Saving the Ice Type

Saving the Ice Type


Sort of half-piggy backing off of my weather article, I want to do an article focused on the Ice type, and specifically, what it needs to make it more viable in competitive pay since currently it is arguably the weakest defensive type and its offensive strength is largely rendered redundant by Water types.

I’ll start off by analysing why its such a bad type currently. Then I’ll look into what I believe would redeem the Ice type in the competitive setting. Firstly, better type combinations. Secondly, as you might of guessed from my first line, making better use of Hail.

Any thoughts?


Seems like a solid structure to me!

I guess part of why it’s bad is due to all the weaknesses/lack of resists it has? It would have helped if it at least resisted Water to parallel how Water resists Ice…


That is the biggest factor yes. Offensively the Ice type is actually very good as it hits Grass, Flying, Ground and Dragon - all very common types - super-effectively and a lot of Pokemon have a double weakness to Ice. It’s let down by having four weaknesses and only resisting itself.