Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)


Pls this is just the 2nd one


Though the other one hardly went well it was nothing like this massacre tbh. Also good to know Lycan is innocent and at least we still have Darkrai.

I don’t have any leads, but frankly I’m skeptical of Hysteria.

Mainly because of this post as it was the day phase before JD was killed for having a plan, which she put in quotes and didn’t know how a certain role works, but its just a hunch.


Hell naw, I’m still salty over the last game. I ain’t letting y’all take me down again that easily. The mere fact you’ve brought this up makes me suspect you, too. It’s a good tactic, but one I’m not falling for.


Hey I defended you last game, I never wanted bandwagons and shit, that’s why I absteined this game so nothing like that would happen but thanks to the Vig this isn’t going well :frowning:


Are you implying maybe I’m Azelf?


No, I don’t think so. I thought it was just weird JD died after you remarked his plan.
I think Azelf is one of the newbies or more trigger happy members probably


I see. Well, I guess that’s a usual thing that happens. I’m still a bit weary of you, but I do like that you brought it up.


I mean we have to be weary of everyone with the healer and Uxie dead ugh


yeah we gotta figure this shit out
gotta get to the bottom of this fuckery and stop that Vig


I’m pretty sure that’s being redirected.


Thanks for the welcome back!

And here I thought Uxie was the most defensive of the lake guardians…


sacrificed yourself to a greater cause

In terms of who to gun for…I really am not sure. Hysteria’s behaviour towards being pointed at seems a bit odd, but then so does Dedenne’s behaviour. An innocent accusing a potential hunch, or scum trying to shift attention onto an innocent, hm…


yeah I agree that the way Nicki has been acting is a bit odd, getting upset and thinking Dede is accusing her of being Azelf at first after Dede suggests that she might be Vig seems to point towards guilt with her third post realizing that she shouldn’t say things like that but maybe this is too Farfetch’d


:thonk: Here I thought my behaviour was normal. I am not Azelf.


[Vote] No One


I don’t think we can get away with that twice.


[Vote] Canas for Zero Contribution.


Vanilla roles who don’t have interesting powers usually are less active, and we can’t afford to lose another innocent here.


Mafia also tend to be inactive, so it’s still a better choice
EDIT: Not really inactive, but they lurk around without posting or not making any remarks


I guess I should stop doubting everyone and go with my gut. I know we screwed last game, but I am getting sus on Hysteria. I’ll vote for now, but I’d like it if you role claimed.

[lynch] Hysteria

Really? Some people play that way but usually I see mafia being pretty active in swaying votes.