Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)


Ok now tbh it just looks like you two are playing along with each other. So it’s time to start piling on those votes and getting someone to buckle or snap.



Honestly the vig should just out by now. The bad guys know who you are, so you might as well let your allies know as well.

Sorry for the lack of contribution btw, my internet is being total crap.


The conversation itself is weird and iffy . Nicki’s actions in the face of pressure seem to be rather too defensive to be a towny moment, while Dedenne’s sudden “hey i think nicki’s inno” after the suss feelings is also pretty unusual to me.

[Vote] Hysteria


I just wanted a vote on the record since this day phase is moving slowly. Hence the yet I’m suss of everyone except I guess Lycan, but since after I mentioned the possibility of bandwagoning could kill her, and she still didn’t claim I’m gonna have to:

[Lynch] Hysteria

Night Two
Hysteria died. She was Darkrai.


Day Three
The deities planned to attack, but before they could make their move they found themselves bound by a glowing chain of red. They could break their bindings but not before the next night.

Shaymin found another Pokemon laying low in Eterna Forest. Feeling a bout of inspiration, the little Pokemon presented the other with a Gracedea Flower.

Nobody died. You were boring again.


At least azelf wised up

Edit: Let’s start off discussion on Lycan’s innocence. I think I’ll believe it, since Hysteria was Darkrai in the end and she didn’t go against Shawn’s claim of a dream. It could mean, however, that she didn’t want to out herself as she so stubbornly doesn’t do even if it means death, but I think she’d make some kind of warning if she didn’t think Shawn was right.


@Sawsbuck I’d like to know if you have any leads


Not sure yet tbh, still trying to shake some rust off since it’s been a while since I last played lmao


Darkrai only chooses who will see the dreams (hints), I don’t think they get to know the information themselves as well. For all you know, Hysteria did indeed visit Shawn, but he told us an entirely different outcome. Not that I’m not innocent though, but I just wanted to point that out.


Ohhhh, okay that’s intersting! Hmm.


The mafia can’t even bore people to death correctly.


Ok, so if I counted correctly it’s 5 vs. 4 now, meaning that we have to lynch one of the bad guys today or we’ll lose.

That said, I’m going with my gut feeling and [Vote] Sawsbuck
If anybody else has any leads or anything right now, that would be great.


Seeing as Shawn asked him for leads and he had none and I’ve been suspecting him for awhile now I’m going to go ahead and [Lynch] Sawsbuck as well.


Let’s do it.

[Vote] Sawsbuck


Saws has def been acting suspicious. kill sawsbuck


Ok what the fuck…
Just because I’ve been trying to scumread a bit and I’ve been busy means I’m sus?
What has EC contributed because it doesn’t seem like much at all, just a whole bunch of sheeping and nothing posts which screams sus to me

With that being said [vote] EC


One last question from me. Are you a Vanilla Town or a Town Power Role?


Vanilla town, why?


You usually say that you’re a vanilla town before we ask you :thinking:
[Vote] Sawsbuck