Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


And this everyone is a Godfather backed into a corner. GG


Cops get fired from the force after they start hungering for the brains of their colleagues.

You’re so certain that I’m mafia? Put your money where your mouth is. I visit you tonight and you won’t die if that’s true. I’m betting you will though.

If you’re really worried, we can leave Dedenne alive and kill his partner instead. I’ll gladly vote Desox, doesn’t matter to me which mafia member we kill. Then Desox can also “visit” you. So this can’t be a mafia ploy to kill the cop because one way or another there’s a doc visiting you… except you’re a zombie so you’ll die.


Uh… that doesn’t prove anything?

There’s two mafia dead and two remaining. It’s clear from the phase post that there’s more than one. Could you clutch at straws any harder?


Except I’ve gotten reports two nights now after my supposed theoretical ‘turning’, I don’t think this could be clearer after hitting maf 2 times in a row and then not being killed in the night.

I was vested twice. At least one was fab. Then I didn’t die.


Clutching at straws is a great retort from someone else with little to- in fact- no plausible hints he’s doc.


A fab vest would cancel out a real one. You’d die. Good try though.
Also, it’s really easy to fake reports when it’s extremely obvious who everyone in the game is. So that claim isn’t worth shit.


That’s what I’m saying. I was vested twice. So I SHOULDVE died to maf (you), and I didn’t. This only leaves one possibility: i was saved. Also, my reads of everyone’s remaining roles seems more plausible than yours, Desox needs to weigh in.


Or you know… you weren’t fabbed and only ever had a real vest. It’s not like we can have the fabricator confirm you.


It would also help if the blacksmith would confirm if they vested me and when.


Ok Godfather :slight_smile:


So, we’re just going to ignore the part where I just gave everyone a way to prove that I’m the doc then?


Or maf just sneaking around a loophole to get off with two innocents in one throw. I’d hope everyone isn’t buying this: you’d win. It’s a bit obvious.


Even if it was, which it very much isn’t, town would know who the mafia were the next day. Town still wins. Since you’re not a zombie, right?

If you’re not a zombie that means it’s currently 4 town to 2 mafia. We lynch Desox today, then it’s 4 town and one mafia. Even if I was lying to get past you this is how that would play out - keeping in mind that one of those four townies will be vested so the only safe choice is for the mafia to kill Gunner. So gunner would die leaving 3 town and two zombies. You’d lynch me the next day. Town wins.

You’ve got nothing to lose. So what’s the matter? Afraid that you’ll die when I visit you? That’s just the worst case scenario. The real scenario is that I’m town, Dedenne is mafia and Fletch is a zombie. I’ll prove the zombie part when Fletch dies and Dedenne will lose his credibility because of the bogus claim.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot Desi. So maybe it’d be Desi that dies not Gunner. Same dif.


I’d love that plan very much if you weren’t clearly scum.


Can I hear from someone who isn’t a walking corpse lying through their rotting teeth to get their biggest threat killed? Even if I was scum, following that course of action still results in a town win.


Snap. I’d love to hear from someone else but the Godfather.


Desox should claim, if he doesn’t claim a role before phase ends I’m OK with lynching him instead of GP


As the only consistent mafia/zombie read from myself and GP, I’m fine with that too. If I do die tonight, however, it was a mafia kill.

@Desox what say you?


I mean wouldn’t Glitter’s plan still work if we lynch him today?


Well he wouldn’t be able to prove he’s “doc” so the only person who really loses out in this scenario is him.

I have an inno report on Dedenne, I didn’t die and was vested twice. I was either lucky and was protected twice (blacksmith again needs to confirm) or I was sent up with a fabbed vest for a 100% kill and Dedenne did protect me. Which is the most likely out of the two.