Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia (Game Over)

Sinnoh Mafia
Arceus has been watching the world and has grown to despise his creations. Now he and his children are descending from the heavens to cleanse the universe and begin again. The powerful Pokemon of Sinnoh have banded together to defeat the gods and earn their survival.

Town Roles
Mespirit: If Mesprit dies, the mafia cannot kill the next night.
Uxie: Can investigate another player each night and learn their alignment.
Azelf: Is able to kill another player each night.
Darkrai: Causes whoever they visit to have dreams that provide hints about the other players.
Cresselia: Can visit someone each night and protect them from death.
Shaymin: Can visit someone each night a provide them with a Gracidea flower that adds them to a chat with Shaymin. starts game with three flowers.
Heatran: Sets Stealth Rock in front of a player each night. Visiting that player results in the visitor bleeding. A bleeder will die the following night if not visited by Cresselia.
Manaphy: Manaphy’s Tail glow reveals anyone who visits them.
Other Pokemon: Ordinary Pokemon deemed powerful enough to join the battle. No special abilities.

Mafia Roles
Arceus: Appears as innocent on reports. Once in the game can guarantee kill success.
Palkia: Can distort space around a player at night causing their action to hit another player of their choice,
Dialga: Can freeze another Pokemon in time during the night and roleblock them.
Giratina: Can use Ghost powers to follow another player and see who they visit at night.

-All Mafia Hub and SZ rules apply
-Do not PM share of discuss this game outside of specified chats or this thread. Do not PM share.
-Day phase is 48 hours, night is 24. You may not post here during the night phase.
-If you are dead, you’re dead. You may post one death post containing no game information and then you are barred from the thread.
-Lynch format is [Vote] Username

Glitter as The GM

Salzorrah as Heatran
Ho-Oh as Cresselia

CSS by Dedenne

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sure ill join


YES hi joining


I’m coming out of temporary retirement for this
sign me up please


I’m in, since the region that I voted for won.


you know what why not


ok even tho sinnoh is bad af


where’s the downvote button




I’m definitely in (even tho I agree with Ho-OH)


I want in too.


:face_with_monocle: Why did you write yourself as gimmep—wait…


Sign me up!


Force of habit. I actually used that name still to join but someone decided I should switch to this one again. :’)


stfu glitter is a great name


It’s also spelled correctly.


excuse me, it’s spelled gliterr smh


Very excited for this! Sign me up plz~


Ready to slay some Pogeymons