Sign Ups and Overview

Sign Ups and Overview

Welcome to the IslandYo! We’re coming at you live from from Total Safari Island. And, well, welcome to the game! If you haven’t noticed this is a parody of a parody of the dramatic TV series, Survivor. Here you, yes you, will compete in a series of challengs with one goal in mind: to be the one and only person to win the grand prize! What may that be? Well read on to find out!

Sign-UpsSo, here’s the deal. Before we begin, each player must sign-up by filling out the form below:

Discord Username:

Once one week of sign-ups has passed, I will begin placing each player into teams through a random team generator. More info on that down below.

OverviewTeamsOnce sign-up week is over everyone will be placed into one of two teams. Afterwards you and each of your team members will undergo various “challenges”, which range from playing a Pokemon Online Game to winning a random battle on showdown! The challenges are simple and the competition is fierce, since whenever a team wins a challenge they get immunity! The other team will be forced to hold a bonfire ceremony within the next day and vote off a member.

The DisbandingAfter several challenges have passed I will announce the disbandment of teams, this will mean that every player is for themself. Challenges will become more solo and after each only the winning player will win immunity, with the rest having to hold a bonfire ceremony and vote someone off.
Winning the GameIn this game in order to win, you must be the last player standing. After each round, the losing team must vote off a member, and after the disbandment each member will have to vote for someone to go home, all are eligible to be voted off besides the player who won the individual challenge. Once all players but two are eliminated the final challenge will take place and the winner will win the grand prize!

Rules-All Safari Zone Community Rules Apply
-All announcement posts will @you, to notify you, you can opt out of these or ask for a direct message reminder from me
-Be respectful to all players involved
-Alliances are allowed and encouraged, but don’t publicly say so until after the game
-You must vote in any bonfire ceremony that encompasses your team or takes place after the disbaning
-You may vote for any member, even yourself
-All rules are subject to change and many twists may take place! DM me if you have any questions on the game or these twists @Sunset#9727

PrizesFirst Prize - The Grand PrizeA $25 Giftcard to a place of your choosing, or 25 Redeems for Pokecord!
A Rare Shaymin Adoptable
A Total Safari Island Champion Badge

Second Prize - Runner UpA $5 Amazon Gift Card!
An adoptable Pokemon of you choosing
A Total Safari Island Finalist Badge

Third Prize - Honorable MentionA Total Safari Island Finalist Badge

Immunity IdolsLastly, there are immunity idols, which work pretty simply. For certain “events” and making certain decisions your team, or you individually can win an immunity idol. When a team wins an idol it’s part of that “events” prize, and is distributed anonymously to one of the members of said team. That member can choose to you keep it a secret from their fellow teammates or tell them. (But, I would recommend keeping it a secret.) Once The Disbandment takes place immunity idols will be given to the lone winners of each “event”.

After you receive said immunity idol, you have a “backup” of sorts. Meaning, if you are voted to go home at a bonfire ceremony, and I have announced that you will be going home, you can simply say the phrase I dm you, along with your idol. This will make you immune for that single ceremony. Of course, this does not entail that no one will go home for that ceremony. Rather, the person with the second most votes will go home instead.

In total, there can be up to three Immunity Idols given out during the game.

Island WatchersI’m sure most of you are all ready to sign up and that’s great! But, for those who are not so active in the community, dislike fun, and don’t love prizes, but do enjoy a sip of drama from time to time, we have a cool role! For those of you with busier lives and such, you can dm me for the Island Watcher role! This role allows you to view the general chat for the event on discord so that you can spectate and watch all the “drama” unfold.

About the Total Safari Island category

Username: Sam
Discord username: sadwhitegay#2195
Time zone: EST


Username: Fawful
Discord Username: Unreality Dweller (Fawful)
Timezone: EST


Username: Toga
Discord Username: dakota
Timezone: PST


Username: EvilChameleon
Discord Username: EC
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Username: Wobb
Discord Username: Wobb
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Username: Kostas
Discord: Kostas
Time zone: GMT +2


Username: Astropaw
Discord user: Mr. Summerbreeze#5644
Timezone: Central


Username: Desox
Discord Username: Desox#8738
Timezone: GMT -3 (a.k.a. Montevideo/Buenos Aires time)


Username: Salzorrah
Discord Username: Salzorrah#4705
Timezone: GMT +8


Username: Zoska
Discord Username: Zoska#0420
Timezone: BST


Username: Canas
Discord Username: Canas FE16 HYPE TRAIN WOO WOO#2104
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Username: Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Discord Username: Jason Grace#9501
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Username: souljamafia
Discord username: souljamafia
Timezone:GMT-04:00 EST daylight savings time


Username: ShaysShaymin
Discord Username: ShaysShaymin
Time Zone: 08:00 EDT


Username: Tyler
Discord Username: Do I really need to fill this out because it changes? Discord account name is Arcaneum#0001
Timezone: BST (GMT+1)


Discord Username:bluhacks
Timezone: EST


Username: Saleh
ID: Saleh#6507
Time: GMT+3


Username: Johnny
ID: Johnny#0420
Time: GMT -3


Username: Tetra
Discord Username: Tetra#0972
Timezone: GMT+1