The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!


Day 29… In theory, yes. In practice, “me quitting anime” is more akin to just not feeling like watching anything at the time, and it’s extremely likely I’ll just get back into it later (though whether it’s a few weeks, a a couple months, or even years, I couldn’t tell you).


Day 29: Will you ever stop watching anime?

Absolutely not, I love it too much, haha. Even if I’m not watching a new series, I usually end up rewatching one of my favorites.


Day 29: Will you ever stop watching anime?
Probably not? I don’t think I’d ever stop stop, but I may slow it down or be more picky with my shows. Every so often I get sick of the community and then I also take long breaks when there’s far too much fanservice in a series I’m trying cause I get sick of most anime being hard to categorize as being ecchi or having a bit of fanservice.

  1. Will you ever stop watching anime?

Who knows. I didn’t watch any anime at all up until 2 years ago so things can change dramatically. I could stop…or I could end up watching 1,000 shows.


Day 29: Will you ever stop watching anime?

I honestly hope not but it’s more likely than me not watching cartoons anymore. There will probably always be some anime that catches my eye, though.


27.) What do you think of the general views on anime (such as it being solely fanservice or mocking people who watch it)?

I don’t like how people who are a fan of anime feel like they can’t talk about their hobby or their passion, because there’s always those people who’ll take the piss out of them for it. But at the same time, I can kind of see why some people view the community the way they do, there are some anime fans who can take their passion to…creepy levels. But that doesn’t give people the right to make people who genuinely love anime feel like they can’t express themselves with it.

28.) Has anime impacted your life in any way?
I don’t think it’s made a huge impact in my life that would be games. But it’s developed my taste in what I watch a bit.

29.) Will you ever stop watching anime?
Nah, probably not. I used to watch it all the time back in high school and college, then when I started working I went through a dry spout and didn’t watch much. Nowadays, I watch a fair amount. I think over time how much anime I watch will fluctuate, but I’ll never stop.


Just to go back to this. I get really sick of fans that just say any series they dislike is crappy and that others shouldn’t give it a try at all. This is an obvious trend for most shows, but it seems extremely prevalent in the anime community that some people believe they have remarkable amounts of “taste”. Or even worse, because they’ve watched so much anime their word is final.

It just seems to be a trend in this community. I see a lot of times people trying to stay within their comfort zone and others trying to coax them out in the overarching world of TV series, which is pretty nice to see. But with anime, it seems like “you better take my fucking suggestions and give them a try, or else you’re tasteless and stuck in your own world”. Or a series is simply good or bad by one person’s word, and if anyone likes it they’re simply wrong.

Yeah, just really not a big fan of parts of the community. Eventhough I have made various friends who enjoy anime it’s just my largest pet peeve and why I’m wary of some areas of the community.


Day 29: Will you ever stop watching anime?

Honestly, I’m only a few months in so it’s a bit hard to tell. I have a very strong interest in it right now, but I’ve had a lot of periods where I was interested in something and then slowly shifted to something else. So there’s no telling how long my anime addiction will last, but I hope it’s for a long time! :’)


Day 30: The age old question: Sub or Dub?

Overall, I prefer subs. HOWEVER. There are some anime that are just so much better dubbed, like Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Space Dandy, Black Cat, Sailor Moon, DragonBall Z, Cowboy Bebop, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, Pokémon, Wolf’s Rain… Dub is still great.


30.) The age old question: Sub or Dub?

Sub, always sub. I know there are some really good dubs out there, but most of them are absolute trash. I like watching shows in their original language, it’s helped me learn to read faster, too.


Day 30: The age old question: Sub or Dub?

Both? I don’t like to say one over the other. There’s some series that have really shitty dubs and ones that have better dubs. So it all depends. Overall I watch more in dub because I multi-task I don’t love to read and watch at once.


Day 30: The age old question: Sub or Dub?
I’m usually sub but sometimes I like to let the anime take charge in the bedroom and dub me.

But for real, I strongly prefer dub. In some cases the humor is funnier to me in English dubs (usually when it’s funimation) like in One Piece or Shin Chan, ESPECIALLY in Shin Chan since they make American references. In other cases the voices are just more fitting like in the Dragon Ball series as a whole, same with One Piece. Besides that, I’m not a super fast reader and it’s annoying for me to have to focus more on the text than the animation itself.




I want more questions

It’s too soon uwu




Well folks, it’s been fun. This was our most posted in 30 day challenge since the site launched!

Thank you so much to everyone who answered even just one question, and thanks to Specifice and Dedenne for putting together all the questions for this. Clearly they were great questions, as whole paragraphs were being posted!

As usual, check in with me if you did not get your badges for answering 5, 15 and 30 questions. Of course, you still have time to answer these questions, and you’ll still get the badges for doing so.

Next up is our 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge, which will start on the 12th, so nobody has to be posting here on Christmas Eve or Christmas itself.

Until then, this is Corey, signing off!


Day 30: The age old question: Sub or Dub?

I’ve preferred subs for most of the shows I’ve seen. A few times I’ve peeked at the first episode of the dub and considered it, but a lot of the times the voice actors that I heard just sounded a little bit weird or didn’t really match what I thought the characters should sound like. Obviously that’s just preference, but unlike Dedenne I physically can’t multi-task so I enjoy watching anime with my full attention, even if that means that I have to spend extra effort reading. I feel like Pokemon would go well with subs though because that’s the one I’m most familiar with hearing in English.

Happy 30 days guys! :fufu:

  1. The age-old question. Sub or dub?

Dub, just because I like hearing stuff in a language I know. With subs it’s not really the same.


Day 30… I occupy a largely neutral position. While I prefer subs, I also have to acknowledge that there are good dubs (that I have watched before) that may outright improve things compared to the original anime.

  1. I don’t know. It’s been a part of my life since I was a wee laddy. I don’t think I’ll ever be opposed to watching it, but who knows if I will still seek it out later in life.

  2. Sub. I watch shows with subtitles on anyway, so it’s not that big a deal to me. Plus, bad JP dubs are less grating than bad EN dubs to me, personally. Though there are a few series that I will always watch the dub of. Like FMA.