted to using random online sources.

9.) Have you ever played a game based off of an anime?
Nope, though I have played through Ni no Kuni.

10.) What is your favorite anime animal or creature?
Miyazaki’s Fox Squirrels!!

11.) What anime would you want you live in?
I would love to live in Pokemon or Avatar the Last Airbender. : D

12.) What is your least favorite anime to date?
Hmm, hard to say. I can’t think of one I’ve watched that I’ve really despised tbh. Although, FMAB is good, it just can’t hold my attention for long and I keep dropping it when trying to continue through it. Though I have read through the whole manga, so that might be why. I did really enjoy it even so!

13.) How would you improve your favorite anime, or would you at all?
I can’t really see any way to improve my favorites, being Soul Eater and Ouran and Haikyuu, so nope.

14.) Do you, or did you used to, follow the monthly/irregular updates for your favorite manga?
I didn’t really ever read manga that have monthly or irregular updates until now. I recently found Made in Abyss which I am eagerly awaiting the continuation of in both anime and manga :fufu:

15.) Overall, do you prefer the manga or the anime of any given series?
Manga! Though I’ve mostly been watching anime over reading manga for series and etc. due to it being easier to multitask with.

16.) Would you consider anime better than Western animation?
I honestly can’t say whether they are better than one another. They’re both quite large and have their own good and bad. They’re a little too different to do so as well. Though I do prefer to watch anime over a western animation, mostly due to how little there is of western animation these days that appeal to me, while anime has a much broader and active range.

17.) What is your favorite series?
Mann I can’t decide whether it’s Ouran or Soul Eater or Haikyuu. Within their genres, yes, but together, it’s such a tie!
Though Made in Abyss is really climbing up to the top with how the show and manga are going.

18.) What genre do you prefer in your anime?
Sports for sure! Though Slice-of-Life and Fantasy are hella close seconds. I’ve always enjoyed the teamwork and great character development that occurs in most.

19.) What is your least favorite genre?
I would have to say isekai or horror. Isekai doesn’t draw me personally and horror just isn’t my cup of tea. Ecchi and hentai go without saying.

20.) What is your least favorite thing about anime?
Fanservice. We don’t need it to enjoy a plain talking scene.


Day 20: What is your least favorite thing about anime?

Well, fanservice doesn’t sound too good, although I can’t really complain since I haven’t experienced it firsthand. Something that I’ve seen that bothers me in shows is when they shift from the main focus of the show in a way that disrupts the story, so like badly-done filler or sideplots that don’t make a lot of sense. Haven’t seen a lot of this, but I’m sure I’ll get more into depth into the less polished side of anime soon enough…

I guess the community can be iffy sometimes, but it depends; I’ve gotten to know that any given anime has a wide spectrum of fans, from casual obsession to the extreme end, so I won’t complain too much about that but I’ll shy away from the crazier part myself.


Day 21… Probably my favorite character, including doujins, is Touhou’s Reisen Undonge Inaba due to how I find her a surprisingly relatable character (even though, you know, she’s literally from the moon and is somewhere between human and “eats man for breakfast, lunch and dinner” monster, even in-universe).

Ignoring doujins, it’d be Princess Syalis from Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, if only because of the sheer terror (to the point of comedic levels) she inflicts upon her captors.

And if Manga is also out of the question, …Hmm. It’d probably be Joseph Joestar, but more for his appearance in JoJo Part 2 and a little for him in Part 3. It helps that his VA does a pretty amazing job with his exclamations of surprise.