The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

  1. Gonna have to go with My Hero Academia on this one.


Day 11: What anime would you want you live in?
Uhhhh this is hard.
FMAB: gonna be lots is sadness
Twelve Kingdoms: My brain would explode
Madoka Magica: hell no

So I’ll just go with a simple one. Gamers! Just takes place in Japan, but at a school with a game club that I would happily join uwu


2.) What do you think of OVAs?
They are ok I guess. Never really had a problem with them as long as they are good.

3.) Have you ever read the manga before/after an anime? What did you think?
Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Attack on Titan and BNHA from the top of my head, probably others.

4.) What is your favorite anime movie?
Kimi No Nawa

5.) Has a series ever made you cry?
I’ll refrain from answering so I can keep my dignity.

6.) What’s your favorite anime facial expression?

7.) Do you have a favorite voice actor, and who might it be?
Not really, big fan of the dude that does Ryoma in NDRV3 tho

8.) Where do you watch your shows or read your manga?

9.) Have you ever played a game based off of an anime?
Yes, it sucked.

10.) What is your favorite anime animal or creature?
cute smol cats.


Day 11… I’m just gonna assume that I’d be perfectly ordinary in that world, no superpowers or anything like that unless it’s an expected norm (i.e. My Hero Academia). Given what I watched, uh… here’s some examples.

Sailor Moon: Powerless against threats
Inuyasha: Probably less powerless, but still
Fate/Stay Night: Powerless against threats, only I’d be killed right away if I accidentally stumbled upon the hidden magical war going on under the surface (and that’s assuming I’m not a casualty of a sudden fight to begin with)
Attack on Titan: Heck no.

…I’m fairly sure you’re starting to get the picture. The one I’d probably be most able to actually survive in would be something like Hamtaro or Nichijou, where it’s basically the normal world. And while Pokemon seems cool enough, you have to remember it frequently has eco-terrorists and just straight up actual terrorists in the world that may or may not accidentally start the apocalypse with some god-beasts.


Day 11: What anime would you want you live in?

Damn, I would LOVE to say Pokémon because it’s all I’ve ever wanted as a kid, but when you get into the dex entries and how dangerous the world would really be, it makes me hesitant. "._.

Uhhh, shit…for the RPG-like feel I’d probably go with Sword Art Online (minus the death-in-real-life) or Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon? (DanMachi.) I love that fantasy shit. Boku no Hero is also a strong contender lol

  1. What anime would you want you live in?

Personally I don’t really want to live in any world other then my own.


11.) What anime would you want you live in?

Absolutely the world of Attack on Titan, who doesn’t love living like livestock and getting nommed on by giant, naked humanoids? hahaa%23

All jokes aside, I’d really like to live in the world of Made in Abyss. Despite the horrible curse that effects anyone exploring the Abyss, I really want to explore a part of the world that hasn’t been fully mapped out or even properly discovered. Unless I’d do a final dive into it, I’d only go to the second layer, tho :dyinglol:

  1. What is your east favorite anime to date?

I don’t really watch a show if I don’t think i’ll like it. I only watch a show if I think i’ll like it.

The only time I saw a show that I didn’t like (not counting when I hatewatched Sonic X when I was like 13) was when I watched the first three episodes of My Hero Academia. I haven’t had any interest in superhero stuff but people kept saying that it was so much more than that, so I figured it was worth a shot. It wasn’t awful, but the three episodes I watched were nothing special. They didn’t do much to distinguish themselves from other superhero media (unlike, say, Sailor Moon). They had some redeeming factors (good fights, enough to make episode 2 decent, and some funny/emotional bits) but I didn’t want to watch a show just for those, so I dropped it.


Day 12… it has to be the Evangelion ripoff Mars of Destruction, with second place being Sonic X.


Day 11: What anime would you want you live in?

I’d have to go with My Hero Academia (or I guess Pokemon, even though I haven’t seen a ton of it) since those are the only few that I wouldn’t have to live a life of fear in. If the whole conflict in FMAB were over though, it’d be pretty neat to be able to learn alchemy as well.

Day 12: What is your ~least favorite anime to date?

I can’t say that I’ve really seen anything that I haven’t liked, some of the shows I’ve seen were a bit slow to start or had weird filler but they redeemed themselves eventually. Either way, I’ve seen only a handful so far and all of them have come off of strong recommendations, so I’ll choose to say “none of them”, although on Saturdays I did see portions of Dragon Ball Z or whatever and I disapprove >.>

I’m noticing a lot of people didn’t like Sonic X that much, haha… I also used to see that a lot on Saturdays, that’s one of the few shows I watched “somewhat consistently”, although I was young and the show seemed cheesy, so I guess I had lower expectations back then. I never really followed any overall plot either, so that’s probably part of it.


Day 12: What is your least favorite anime to date?
Tbh I liked it at the start, but Lucky Star just couldn’t hold my interest. It seemed lengthy and moved extremely slow. It’s not bad but in comparison with the amazing anime I watched it was pretty much only ok or meh.


Day 12: What is your least favorite anime to date?

ShinChan. Can’t stand it. Obviously I don’t finish watching something that I don’t like, but I’ve seen a couple episodes of it when it was on Toonami and I just don’t like it at all lol


I’M SO SHOCKED AND SADDENED BY THIS…but I’ll respect your opinion //cries


Day 12: What is your least favorite anime to date?

I’m having trouble thinking of an anime of an anime I didn’t really like but I can’t think of anything so I guess I’m just going to say nothing XD


12.) What is your least favorite anime to date?

High School of the Dead. I hadn’t found any good zombie anime before watching HSotD, so when I did eventually find it, I was so excited. Boy, I have never been so disappointed in an anime like I was with this one. I could tell by the first episode that it was gonna be including a bit of ecchi into the mix, which I didn’t have a problem with. The first few episodes were okay, zombies were actually a threat. Then it got to episode six and the fanservice just took over the rest of the series. There didn’t really feel like much of a storyline besides “how far can we go before this turns into hentai”.


OHHH I CHANGE MY ANSWER FROM NOTHING TO HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD! It could’ve been SUCH a cool concept for an anime but mostly just became ecchi fanservice.


13.) How would you improve your favorite anime, or would you at all?

In all my favorite animes I wouldn’t change a thing, I like what they’re doing with all of them and I wouldn’t want to possibly screw up anything with my ideas XD


Day 13: How would you improve your favorite anime, or would you at all?

I don’t think I would change anything, it’s my favorite cause it’s basically perfect in my eyes. uwu


Day 13… I don’t really see how I could improve my favorite anime, honestly.


Day 13: How would you improve your favorite anime, or would you at all?

Pandora Hearts, for the love of god, please give it the FMA Brotherhood treatment and redo the series following the manga, I beg of you.