The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!


26.) Most emotional scene in an anime?

Made in Abyss…there’s a scene in episode 13 I mean, the whole episode is an emotional trainwreck, a certain scene that I’m talking about, and if anyone here has watched Made in Abyss, you know what scene I’m talking about. That scene screwed me up so bad. You think and you hope on that tiny chance that what’s about to happen doesn’t happen, that they find any way to make it better for this character. But they don’t, and the thing does end up happening.

no i wasn’t sobbing. you’re sobbing


Day 26:

I’m glad she phrased it as I would

Except yknow, I bawled my eyes out. Screamed at Jake for ever recommending the anime to me. Listened to the MIA music for a bit, thought about WHY. And yeah, then I finished it and yeah who cares about anything else. I didn’t think it would happen. But when it happened, I didn’t think it would work. It worked. I cried. I hate it. I love it.


26.) Most emotional scene in an anime?

**This obviously has spoilers for One Piece of Sanji’s past if you haven’t seen it yet.

There are so many I could pick from but I’m going to pick one that I feel gets a little overlooked in terms of how emotional it is. In One Piece, Luffy’s crew had to say goodbye to their friends and homes in order to be apart of his crew and I feel Sanji’s goodbye was the most emotional. You see, when Sanji was a child he got into a shipwreck with only himself and the captain and/or chef (I think? I might have to recheck) as the sole survivors.

They were stranded on an island. Luckily, there were two bags of food. One large one that the man took for himself, and one smaller one that he gave to Sanji. Sanji was angered by this but they decided to stay on the opposite sides of the small island and kept to themselves, only bothering the other person if they saw a ship. Though days went by and Sanji, being a child, didn’t ration his food properly and finished it too quickly so he was starving and skin and bones already. Sanji grabbed a knife and checked on the man, furious to see the man’s bag still fat with food. He ambushed the man who didn’t act shocked or even surprised. He told him he was taking his food, thinking he deserved the man’s food since he was the reason they were in this situation.

Sanji acted quickly since he was starving, tearing open the bag with his knife only to discover the bag was only full of treasure. Sanji accesses the situation and realizes that the man hasn’t eaten any food and gave everything to Sanji so that he could live longer. When Sanji moved closer, shaking the man to ask why he’d do something like that and asked him what he could’ve eaten to still be alive…he noticed one of the man’s legs were missing. This man ate his own leg and gave Sanji all the food they had.

Sanji also realized that at this moment, he would’ve drowned if it weren’t for the man. This man’s name is Zeff and luckily the two were rescued and Zeff adopted Sanji. He taught Sanji many things, such as his fighting style, to never fight a woman and how to cook to name a few. It was an incredibly emotional scene thanks to the incredibly emotional backstory.

  1. Most emotional scene in an anime?


  • The ending to the first episode of Pokemon
  • Ash dying in Pokemon: The First Movie
  • Celebi’s death in Pokemon 4Ever
  • Misty and Brock’s farewells in Pokemon
  • The Sailor Guardians’ deaths in Sailor Moon-well, pretty much the entire last two episodes in general
  • The entirety of the “Soul Piper and The Mischevious Little Soul” episode of Inuyasha


Day 26: Most emotional scene in an anime?

So far, Steins;Gate has been the show to evoke the most feels from me, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why I feel so attached to it. The most emotional climaxes, I would say, are at the actual climaxes in Episodes 16 and 22, because there’s some pretty deep stuff that happens that I don’t know if I can ever forget. There’s a scene in the movie and in Episode 8 of Steins;Gate 0 that are similar to it, but they’re based on similar concepts. I won’t spoil it either so you’ll just have to go see it for yourselves :’)


27.) What do you think of the general views on anime (such as it being solely fanservice or mocking people who watch it)?

It’s just one of those things you have to ignore. It’s opinion based on ignorance or group conditioning where they only think this because it’s popular opinion. That’s all it is though, an opinion and not a fact so I don’t get bothered by it.


Day 27: What do you think of the general views on anime (such as it being solely fanservice or mocking people who watch it)?

I’m hoping that with more and more people getting into anime every day that that shit goes away one day, cuz it’s suuuuper annoying to me tbh. The “all anime is fanservice” thing immediately tells you that they’ve never even bothered to look into anime at all, and the whole “you’re a weeb and anime is for kids?” Yeah, go ahead and watch Higurashi or Corpse Party or Madoka and tell me if that statement still stands lmao


@Shiny, you seem to have missed day 25.

  1. My favorite anime trope is the Theme Music Power Up moments. Like when the protagonist is losing a fight with the main antagonist, drama happens, the opening song starts playing and the protag can just kick ass.

  2. This is a rough one. Probably a tie between Made In Abyss and Madoka Magica.

  3. I love SO many openings. You have NO idea. For one most people probably haven’t heard of, I’ll go with Ginga Densetsu Weed.

  4. The ending of Anohana fucks me up every goddamn time. Every. Time.

  5. I don’t think they’re necessarily wrong about anime. There is a lot of weird shit in anime, and a lot of anime fans glaze over it. While not all anime is like that, I think their suspicion is warranted. I also really don’t like that the anime community perpetuates the weird shit, driving people further away.

  1. What do you think of the general views on anime (such as it being solely fanservice or mocking people who watch it?)

I hate them. I hate how it makes it hard to talk about anime among certain groups of people just because of BS stereotypes. “all anime is hentai”, “anime’s for kids”, “all anime fans are unwashed neckbeard weebs”, etc. I really wish that they would go away.


Day 27… The typical views can just go die in a fire, honestly. Here’s just a few rebuttals I cooked up.

“All anime is hentai” - Of course it’s not. While some may feature fanservice components that are overtly sexual, Kirby and Pokemon are notable ones among Nintendo that have very little of it.

“Anime is for kids” - Watch a minute of the original Berserk anime, Attack On Titan, or even just the Higurashi intro and you honestly should doubt yourself if you held this belief. Heck, I hardly remember there being a shred of fanservice in Hamtaro, but it’s been ages since I’ve watched it.

“All anime fans are neckbeards” - Do you like DBZ? If so, “you’re a neckbeard.” What’s that, you aren’t? Then you’ve just refuted your argument, haven’t you?

“Anime fans are only interested in fake waifus” - That’s the crazy minority. Even weirdos like me don’t go that far, and even then my “unique tastes” aren’t exactly derivative of anime-related content.


Oh thanks! I could’ve sworn I answered since my reply isn’t anything spectacular.


25.) What is your favorite opening?

I can’t think of any at the moment, I usually skip them all.

28.) Has anime impacted your life in any way?

Definitely, even if I didn’t realize it (even now with how BIG of an impact it possibly had) I think it impacted me a lot because thanks to loving Inuyasha and the characters in it, I once found this YT video bashing Kagome and the person was an artist. My whole reason I started drawing was to become better than this person so I could bash Kikyo, her favorite…LMAO. I obviously grew past this but it’s still the reason that got me to where I am today. Anime influenced my style my first few years of drawing before I developed my own style and I wouldn’t change anything about that. Pokemon also helped me meet SO MANY amazing people and I’ll always love the community it brings to me.


Day 27: What do you think of the general views on anime (such as it being solely fanservice or mocking people who watch it)?

Unfortunately, anime is in a peculiar place right now; a lot of people have heard of it, but aren’t actually that familiar with it, and then they’re left to draw conclusions based on stereotypes or limited knowledge, quite often from the more extreme cases of shows and fans alike. It’s kind of like Undertale, where I’ve heard quite a bit of good things about the game itself, but every time it’s brought up I hear bad stories about the fanbase being super toxic. Of course not everyone who likes the game is like this, in fact I know several very nice people who do like the game, but there’s always the few (or sometimes more than a few) people who go overboard and kind of give it a bad name.

I’ll admit that before I started watching anime, I had a sort of limited and narrow view of it myself, and I had my doubts about why some of my friends were so obsessed with something I’d barely heard anything about. When people are uninformed about this kind of thing, it often results in negative assumptions about it, whether by choice or subconsciously, which is just going to keep happening until it becomes more of a standard wherever you are.

So, I’m not actually familiar with these general views but I’ll try to address some of the ones you guys have mentioned. The problem with people characterizing anime as only fanservice or hentai, or being for kids or neckbeards, or whatever else, is that those are all generalizations; it’s like if I said all television drama is cliche or whatever. Anime isn’t uniform. It’s got so much more depth to it than honestly a lot of other shows or mediums, and it reaches so many more people than those who criticize it are willing to admit. But the fact that it’s not widely accepted yet somehow makes it susceptible to being generalized, which is just the fault of either unfounded preconceptions or a whole lot of ignorance, the kind that people allow themselves when they’re too stubborn to accept anything new.

Honestly, if anyone is willing to tell you this straight to your face, they deserve to be ignored because they’re wrong. So much more often though, we’re restrained by the thought that our peers would automatically change their opinions of you if you admitted to liking anime, which might not be completely wrong; however, to the people that matter, I’m sure you could make an honest argument and show them what anime really is. It’s a big step, but one day if enough awareness spreads and the tide changes enough, the critics could become the stubborn minority and have to realize they’re in the wrong. So just hang in there I guess :fufu:


Day 28… I’d say it definitely had, even indirectly. While not entirely evident, I do cite anime or works with an aesthetic associated with it as a strong driving force in my art, and additionally I find myself generally getting more emotional investment in works with such an aesthetic.

  1. Impacted my life? Not directly, but it has influenced my taste over the years. That’s about it.


Day 28: Has anime impacted your life in any way?

Similarly to Shiny, anime is what first got me into drawing, if I remember right. When I was old enough to be aware of what anime was, I had just gotten into Fullmetal Alchemist, which was airing on Toonami way back when. All I drew was Ed lol and then I’d try my hand at Pokemon, which is what I ended up drawing the most of later, and then it kinda went from there.

And the people! I’ve met so many cool people from this shared interest, cosplayed for the first time at anime conventions…there’s just so much that goes into it, I owe a lot to all the anime I’ve seen and that’s shaped me, haha.


Day 27: What do you think of the general views on anime (such as it being solely fanservice or mocking people who watch it)?
I could write a long post about this really, but it’s just stupid tbqh. The stereotypes are backed by the media and parents who know nothing of anime beyond finding their kid with hentai it seems. Obviously its a medium of entertainment that contains a bit more fanservice/ecchi/hentai, but it really shouldn’t be judged solely based on that. That’s why I tend to love the animes that contain no fanservice and keep certain areas of the body realistically proportioned. Though I’m not a huge fan of the Pokemon anime, it seems to do character illustration correctly. This isn’t to say every anime that has fanservice is bad, as some have interesting stories. I just have much more respect for those that are the opposite of the horrible stereotypes thrown on anime.

As to the people who mock those who watch it, tbh I haven’t seen it much. It was much more prevalent when I was in middle school, and I’ll be honest I wasn’t a big fan of my friends who watched anime then. I actually hated anime, because of the stereotypes. I later opened up to it all, and when I did nobody really seemed to give a damn. Those at my college and in my town around my age and younger seem to know that not all anime is hentai now. It’s the mothers, fathers, and media I worry about the most.

Day 28: Has anime impacted your life in any way?
It’s altered my taste a bit, and introduced me to some online friends I guess? The impact on my life is pretty low since in school I was friends with a lot of different people, so I had some friends in the anime community which I bonded with over cartoons usually. Since I’ve gotten into it, I guess some of us have related with anime a bit, but it hasn’t impacted those friendships closeness. The only way its really impacted anything is how easy it is for me to open the door to someones dm’s these days. And it wasn’t overly hard for me to do so before :3

  1. Has anime impacted your life in any way?

I’ve become much more into TV. Up until I discovered Pokemon, I did watch some shows (Simpsons, Futurama, Scrubs, The Office, SNL, MST3K, Twilight Zone) but I only watched them because my parents and brothers did. I didn’t form my own taste. But now I have. I’ve also discovered many people online with shared interests who have been good friends with me. There’s probably more ways but those stand out.


Day 28: Has anime impacted your life in any way?

Actually, I think anime has changed my life quite a bit, although what it would be like without it is a bit hard to tell, since I got into drawing, anime, and Safari Zone itself all within a pretty close time frame near the end of summer, whether by coincidence or as a result of each other I’m still not quite sure. I guess I’ll continue to see how these three things grow together, but for the most part all of them have played a huge role in changing how I spend my time. My drawing style and interests have been heavily influenced by what I watch, and I can talk about all of these things on SZ with everyone I’ve met, and all of them have been some of the most fun I’ve had in years, so is there anything more I can really ask for?