The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!


Day 16… No, as I view them largely as equals. I can see why people would see that anime is better than western animation, as generally people are more aware of the latter and all the dud series it has, while with anime we generally only tend to find A) actually good series, as those tend to be ported overseas and commonly discussed online and B) things catered towards our tastes due to searching for it, which could create tolerance for “less-than-good” things because of that (just look at why people unironically like Sword Art Online, for example).

Of course, anime has its duds too, with a couple examples being Mars of Destruction and Asterisk Wars. Without going too into detail, both of them are essentially off-brand ripoffs of other shows (with Asterisk Wars being a ripoff of Sword Art Online, but IN SCHOOL!). While we may gripe about stuff like Teen Titans GO! and Johnny Test, I feel like overseas they’d be mostly ignored like these bad anime examples due to western animation’s lesser prevalence (AFAIK, anyway).


Day 16: Would you consider anime better than Western animation?

Yee, cuz I always loved cartoons, but I always wanted continuity with it that I couldn’t get until Danny Phantom or Avatar the Last Airbender or Gravity Falls. I prefer having a story, and I love the art style and music and voice acting (Japanese in particular) of anime better than cartoons, most of the time. I have anime to thank for a lot of things uwu


Day 16: Would you consider anime better than Western animation?

Honestly for my taste, no. I highly prefer cartoons over anime and that might be because I watch more cartoons than anime. If you asked me what my top ten favorite animes were I’d probably struggle after naming four or five and they’d all be mainstream stuff because I don’t care to branch out from that really, at least in anime. Though…if you asked for Cartoons I’d probably go beyond ten. I love all sorts of cartoons, even ranging from simple ones that are supposed to be for younger children like Word Girl, My Big Big Friend, or Oswald. I love the atmosphere, character designs, the freedom they take if the setting suits it. It’s just what suits my cup of tea,


16.) Would you consider anime better than Western animation?

I don’t know if I’d consider it better because both anime and western cartoons have their pros and cons. There’s anime aimed at a child audience, and there’s anime aimed at a more older audience, same with cartoons. I’d say I prefer anime over western animation just because I watch a lot more anime. The last cartoon I watched was Steven Universe like 3 months ago :dyinglol:

  1. Would you consider anime better than Western animation?

Eh, they’re about equal. Most of the things I like about anime can be found in Western shows as well. I like anime’s general “big eyes” art style (I think it’s cute) but there are a lot of anime which don’t have that (Naruto, JoJo) and lots of Western cartoons which do (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls). Same goes for all the visual humor styles I like. However it does have one advantage. The range of styles for anime is much wider, due to the fact that the “cartoons are for KIDS!!!” stigma doesn’t really exist.

  1. I prefer the manga generally. There are some exclusive moments that are enhanced by anime, but overall I’m super into manga.

  2. I wouldn’t consider anime better than western animation. They have different focuses and cultural impacts. They’re about on par.

  3. 20th. Century. Boys.


17.) What is your favourite series?

It’s gonna have to be Attack on Titan :zoomeyes:


Day 17… If we allow doujin works, it’s Touhou. If we don’t, uh…

…I assume manga doesn’t count, but if it did it’d be The Voynich Hotel (if only for being a horror manga that actually managed to legit spook me like a Miyazaki work, in addition to make me laugh some.)… At the same time, I’d say it could be considered less SFW than High School of the Dead, which I’ve never watched but heard of (before a few people here rattled on it for essentially being a harem comedy), though YMMV, especially given that “I’ve only heard about High School of the Dead’s premise and skipped it b/c zombie thingy” point.

If we go by the “anime only” rule however, I’d probably have to say that… Uhn, I’m not entirely certain, honestly. Maybe Evangelion?


Day 17: What is your favourite series?

Really it’s a tie I keep putting one above another but it’s FMAB and Toradora!


17.) What is your favourite series?

The entire Dragonball series (Except GT. Fuck GT.), Inuyasha, One Piece, and My Hero Academia~

  1. What is your favourite series?

Kanto Pokemon, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon.


Day 15: Overall, do you prefer the manga or the anime of any given series?

Still haven’t read enough manga to say I prefer it, I’d have to go with anime ; /

Day 16: Would you consider anime better than Western animation?

Actually, I think I prefer anime, but I can’t necessarily say that I consider it better. I never had access Western animation growing up, on all the streaming services or side channels or stuff, so I never got to see some of the shows you’re talking about like Gravity Falls or Steven Universe, but I’ve heard good things about them. If I chose anime, it’d be because I have more access to it than anything.

Day 17: What is your favourite series?

Is this just asking what your favorite show is? Steins;Gate all the way :fufu:
Steins;Gate 0 isn’t my favourite anime after that, but it was a pretty good continuation of the series, all things considered.


Day 17: What is your favourite series?

Manga: Pandora Hearts, I can’t mention it enough. :heart::heart::heart: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle also has a special place in my heart.

Anime: Hmmmmm…shit man, I really can’t pin down one. Fullmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Black Cat, Madoka Magika, Space Dandy, Saiyuki Reload, Noragami, Cyborg 009 (2001 version,) Wolf’s Rain…I think those might suffice lol


Oohh Black cat was my favorite Manga series!! You reminded meee


Day 18… I don’t really have a set preference, honestly. About the closest you could get is that I’m not really fond of Isekai anime, but if I like the concept enough and hear the execution is pretty good I’m willing to overlook the genre (and it’s not really all “out there” for me to enjoy an Isekai, such as Log Horizon).

In hindsight my relative non-favoritism when it comes to show genres also means I kind of also answered Day 19’s question ._.

  1. What genre do you prefer in anime?

My favorite genre is fantasy, though not medieval fantasy or superhero stuff. In particular, I like fantasy with a realistic/modern setting, plus isekai without medieval fantasy tropes. I think that like an ordinary person getting whisked into fantasy events is interesting because it accentuates the fantasy elements and also makes it easier to immerse in the world.


Day 18: What genre do you prefer in anime?
I haven’t watched enough to prefer one above all else but I’d say it would be Romcom or Fantasy. I’ve yet to watch many fantasy animes though.


Day 18: What genre do you prefer in anime?

Comedy, romance, psychological horror, action/adventure, and fantasy I think are my favorites.


18.) What genre do you prefer in your anime?

I’m not really one to stick with one genre, I watch anime from a variety of them. But if a series main theme is fantasy…there’s a high chance I’ll enjoy it.


Day 18: What genre do you prefer in anime?

Fantasy, romance, comedy, action, adventure