Social Energy

Social Energy


Do you become more energetic after socializing with a group of friends? Or do you feel more drained than anything?

I think I become like hyper after a group of friends and me hang out, but it also quickly dies out since I usually end stuff at like 1am heh


Personally, I enjoy meeting up with friends even if I’m not always the most talkative person, but since I don’t always talk that much I don’t really find it a draining experience… I like to think about the meet-ups and conversations after the fact, since I tend to listen to a lot of things people have to say, so it’s honestly quite the opposite for me. Though online, socializing usually means lurking in the chat until long after the conversation dies out, regardless of how late, so my “social energy” there just runs out when my actual energy does.


I mean I feel tired, since I’m one of the most talkative guys in my friends group, but my energy runs out way quicker than my “social” one


it’s really exhausting trying to keep an extroverted front for a long period of time so I just end up feeling really drained afterwards.


Hyped for sure! Often I feel disappointed when it’s time to go because I still have a lot of energy left. I only really get drained when hanging out for an extended period with new people or people I don’t know too well as I am more nervous etc.


I’m extroverted. I get all my energy from being around other people. If I spend too much time by myself, I end up feeling drained and then I end up sleeping a lot and getting depressed and lonely.


I love my friends but I am definitely an introvert. Hanging out with people, no matter how much I enjoy their company, drains me of energy and I like a quiet night/day to myself after.