The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!

The 30 Days Of Anime Challenge!


Day 23: Are there certain anime tropes that you prefer or dislike?
Tsunderes are fun if they’re done right like in Toradora I guess

But i dislike the whole,

Guy looks in general direction a female

Guy sees girl with literally any cleavage
Dude loses all the blood in his body through his nose


21.) What is your favorite female and/or male character?

My favorite male characters range from a saiyan, some humans, and a half breed dog demon.
Those being Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super, Deku from My Hero Academia, Luffy, Usopp and Frankie from One Piece, and Inuyasha from…you get it.

My favorite female characters are probably mostly human, Sango from Inuyasha, Robin from One Piece, Itsuka Kendo from My Hero Academia.

22.) What is your favorite couple/OTP?

Vegeta x Bulma, Luffy x Boa Hancock, Inuyasha x Kagome, Miroku x Sango

23.) Are there certain anime tropes that you prefer or dislike?

I don’t see this trope a lot but I LOVE when the jerk falls for/is sweet to the sweet main girl character. (Think Beauty and the Beast)

A trope I HATE and can often annoy me in shows is when it’s obvious two characters like/love each other but it’s the main goal of the plot so they have to force it off until the very last episode. I hate this because…I want to SEE THEM TOGETHER. BEING LOVEY-DOVEY. I DON’T WANNA SEE THEM KISS AND THEN THAT’S THE END OF THE ANIME! :frowning:

Also, overly perverted characters can get to be an annoying trope, especially when that’s their only personality trait. Pls no one dimensional characters anymore.


In other words, Mineta can die, thanks. :fufu:


Day 24; What is your favorite soundtrack?

First off, Studio Ghiblo movies have great soundtracks. I’ve seen a few and the music is one of the things that makes them so great, although unfortunately I can’t remember any particular one off the top of my head. Your Name is also pretty spectacular, and it’s one I still listen to regularly,

Despite that, I’m going to have to the Steins;Gate soundtrack. They had so many games in the franchise to work with, with so mamy good somgs, which I think they ueed really well in the show, very memorable and one of my all time favorites :fufu: Heck, there’s even some great songs in the game that weren’t even used in the anime, just really great quality overall. The soundtrack for Steins;Gate 0 wasn’t as extensive and borrowed from the first one, but it was alright as well.


Day 22: What is your favorite couple/OTP?

Uh…this is kind of a hard one for me. I like a lot of couples in anime, especially if they’re formed mid-series or from the getgo, so the couples like the one from-

Actually, you know what? Ranma and Akane from Ranma 1/2. I don’t think there’s ever been a couple that I’ve greenlit as much as those two.

23: Are there certain anime tropes that you prefer or dislike?

In terms of dislike, rather than talking about tropes I dislike I want to talk about the refusal to think on the director’s/writer’s part. See, you’ve probably seen time and again and again and again where a guy or girl will walk in on a girl or guy bathing, one of whom gets flustered and either runs out or, more likely, hits the other person and then runs out. Right? Of course you have, it’s been done literally hundreds of times.

See, but that’s not what bothers me.

What bothers me is when the director or artist, whoever really, plans these scenes out in such a familiar way that you could interchange the characters in the scenario and even the frames themselves with other anime and they’d overlay perfectly.

Because of course they would.

Because they’re almost all the same scene.

Meanwhile I’m over here trying to wonder what they feel like they’ve accomplished by adding this scene to their show. If it’s just for fanservice that’s one thing, but genuinely thinking that this provides insight into a character, or worse, thinking the audience is going to howl in laughter at this time tested trope…at that point do you even care what you’re making?

And to be clear, I’m not just talking about walk-in scenes, I’m talking about any scene where what happens is so perfectly mirrored by literally hundreds of other anime which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Hot blooded shounen boio running into a clearly stronger enemy only to not be able to get close and ultimately getting blown away as someone tells them not to off screen
  2. A girl of any personality getting flustered because boio may have possibly kind of sort have but probably not really implied a compliment about them. Or even looked in their direction.
  3. One character pratfalling onto another and land in a compromising where either forceful contact with a crotch or breasts is made-

This is a long post.

But to cut it short, I’m not hating on these tropes necessarily, it’s more how they’ve been executed in the exact same way, practically frame for frame, for decades without considering what the viewer even gets out of the scene by doing it that way (which is nothing, mostly, because by recycling it it becomes a soulless novelty).

I really do love anime guys please believe me


Day 24: What is your favorite soundtrack?

I-I’m gonna start crying Mr. Krabs

  1. What is your favorite soundtrack?

Inuyasha. In particular, this is one of the most beautiful songs i’ve heard…anywhere.


Day 24: What is your favorite soundtrack?

I couldn’t even think of anything but RickGastly reminded me of Inuyasha’s soundtrack. The Inuyasha soundtrack always had such beautiful music! Two of my favorites down below.


Day 24… Hm. A lot of anime I’ve watched has a pretty good soundtrack, be it the intense and energetic ones of My Hero Academia and JoJo, the powerful and booming one weaponized by Evangelion, or the somewhat twisted one of Higurashi. It’s hard for me to pick as a result, since it honestly depends upon what mood I’m in at the moment.


24.) What is your favourite soundtrack?

The Attack on Titan soundrack all the way. You’ve got tracks that make your heart race and make you feel invincible when you’re doing the simplest of tasks. Then you’ve got the heartfelt soundtracks that just make you question life altogether.

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!


Day 24: What is your favorite soundtrack?

Ah, damn, this is a toughie. I really enjoy the music from InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Madoka Magika, Sword Art Online, and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. <_<"

  1. What is your favorite opening?

Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon) easily.


24.) What is your favorite soundtrack?
Glad to see all this Inuyasha love here, yeah the OST in that’s fantastic and honestly one of the best an anime has to offer I’d say. Other than that, big fan of Inazuma Eleven’s OST (shoutout to Yasunori Mitsuda), Kill la Kill (which is the best I’ve seen from Hiroyuki Sawano, just so well utilized), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (with Stardust Crusaders coming close and Battle Tendency just behind that), and .Hack//Sign because nobody gives credit to how great that show’s OST was (same people who did Madoka).

25.) What is your favorite opening?
…Why are you doing this.

…Continued in another post, prepare for an incoming explosion.


Day 25… It feels almost like cheating, but probably the JoJo ones due to how they can really mess up the opening for the final arc. An excellent example is Part 4’s 3rd OP, which outright plays in reverse and recontextualizes the entire thing to fit said arc. I don’t recall ever seeing an anime that messes with the opening to such an extent like that, and for that alone it holds a special place in my heart.

It doesn’t hurt that the song used is super-catchy too.


25.) What is your favourite opening?

Holy shit I was waiting for this question, because this anime has the funkiest god damn OP this year, I stg. It rivals JoJo sorry Fawful


Day 25: What is your favourite opening?
Simple but done well and gets stuck in your head


Day 25: What is your favourite opening?

Oh god I can’t decide, there’s so many that I love but a lot of them are made by the song themselves, and I’ve already mentioned Steins;Gate seven separate times in this thread, so I’ll just pick this one because I love the song and the art style a ton.

Although may I just say, I love most of the ones from FMAB and My Hero Academia as well. There’s only a few openings I’ve actually disliked and most of the rest of them are addicting as heck to listen to or watch.

And I’ve never really heard of Jojo before this, but after listening to the one Fawful posted it literally got stuck in my head immediately, so I see why you like it :fufu:

Oh screw it I’m posting the Steins;Gate one anyways :zoomeyes:


Day 25: What is your favourite opening?

Choosing between these music questions hurts me the most. ;_;

I have to restrain myself from giving 5 answers for every “what is your favorite” question. <_<"


Day 26: Most emotional scene in an anime?

Hoo boy, there’s quite a few for me. But, without spoiling anything, epsiode 9 of Madoka Magika. The later half and the ending song as well. ;_;


Day 26… Ugh, Klonoa isn’t an option…!

Well, there’s Evangelion. In a sense, the entire anime is a massive feels trip due to the downright extreme psychological breakdown the characters experience. It doesn’t help how helpless you feel just watching it, as well. Could it be considered emotional due to the primal horror one could feel watching it? Potentially.