Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


Proceeds to take credit for mine lol




Damn, it sucked being turned into a zombie because I loved being the Doctor. If only I would’ve healed myself like I had the gut feeling to but instead I went for Sal thinking they were a zombo. How did the game go from Zombie Survival to the Oprah Winfrey Show where everyone has a fake Doc claim underneath your chair? XD Glitter made great points about Fletch being zombie, so gj Glitter. I gotta say though, I really can’t believe it was more believable for town to think I was mafia more than doctor with how heavily I hinted at it. :frowning: You’re welcome for all the defending Desi!!!

Also, the day I get turned into a Zombie, that’s when Ho Oh comes after me, PLS NOOO

Also just wanna say that I healed Spaggy from infection the same time she got killed in the GoT mafia game that I witnessed Zos commit… :dyinglol: jesus.

Except I wasn’t a zombie when you said that :eyes: And I don’t think I was infected at the time either… that’s how I knew you were still a townie

Finally get to post this, ahhh


The mayans were 6 years too early


Oh :(((((
I thought Dedenne was still one of us I thought he was just playing under the radar not killing overnight :’(


Me from the second we had turned the Doc and I knew I could get away with some shit


I don’t think Dedenne’s claim was that believable… until I died. Like, my alignment be damned, I made a lot of good points that pretty much got totally ignored and I’m still salty about that. Not that it wasn’t a well played game though cause it was.

Fletch though, you motherfucker :’)
That was the most intense Day Phase I’ve had in aaaaaaages.

aaaand as a fun fact, the reason Dedenne and Nica were going after me so hard before was because our GM accidentally kicked me from the mafia chat so they thought I got zombified or something.


N-no… :dyinglol:

Yeah, I messed up and made GP a Traitor for half a day phase because Canas got lynched. I thought a Priest’s ability had the chance to activate when being lynched as well as getting killed, but I was wrong. Learn from my mistake, aspiring GM’s.


Don’t worry I’ve done way worse :’)


Like end a day phase 24 hours earlier than you were meant to? :eyes:


My lesson learned is:if I’m ever turned into a zombie or something else I wont tell my new team mates my actual old role because they’re CREDIT STEALING HOAGIES




Shiny that’s how cults work sis x

N0 Cop was a godsend tbh, probably shouldn’t have pushed as hard but owell, Gj Zombiefriends you did great xx


It was fun! I think that’s the most intense I’ve been for a long time. Glad I held my own against you!


I’m not lmfao


It’s what you deserved…


I almost felt bad for Magi and EC. It was just so lovely to lead lynches against them, be in the spotlight and still outlive so many people :fufu:

We stan backstabbing multiple times


You felt bad for me? I helped win this game by not fighting a lynch.


He just wants to feel important. Let him!


It was unfair to lynch you based off that comment either way :zoomeyes:

But yes you kind of fucked us over a tad, just a tad.

You and Zos :angry:


Just a tad? Mafia lost :eyes: Thanks EC