Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


Yet you try to lynch me with little evidence apart from me not talking much.

Damn the rest of town is dumb.

EDIT: The quote is broken idk, read carefully.



I’m OK with this if gp is real doc and mafia killed him this night we just lynch ded : )
If fletch dies day phase post will easily hint who killed fletch in night.

I just saw desox post… well fuck it we are losing nothing : )


I guess the game is nothing then. Or maybe you’re not losing anything eh? Cos you’re a Zombie aready, which is likely?


It’s your fault that you were not active throughout the game, IDC anymore you’re getting lynched “vanilla townie”

Edit: beside why are you this active now?


Because jobs have to comply with a law that says they must give at least a free day every 7 continous work days.


If we lynch Desox today then I absolutely need a vest and doc protection tonight. I do not trust gp’s doc claim at all and I believe he’s playing off the fact he know he’ll get a kill off on me BECAUSE he is mafia.

Which is further reason to get the biggest mafia threat out of the way rather than a possible Fab who can do jack shit really


I thought you were willing to go along with the lynch because he was a “common denominator?”

Cuz like… I’m still really on the fence tbh


I said if. I’m still showing willing. Several people have yet to weigh in fully. I still don’t trust Pie as far as I could throw him.


The plan I outlined specifically included “doc” Dedenne visiting you. You’re still going to die but, you know, good attempt at sewing some doubt.


I s2g the more you keep on insisting Fletch is a zombie, I’m more inclined to vote for you.

You say that he isn’t a threat, yet you keep on downplaying him like he is, like what???

I’m honestly open for a Desox lynch, but idk.


Don’t vest him I think, ded ( doc) can visit him and save him if gp is mafia


The doubt that’s been sewed has been at the hands of you — the Godfather. Not sure how you’ve managed it as you’ve woven your story out of shaky hints and relying on convinient gaps in other people’s stories. But let me break this down one more time.

Nica was deliberately pushing against Pie as he would come up with an inno report from myself. This would “clear” him, then cast doubt on his actual identity.

He’s pushing a lynch that has claimed a role that is entirely plausible. We should be lynching in ccs. Everything points to Pie being Godfather, and if there’s actually two of them left, we’re toast if Desox flips town and when I flip cop. They will win tonight.


AaaAAAHHH, this is really tense. Fuck it. I’m going with what I originally thought and trusting Fletch and Dedenne.

[Unlynch] Desox
[Lynch] Glitter

I’m staying with this.


No, mafia will not win tonight. Seriously, a doc is visiting you in either scenario. If you’re a legit cop you won’t be dying under any circumstances. Stop fearmongering already.

There is two mafia in the game. There has to be. The phase post says so. If Desox flipped town who would the second mafia be?


@Fletch, when did you get those two vests?


Fuck it we are losing nothing is not the way to go at this stage @Desinishon. We have mafia and zombies left, and if we can simply kill the mafia and I visit the zombies it’s going to be a town win.

I’m going with my original thoughts
[lynch] Glitter

It’s so freaking easy to see him change from one stance to the other because he knows that he can rally the votes against Desox and not me.

I’m not saying Desox isn’t suspicious. But I would see him as suspicious in being a possible Zombie. Not a mafia member. Desox is an active mafia member and would never reply as little as he has, and his comments before that me and Spaget both questioned him on would back up the vanilla claim in that he can’t provide any information and can only go based upon what’s in the thread.

And @Zoska you might not be able to answer this, but considering you used plurals. Does the band have to refer to more than one person.





Edit: sorry for ping @Zoska


You’re getting bullied into voting the doc by the mafia.
You lose nothing by following what I outlined so why change?

Doesn’t it seem suspicious at all to you that he’s desperately trying to get me lynched when I’m suggesting something that has no risk to town? Almost like he wants me dead because he knows doing what I’m saying will prove Fletch’s report was false.


Desperately would be @ing a shit ton of people or replying to them directly and voting you from the start. So what you did with me yesterday.

I already outlined why your role claim as doc makes no sense. You being overdramatic and throwing around percents while also switching votes simply to get people to allow you to live one more night, or perhaps even win if you got another kill, is obvious.

Your entire style has changed to desparity. I’m going to based upon fact and what we know, and my reads. I don’t think I need to defend myself anymore to you since all you’ve been doing is going in circles with your accusations pretending to have everyone figured out while you can’t even provide proof of your own self claimed hints.


No comment.