Safari Zone Showdown!

Safari Zone Showdown!


Safari Zone Showdown!

Welcome to the Safari Zone Showdown! This is a tournament to celebrate our 6th month anniversary of our forums. We have grown from a very tiny community to what we are today and continue to blossom into something fantastic. This unique tournament will be a representation of our community name, the Safari Zone! In this event you will only be allowed to use Pokemon found in the Safari Zone or Great Marsh areas throughout the Pokemon regions. The tournament will be standard OU but you will have to be creative with your team-builds and dip into lower tiers to form your team. This will truly test your team-building and battling skills. The winner of this tournament will receive a shiny Kangaskhan adoptable!


Standard OU format should be used

All battles are to be held on the Safari Zone battle server

Best of 3. Post all replays in this thread.

Have fun!


I’m down for it!




Ayyyy I’m in (you cant use the evolutions of the safari zone pokes right?)
Can you use their megas?


I’m assuming evolved forms are probably okay?
Also in.




Evolved forms and Megas are allowed except for mega kang


Definitely in!


by the way signups for this close on monday :slight_smile:


gonna leave this open until morning. will post the bracket then!


ok! with only 5 participants, round 1 only has one matchup. that is: @Glitter vs @Kostas once their matchup is completed we will have a bracket of 4. best of luck guys!


When’s good for you?


ummm can we talk on Discord? I’ll be free for about 6 hours from now! And I’ll probably be free tomorrow too


Won against @Glitter 2-0, ggs!


round 2:

@Dedenne vs @Conos

@Kostas vs @Wrath-o-Los

deadline is in a week. good luck!


let’s try and get these matches done guys :slight_smile:


I won v Canas



Fuck Azumarrill I forgot how annoying it was


@Kostas @Wrath-o-Los i’ll extend the deadline by 2 days for you two to finish your matches. please try and get the done!


Won 1-0

Lost 2-4 (Forfeit)

Lost 0-6

I’m really not fond of that last one due to the stupid RNG, but a game’s a game