Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!



@Dedenne did you forget to put in a night action last night. :eyes:


I visited you. Didn’t even realize Fletch said he investigated Desox and gave a false report. This game has gone on for YEARS

[Lynch] Fletch

Also lmao at the flavor text.


[lynch] Fletch

@Zoska just end it now smh

EDIT: Also an afterthought, I finally see why GP was so adamant on Fletch being a zombie :thinking:


[lynch]Fletch -_-



A battle between the last mafia and last zombie to see which would have a shot at the town :dyinglol:


I will rest easy knowing I took down mafia and pie didn’t get the satisfaction of a win. That’s good enough for me on this day. This game was truly my bitch. Specifice still scum though. Don’t kill me I didn’t say this!


You’re all welcome… x




Hol’ up. Dedenne, why did you visit me last night instead of Fletch. You said yourself that Fletch was possibly Zombie, so why not just take care of it last Night phase? Fletch’s “report” was the whole reason we voted for Desox.


I said Fletch was possible zombie, but didn’t know. You role claimed Miller, making it sure that if you showed up on a cop report you’d be scum. But for all we know the Miller could have actually turned, shiny came to mind, and you were one of the zombies left. I just wanted to be sure you weren’t one of them. However as I said:

I thought we were just lynching Desox on the suspicion that he was a zombie based upon what he said in response to both our @mentions before GP was lynched.


Okay…cuz honestly, looking back, Fletch basically gave up pretty easily. And given the fight with Glitter and last night’s pushing for a Desox lynch, this doesn’t sit well with me. Like obviously the false report is a dead giveaway, but I don’t want us to get blindsided by something else.

I suggest that, if this game keeps going after this lynch, you visit Desi. And @Salzorrah you give me a vest. That way we know where we stand, because with all the work Fletch has put in, he seems relatively unbothered with getting killed tonight.


Well if he is the last zombie he’s lost. And I’ll visit Desi tonight then.


Desi might be protected still from your kill if he’s a zombie since I gave him one vest on N0

Tbh, it is honestly possible that we don’t have any mafia anymore and Fletch pretty much lied about having a fabbed vest or something




Did you give spaget any vests? @Salzorrah


Only once. N6 I believe?


I think it’s the end.

Still if the game kept going don’t give spaget vest, give it to dedenne they can confirm it.


What does that mean, Desi? :thonk:

I got a vest a couple nights ago, so I can confirm if I get any others.

Edit: Although, Tyler died on Day 4. Even if he did infect Sal on Night 3, I got a vest on Day 6 (being bitten would’ve made her turn on Day 5) so Salzorrah should be clear. Plus Dedenne got a vest the day after, I think. So, that would leave Desi and Dedenne, but I’m leaning more on Desi at this point. But once again, this is all just assuming that the game continues after this lynch. I just feel like this is coming off a little too easy lol