Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)


Okay, doc N0 is not nice. The positive thing out of these deaths is that having Heatran die too, the problem of anyone bleeding to death without being able to restort to Cresselia is discarded.
The downside to it is that claiming is basically a death sentence and that probably will shorten the ammount of info we’ll have available. I agree with not voting today as we have little margin of error to go and lose another PR just by chance.

jdthebud’s post makes sense so I agree. The moment mafs realise who Azelf is they basically have another Night Kill.

[Vote] noone


[Vote] No One


I’ll join the bandwagon here too, I suppose.

[Vote] No One


[Vote] No One


The odds are that Azelf is found out, but that would require a lucky guess from either Palkia or Giratina.
Should Azelf indeed have targeted somebody else than our poor Cresselia, they might as well openly reveal their identity. The bad guys know it in that case anyway. Either way, not killing in the following night would be a good idea. We can’t really afford to lose another PR right now.

Also [Vote] nobody


oh RIP.

cresselia (or ho-oh LOL) out. gl guysssssss.

Night One
Nobody died. You guys are boring.




I don’t have anywhere near the number of night actions I should. Extending the night by 24 hours.

Day Two
Mesprit floated carefully and quietly across the lake, trying not to attract attention. The poor Pokemon had no idea it was already being watched. Giratina burst forth from the shadows, catching Mesprit in its jaws. It was never seen again.

Mesprit was not the only one of the trio to perish that night. Azelf had locked on to a target. The Psychic Pokemon unleashed a powerful attack, but it curved dramatically and disappeared into the distance. Miles away, Uxie found itself struck by its sibling’s lethal strike.

Desox is dead. He was Mesprit.
jdthebud is dead. He was Uxie.



Welp. This isn’t going well.


Yo did we not say to use Azelf’s power again until Palkia is dead??


Wtf Vig what are you doing?
They can’t kill anyone next turn but like Uxie was pretty vital


Hey Vig out yourself so that we know who to vote for so you can stop killing people thanks <3

Bit buggered because the person I was going to vote for died so…hm…


Lmao why did the vig try to kill someone?


PSA: Vig please do not shoot someone at this point in time because at the moment every shot you are taking is redirected, as the ‘mafia’ know who you are.

Now about that…any leads at all from anyone?


Well our cop is dead so… ¯\ (ツ)

edit: i can’t do shrug emoji damnit


ah bugger so they are, excellent!


The reason why the vigi is still shooting is most likely because they aren’t being redirected, but the kill targets weren’t exactly scummy so I still have my doubts.

Also, Darkrai gave me a nightmare. Lycantrophy is innocent.

Who needs a cop when everyone can be a cop, amirite


Oh, right. Darkrai is still alive. That’s a good thing.


Games on this site have been horrendous for the town.