Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!

Survival of the Zombles Mafia - GAME OVER!


Survival of the Zombles Mafia

Whether it’s because of a natural born virus or a biological weapon, the dead have risen to claim the land. In the midst of the chaos of an apocalyptic world, a group of survivors are doing their best to stay alive. But with supplies dwindling and the insidious virus growing ever closer, a small circle within decide their lives are far more important and begin their plans to destroy the rest of the survivors. Will the rest of the group be able to stop the traitors, or will the infection finally win?

Game Mechanics

This is pretty much your standard setup of Mafia. There will be two phases – Day and Night. The Day Phase will last for 48 hours, during this time the thread will be open for discussion for players to eventually come to a decision on whom to lynch at the end of the phase. The Night Phase will last for 24 hours, in this time the thread is considered locked and no posts are allowed to be made in it. This is the time you’ll use to make your Night Actions, if you have the ability to make them.

In this game, there will be three main factions which I’ll explain in more detail down in the roles. The player count is probably going to be around 12-15.

The Rules

  1. All standard SZ rules apply.
  2. Do not share your PMs with other players.
  3. Do not discuss this game outside of this thread and designated chats.
  4. To write your vote, format it as [Vote] Player Name. Abstaining is allowed; format it as [Vote] Abstain.
  5. Not voting or abstaining for two days will result in you being removed from the game. Try to post at least once per Day Phase.
  6. You may post one death post. However, it cannot contain any information you might have gained throughout the game.
  7. Kill the hecc out of each other.

The Roles

The Town
The Innocent faction of the game and the uniformed majority. They win once both the Mafia and the Zombies are wiped out.

A police officer before the outbreak. To help keep the peace in the group, the Cop can visit one player every Night Phase to learn their alignment.

After working in a hospital during the outbreak, this Doctor learned how to deal with the virus. They can visit a player every Night Phase to protect them from any kill action, as well as heal Infected players and kill Zombies.

Had a licence to buy and sell guns before the apocalypse. They can visit a player every Night Phase to give a gun. The gun has a 50% chance of revealing the shooter upon firing.

Worked for a company that made bullet proof vests and managed to steal a whole bunch during the outbreak. They can visit a player every Night Phase to give a vest, the vest allows the player to survive one kill action.

A devout follower of God who believes the apocalypse is a sign of punishment. They can visit themselves every night to learn the roles of the players that visited them. If killed, they have a 50% chance of changing Mafia to Traitors, Town-sided killers into Vanilla Townies, and Third Party to Survivors.

An innocent amongst the group who just wants to live. If they’re lynched, the Mafia cannot kill the next Night Phase. If they’re visited by a Hooker, they lose the last of their innocence and become a Vanilla Townie.

A suspicious individual in the group who is usually in the wrong place at the wrong time. They appear as Town to themselves, but when investigated by a Cop or lynched, will appear as Mafia. When they’re killed, they appear as Miller.

Someone who was pretty famous and managed to survive the chaos of the outbreak. Due to their status, their role is revealed at the beginning of the game.

Vanilla Townie
Someone who was just trying to get by before the outbreak. They have no special ability to use.

The Mafia
The Guilty faction of the game and the informed minority. They’ll be able to communicate in a Discord server that’ll be set up for the game. Along with their individual abilities, the Mafia can perform a Night Kill to eliminate a player of their choice. They win when they have majority over Town and Zombies are wiped out.

Used to sell dodgy guns and weapons on the black market. They can visit a player every Night Phase to give either a fake gun that will kill the shooter, or a fake vest that will not protect the player.

Someone who uses their body to get what they want. They can visit a player every Night Phase to role block them. If they visit a Virgin, they will convert them into a Vanilla Townie.

Whether it’s because of their personality or down to some amazing acting skills, they always manage to look like the good guy. They will appear innocent if investigated by a Cop.

Mafia Goon
A Vanilla Townie gone bad. Let’s just leave it at that, ay?

The Third Party
An optional faction used in Mafia with their own tasks to perform to win the game.

A member of the group who at some point became infected and turned, now they’ve set their eyes on turning everyone else into Zombies. They can visit a player every Night Phase. That player will become Infected and turn into a Zombie the next Day Phase. 50% chance the Infected player is informed of their infection. They win if everyone is either infected or zombified.

Someone who prepared and learned how to survive for the apocalypse. They can visit a player every Night Phase, if that player does not perform a night action, the Survivor avoids being targeted by hiding in the player’s home. They die if the player they’ve chosen to hide with dies during that Night Phase. They win if they live until the end of the game.

The Players



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I think we have just reached 16 players and if i am not wrong then, the maximaximum number of player is 16. Lets see, what does zoska have in its mind. I will suggest him to expand the capacity to 16


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Damn, you guys really wanna turn into zombie food.

@Killed when I planned the game I wasn’t expecting a lot of players, so those were the numbers I was going to close the sign-ups at after a while.

Anyway, I’ll get the roles sent out tonight and this game should be up in a few hours. Sign-ups are closed now, peeps!