Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


disregard then (i see you’re responding, Dedenne) i was just picking at straws


Oh I didn’t see anyone else’s messages loading lmfao.

I got a vest last night. Btw spaget.


Can Doctors visit themselves? :thonk:

So that would rule Salzorrah out, possibly. Unless it was a Fab vest…


I’m gonna act as if there were no mafia left, because that is what I think. I cannot prove it nor anyone otherwise, that’s how I will roll with it for convenience. If there is, we’ll know but not this day.

Good, so the list shortens. To me, if its not Desi its Fletch. In that order.


They can apparently visit themselves but cannot heal themselves. As I was informed of last night. A bit too late though :anger:


I would guess there are no mafia left as well, it’s end game and the person left would have to be highly inactive to miss a 24 hour window to submit their night action.


I’m willing to agree, given that I don’t think Desi has been checked in a long time.

Gotcha Dede lol

I wonder, does a vest protect a Zombie from a Doctor visit?


:thinking: I don’t think so? But possibly?


Vests protect from kills, and unless Zoska sees coming back from a terrible virus a kill I’d say no.



Cuz when you visited it said he was protected, right? Why would you be notified of them being protected when you’re the protector? Unless your visit would’ve killed them?


Ah, Des, Zombies don’t get cured from a Doctor visit. They die. :eyes:


Yes, vests protect zombies from doctor kills.


yeah but its the cure for being stuck in earth and not dying


That’s true lol

Regardless, Fletch is looking like a prime suspect right now.


I just visited Fletch the other night to protect him from a mafia kill, which is why GP didn’t kill him. Also visited Desi earlier on, but that was before Aaron died.


OK, so Salzorrah is confirmed at least not zombie, Fletch didn’t die from your visit, I don’t remember if Spaget claimed but has been too town leaning to me, you claimed too… and I’m me.


[Lynch] Desinishon


Fletch had a vest (but he had 2, and Sal confirmed that a Fab was still alive because of it?), so he’s not exactly in the clear yet.

I’m wondering if the apparent Fab (if they exist) maybe didn’t kill last night on purpose? To make it seem like Maf is all gone.


Well, wait. If Fab doesn’t exist, then maybe those two vests were actually legit and protected Fletch from GP and the Doctor? But Sal didn’t seem like she gave one of them to Fletch…agh, my thoughts are all over the place right now, I’m trying to think of every possible situation.

But yeah, I claimed Miller a while back. Would very much like to hear from Desi and the others.


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist, but does a vest protect from my visit if it’s going to kill a zombie? Cause if he had two then yeah, that’d protect from GP killing him AND my visit.