Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


I’m more inclined to go for the Glitter lynch. Because if you did end up being Doctor then we know who to go after next, right?

But I’m more willing to believe the others.


His inno report is fudged because he’s a zombie and Dedenne is mafia.

the reason this is better than just lynching me is because this way you keep your doc.


You’re miller, correct? If you believe gunner is blacksmith, dedenne is doc, Fletch is cop then that only leaves me and Desox as mafia and it makes no difference which one of us you kill.

You have nothing to lose by trusting me.


My reports aren’t fudged, they’re real. TP and Mafia wouldn’t be working together in such a fashion. If I was Zombie spilling out reports I’d want them to be as disorganised, chaotic and off as possible. So far I’ve been right with two mafia hits.


You want the doc dead.
You know Dedenne is lying because he claims to have visited you and you lived. So you’re after me and banking on Dedenne being godfather not fabricator to eliminate the actual doc without getting your hands dirty.


no, more that nearly every post after last day has pointed to you being scum. not doc, but scum. If I wanted doc dead I’d be doing after dedenne who I’m absolutely sure at this point is doc. It all stacks up with what I’ve been saying the whole time, meanwhile you haven’t been able to act right since your mafia was beginning to be picked off


This testimony doesn’t amount to much when I’m accusing you of being zombie. You’re naturally going to suggest that I’m lying and that dedenne is doc because you want the actual doc dead.

I’ve given a safe way to prove I’m the doc while still hitting a mafia. Why are you so determined to avoid me visiting you if you’re not a zombie? If you’re really still cop you have nothing to fear because dedenne the “real doc” also lives in the night to protect you from a mafia kill. Hell, Gunner can even vest Dedenne if you’re worried this is a scam to pick off the doc. Problem solved. Fabricator can’t invalidate the vest because in your scenario I’m the godfather and Desox is lynched so… why the determination to have me dead when that’s risking a doc death?

You have nothing to worry about if you’re not lying. So why so desperate to see me dead and not Desox? He’s mafia in either scenario.


I don’t think you’re doc for a start, I’m only willing to go for Desox as it’s a common dominator between the both of us. Don’t be trying to twist it into something it’s not.

If we lynched you today I am almost confident you’d flip Godfather, just like I am now almost positive the only reason you’re pushing for a Desox lynch is because you know he’s either zombie or inno, meaning you have a very good chance of winning when I flip cop in your kill, confirming you as mafia after it’s too late. Which leads me, again, to Gunner needing to confirm when she vested me, because if it was twice, Shiny could’ve easily been a turned mafia and that means you’re last maf.

So again, I need to hear from Desox and Gunner.


Y’all real active and I’m too busy to read up on all that.

All I see is GP replying directly to spaget as he did gunner and Desi trying to get people to flip. GP you have no visible hints you are doc, and if you were doc you would know NOT to give any hints at all as to your role as its important in this game. Which is why I’ve not changed my aggressive playstyle and not hinted at all toward it since mafia would kill me D1.

Also yeah I protected Fletch last night, although I had thought he would have died since everyone was so sure he was Zombie. The only other way he would have been protected is if he had a vest, but the fabricator is still in play and would have vested to get rid of the real one before the mafias killing. And if you WERE doc you would have visited fletch last night. After all you’re insistent he’s zombie and the town wanted to know. Your role claim makes no sense.


I can’t be the one remaining mafia, the phase post specifically refers to a band of traitors. That means there has to be more than one mafia alive.

If you believe Gunner, Specifice and Dedenne then that leaves me and Desox being the remaining mafia as the only option.

So I ask again, why so intent on lynching the one with the doc cc? This way you get a mafia, prove you’re still the cop and there’s no risk of a doc dying. If you’re not a zombie.

Unless… you are a zombie and know that doing this my way ends in your death.


Side note: I’m about to go to bed and probably won’t reply until morning.


You aren’t doc and it’s as simple as that. You PUSHED the idea of me being zombie last phase. If you were doc, you would’ve went for me. Followed up on yourself. Whereas someone actually did and found out I’m not. I’m still willing to guess you’re either last or second last maf regardless of flavour text, and in that case you’re definitely the Godfather.

I wouldn’t be pushing on a doc cc in any other situation other than one I was positive my gut was correct. Before I flip on Desox at all, I want him to speak up.


I was pretty clear why I didn’t just visit you last night. I guessed that mafia would go after Gunner. I was right. That’s why nobody died. I didn’t want to risk number getting thinned out too much.

Flavour text made it explicitly clear there’s more than one mafia. You can’t just disregard that because it suits you. If you believe everyone else’s claims Desox has to be mafia. There’s no reason not to vote him, there’s 0 risk to the town. No chance of losing doc and you definitely hit a mafia. Stop trying to skate around that.

Sure let him speak up.

Still really interesting how you desperately don’t want me to visit you though.


You didn’t save jack shit. :grimacing: I was saved


I’m a vanilla townie I don’t know anything else you’d want to hear.

You’ll see that Fletch was right about gp after this day.


Okay hey, so yes I am the Blacksmith, and here’s who I gave the vest to.

N0 - Desi
N1 - Canas
N2 - No one (coz literally I didn’t trust anyone)
N3 - No one (same as above)
N4 - Fletch
N5 - Spaget

If you got a vest on N3 or before, then that was fabbed.

Anyways, I call bullshit on GP’s doc claim, because of this small detail.

If you really think that Fletch has been zombie this whole time, why the hell did you go for me? Why did you not go for Fletch, when we all told the doc to go after Fletch just in case he did turn? You said it yourself, and you were the most suspicious of Fletch because you were certain that he was turned, yet you don’t kill him by visiting the next night??? That honestly doesn’t make sense.

You’ve pretty much solidified Dedenne as town for me, even though I still don’t agree.

[lynch] Glitter

I’d go for Desox first, just in case, but the way you explained yourself was really bad.


I thought I explained this already? I didn’t go for Fletch because, as has been pointed out, zombies are less of a threat than mafia.

If I had visited Fletch. Overall numbers would go down two. Mafia would be much closer to winning.
I visited you, thus nobody died at all. Town is in a better position.

I’m legitimately starting to get really annoyed by people just glossing over points I’ve made and casually bowing to Fletch’s almighty cop claim in a game where role claims mean half as much as usual. I am telling you I can prove without a doubt that I’m the doc and you’re choosing to lynch me, despite the fact I have given you a way I can prove that both Fletch and Dedenne are not town without you losing he doc in the process.

If i’m bullshitting you, there is no way I get out of this alive. There is no risk to town here, give me the chance to prove myself.


If that’s the case, who do you propose we should lynch then


From either perspective here, he has to be mafia. We know for a fact there’s two because two are dead and the phase change has been pretty clear that there’s more than one left.

From the Fletch-Dedenne View: You’re BS, Fletch is Cop, I’m godfather, Specifice is miller, Desi is celeb and Dedenne is Doc. That leaves Desox as mafia.

From my perspective: You’re BS, Fletch is a zombie (formerly cop), Dedenne is mafia of some sort, Specifice is miller, Desi is celeb and Desox is the other mafia.

He’s the logical choice.

[unlynch] Dedenne
[lynch] Desox


You know what? I’m willing to see where this goes, after all this.

[Unlynch] Glitter
[Lynch] Desox