Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)


Yeah well i always scumread for it


But it works


Except it doesn’t ever but whatever, if you guys wanna lose then fine…


[Unvote] Sawsbuck Lemme think this over again


I have the same feeling about swas, it seems we all have.

[lynch] Swasbuck


gg Mafia (who are probably among those who voted an inno)


[Vote] Sawsbuck


after today it will be 4-4 which means rip town



my mind says that everyone that’s voted currently seems to be inno, but my gut is telling me otherwise…normally this is the behaviour of an inno Saws that’s been pressured into a wagon against him, but at the same time I think this is perhaps one time too many and therefore this time it’s actually being played on.



just follow your gut feeling Aaron

Game Over
Sawsbuck died. He was Azelf.
Canas, Nina, Dedenne and Kitty win!


That was an ass disaster of a game lmao
Gg maf



Saws you gotta be less trigger happy :3


Yeah but I had fun so that’s what counts lol

and damn out of the 2 I initially saw as scum, the one who didn’t seem as scummy was the one who was actually scum lol


I bet I shocked like everyone tbh


Swasbuck honorary mafia member, killed for us and got dead to assure our victory


Saws you’re our mvp


Thanks lol


I think that marks the end of mafia games on this website.


You could always… make another one :open_mouth: