Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)


So let me get this straight. You want me to role claim with no doctor around.
I don’t think so.


That or risk a bandwagon on you? Though from that I assume you feel you’re a more important role.


Though I was suspicious of Nicki, I’m not exactly swayed. And I don’t understand any of the above votes as Canas is just as inactive as Saws and others in the thread so why target any of them without a hunch? Also we cannot afford to abstein again, EC. We already lost our healer, the vig is going nuts and now we lost Uxie.

I’m actually suspicious of Shawn now, if you know something about Canas pipe up we need some info if we’re going to bandwagon. Why just target a player with no info?


I just wanted to get a vote on the record just in case I forget. I’ll go along with whatever you folks think is best. We need to lynch someone, and if it takes a bandwagon to do it, so be it.


Why, you ask?

  • To make them invest in the game.

You’ll surely be investing time in the game if you’re about to get killed. If they’re not going to help town or at least do something, they’re as good as dead.

Also, there’re 12 roles in the game and 12 players. I don’t think that there are any unused roles.


As good as dead? You’re wasting a lynching on killing someone that could literally be on our side. We have lost Heatran, Cresselia, Uxie and Mesprit now and Azelf is off killing half of them. We are already behind and you want to kill people just because they’re inactive? I don’t mean to be 100% accusatory, but that’s kind of rediculous unless you have info you’re not sharing that is.

For now though EC is correct in that we need to lynch someone soon so I’ll put this vote on record:
[lynch Shawn]


Yare Yare
You’re just guessing they’re town based on inactivity when the same goes for scum. It’s you who’s not sharing anything if you have anything else to prove their innocence, because atm they’re not helping.

Also, *ridiculous.


Not even guessing innocence, just apparently the only one here who would like to win by not killing our own members. And I have no info to say you or Canas is innocent, but I think I’ll keep my vote since you accused first with apparent no care that we could lose another innocent instead of pinpointing who may be the mafia.

Also @Nina I think Nicki is an innocent here


Got a reason other than gut feelings?


Gut, I was the original person questioning her posts and after I looked back I think she’s innocent.


I’m not really convinced yet. I’d like to hear some other vote then if that’s the case.
@Lycanthropy @Sawsbuck @Conos @Tyler @Kitty who am I missing


Personally I’m not really buying what Nicki is saying, she seems too defensive and is sounding like she is hiding something (at least to me anyway)

[vote] Hysteria


My, you really want me to role claim that badly, huh? Not gonna happen.


Do you suspect anyone at all other than me


I suspected Nicki, now I suspect you, but all in all its because there’s a good amount of people here inactive or just lurking :eyes:

The only thing I find suspicious is nickis extreme reluctance to share her role especially with 2 votes against her


Not to take any sides, but 2 votes isn’t really something you’d want to reveal your role for…


I mean 2 is enough for a bandwagon to start, I just think she’d be more cooperative unless she was mafia seeing as how it went for her last game


Honestly, can you blame me? With a lack of a doctor and no other protective roles, do you really expect me to reveal my role? :thonk: 2 votes against me isn’t gonna push it.


I mean I can’t fully blame you that’s why I’m not voting for you yet


I had a pretty busy week, and haven’t really benen able to be active here (or discord and dub), just to give my 2 cents vig def should stop shooting since if he won’t roleclaim I’d guess that he is being redirected since his last kill was not incredibly sus.
I could be wrong tho.