Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


Oddly quiet. No more footsteps? Ugh sis tea


Did either of you visit last night?


I forgot to visit last night oof :frowning:



[Lynch] Dedenne


I visited but ok sis

[lynch] Specifice

Nice end game framing


Idk what to tell you man lol I’m drawing on nothing at this point.


Also, who did you visit, Dedenne? Cuz if you suspect me of being Zombie then the vest should theoretically be gone, right? Why waste a visit and lynch on me?

If you’re still the Doctor then it would make more sense to vote another suspect tonight and then use that final visit to prove whether or not I or someone else is actually a Zombie.


I didn’t visit you. You specifically told me not to waste a visit and to get rid of the vest on Desi. I believe I got rid of the vest on you and on Desi.

So, that leaves you and Desi. Desi hasn’t said anything much but based upon what you said yesterday I’m inclined to vote for you. It feels like a frame job and it’s strange you only began trying to analyze once fletch left. Almost like you’re all alone and have to lead a lynch.


Well like I said the ease of that lynch didn’t sit well with me, so I kept thinking about it and asking what-ifs.

Well, who do you think we should vote for?

Edit: If you wanna visit me tonight we can try Desi.

[Unlynch] Dedenne
[Lynch] Desinishon


@Desinishon @Salzorrah Thoughts?


I’m leaning town on gunner and ded.
And leaning scum on spaget for being so sure or more like certain that Fletch will not be the last one of zombies.

Ded you Conform this 100%, right?
Then gunner is clear to me.

If you guys still think I’m zombie, I’ve an idea…
Dedenne can visit me again this night and we should abstain this phase. We are not losing anything and if I’m a zombie I’ll die if ded visit me tonight.
But if you guys believe me I think spaget is last zombie 'cause what I said earlier and his little back and forth “play” with fletch last day.

Still the safe route is to let dedenne visit me and spaget at night since we have no vest.
And if none of us die next night and following night, we will lynch ded since they cleared gunner. Only reason me or spaget doesn’t die points toward ded being zombie.


I’m still on the fence about you. I’m still holding out you’re scum, but it doesn’t make sense though… :confused:

[lynch] Specifice

I just have a hunch. The problem with you is that you’re unconfirmed miller. Everyone already assumed you’re the miller but Im not convinced. I also have a problem with Denne wanting to visit you. If we mislynch and you’re mafia, you could kill me since no one would protect me, and you win.

Desi is out of the question. Even if he’s a zombie, it’s an autolose for him, since he’s only a recruited zombie.

As much as I want to lynch Denne, I can’t. I believe he’s the doc, and the reason why I do is GP. He gunned so hard on Dedenne, even as to agree with me that you are scum af. He also gunned for Desox yet he came nilla. But he did not bat an eye towards you. I s2g if Dedenne really is scum, I’m honestly impressed by that play, but not you two Denne and GP.


I’m cleared, Desi may be a zombie but if he is, he’s sure to lose. There’s no conceivable way for him to win at this point. So, it’s either Denne or Spaget.

If Denne dies and he’s maf: We win.
If Denne dies and he’s doc: Spaget kills me, and she wins
If Spaget dies and she’s maf: We win.
If Spaget dies and she’s miller: Denne kills me, and he wins.

ofc if we hit maf, and Desi is a zombie, we lynch them the following day.


I mean, Tyler had 4 nights to infect players, so that leads to 4 Zombies. also “him” whomst He had Nights 0, 1, 2 and 3 to change them I believe.

You’re so sure there’s a Maf left with no kills happening? The only possible Maf that could be left is the Fabricator, and you’re the only one that’s been giving out vests. Are we sure your vests are the real thing? All the other roles are dead.


Yes Gunner gave me a vest personally, twice now. Theyre not infected.

I’d reply more but school is about to start.


Maybe it’s a play to not let anyone know there is a maf left, until the very last day, since you could easily kill me next night.

I’m also positive that my vests are the real thing, since Fletch wouldve been dead sooner by Dedenne’s doc visit.


Fletch got two vests though, and you said yourself that only one of them was yours.


I’m not zombie.


I believe gunner is BS.

Edit: besides you accusing everyone left and right doesn’t look good at all.


Well, I’m not Mafia and as I said before I was cured- oh wait. Wait, wait, wait! I can’t believe I forgot, the Fabricator HAS to still be alive, because I was cured of my Zombie infection on October 22nd (idk which Nigh that was.) There can’t be any more possible Zombies, because that’s all 4 down, so from the looks of it, there’s no way Sal isn’t Fabricator. Unless the original Doctor was zombified or something hnng…Either way, Desi is proven clear.

I’m accusuing because I literally have no idea who to go for right now and I’m trying to explore all the evidence we have. Lynch me and you’re obviously going to be down a Townie, because I’ve been Miller the entire time, idk how else to say it. I got a vest a while bacl but that doesn’t prove anything one way or another as far as I know.

It’s either Salzorrah or Dedenne. That’s just it.

[Unlynch] Desinishon
[Lynch] Salzorrah

If you all still don’t change your minds, then I hope you know for sure who is Maf next phase, because I’m not looking forward to Town losing after all of this. -_-


Don’t vote and then not come back ;_;


rip I guess damn