Steph’s Miscellaneous Art Gallery/Portfolio

Steph’s Miscellaneous Art Gallery/Portfolio


I dabble in a bit of everything. (I’m new to digital art, but I already love how versatile it is.) Here we goooooo~

~ Traditional Art ~

(Last one’s not finished of course but I still wanted to show it >_>)

~ Digital Art ~

~ Photography ~

~ Cosplay ~

Team Rocket (2015)

Attack on Titan (2015)

Okami Amaterasu (2016)

And that’s it for now! Some of the props didn’t take well to being stored up, and I couldn’t find the Team Rocket Slowpoke Tail or the AoT swords amd gear, so I couldn’t get any up close photos of those, but they are visible in the cosplays themselves.

So that’s my portfolio so far!

:star: Artist Of The Month! :star:

Firstly, as I said, your traditional art is spectacular. Cubone looks really cool and detailed, Haunter seems exceedingly fun and polished (shadows are on point) Gorgeist stands out as my favorite though. I love the colors, the style, the lines, the expression, it’s all so amazing ahaha.

Digitally, again your Gorgeist is amazing haaha, the poe is just very nice looking and polished quite a bit. (Also how do you do this all on mobile?) Your haunters expression is also very cool and detailed for chibi-style work!

Also all of your cosplay is amazing!


Ahhhhh, thank you so much! ;u;

I actually got an iPad and the Procreate app specifically for my art, so that’s all done on a tablet (but without a legit drawing pen oops.)


All my most recent stuff~


You’re so gosh darned talented!!


Thank you, aaaahhhh!