Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)


We have enough to start. N0 will be up tomorrow.




Apologies for the delay it’ll definitely be up tonight.


The deities are watching down upon the defenders of Sinnoh from high above, preparing to make their first move as the defenders ready their first attempt to fight off the powerful beings of legend. The night air as tense but nothing is still. Only time will tell who will survive.

The game has begun. Please PM your night actions here or via Discord


Day One
Cresselia was in high demand that night, but sadly for her this wasn’t only by those who sought her help. She had just finished a visit across enemy lines when Azelf appeared before her. Deeming her a traitor, Azelf unleashed a powerful Shadow Ball and that was the end of her.

Elsewhere the deities had set their sights on a victim. Heatran had wandered too closed to their meeting place atop mount Coronet. The Fire type tried to fight back but was easily defeated.

Salzorrah is dead. She was Heatran.
Ho-oh is dead. She was Cresselia.



Oh c’mon, the vig killed our doctor on N0? Really? This is exactly why you never vig N0.


At least it’s not the cop this time I guess?? Still sucks having vital roles downed so fast.


If it was the cop again I would have freaked omg


Well, that sucks.


Don’t night one me bros!!


Vig please. What are you doing.


Wow we’re down 2 already


oshit my first n0 in a long while. thanks maf <3 u da best

too bad there ain’t no points for this


Ok commiserating time is over, does anyone have a hunch as to who it could be? PRs please try to not reveal information because we can’t afford another PR loss after our Doc kill. Seems like there are no rules on mandatory voting, so I am [Vote]Abstain - I’m willing to wait this out and see if we get some more concrete evidence tomorrow (Dreamer receiving the same people in their dream, cop reports etc etc).


[vote] no one before I forget


I just realised that it may have been completely possible that the mafia found the Vigilante N0. There’s a role that can control another player to use their action on/visit another player. If they’re told what role their target was, they have access to two kills at night. (Striking the obvious but we can’t rule it out)

Seeing as it was pointed out that there were no rules against abstaining, I am going to abstain also until we have a better plan (even if I don’t like doing so).
[vote] No One


Oh yeah, we don’t have rule about abstaining again. (unless gimmie pipes up)

We don’t have any evidence that can be shared at the moment and lost two last night, so maybe an abstain wouldn’t hurt to just lessen our chances of another inno kill. [Vote]Abstain


Ooooo Loopholes :eyes:

Anyways, since no one has/or rather is giving out information about what they may know I will [Vote]Abstain for this first day.


@Hysteria Perhaps, but that would have been a blind shot. Not to mention that it still would have required the vig to shoot someone N0, since I think Palkia redirects a used action.

If the vig did shoot and hit a different player than they targeted, then they should not shoot again until Palkia is dead.


Is that how that role works? I wasn’t sure. Then, I agree with your “plan” - Azelf should not use their night action until Palkia has been eliminated.