Safari Zone Changes: PLEASE READ!

Safari Zone Changes: PLEASE READ!


Hello everyone!

Firstly I just want to say: thank you. Thank you for sticking with our community since the start. Thank you for working to build our community from the ground up. Over the last month or so you may have noticed that the forums have been quieter and Discord has been a little quieter. The admins have been working behind the scenes on plans in order to give it the best chance possible at thriving and maintaining the community.

We have decided to re-brand Safari Zone into a gaming community, with a focus on Nintendo. We have a marketing plan in place to help give us the best chance at thriving and this initially starts at our forums.

Mafia has by far been the most popular part of our forums and we don’t want that to end. That’s why the forum community is now becoming only a mafia forum. Our initial plans at conception were to make Safari Zone a Discord-only community… and for the most part we actually plan to follow through with that.

Our Zine will be transformed into a gaming site with articles on pretty much any game you can imagine (and we are accepting new contributors to both the Zine and the Book of Pocket Monsters!)

Our Discord will mostly stay the same but will start to grow soon (we have some amazing partnerships in the works!)

Adoptables and Badges will now be achievable through Mafia achievements. Win a game? Get a badge! Achieve a certain rank on the leaderboard? An adoptable is yours! With this model we want to make mafia as fun as possible and give everyone an extra incentive to participate. More information will come out in a few days on the new leaderboard!

We will be hosting an introduction/vanilla game for beginners and returning players within the next 72 hours (with 48 hour day AND night phases because it’s Christmas time!) Once the game is up we’ll share it on Discord. We encourage everyone to sign up: It’s honestly one of the most fun things you can do online! Once you join you’ll also get the role @Mafia Players on Discord which is a SUPER useful role: you’ll always be tagged when new games go up!

Finally… our name. We’ll now be known as Load Screen (and tentative forum name: Load Screen Mafia Community) as a play on words to appeal to all gamers.

Discord will allow discussions on any sort of game now (and I believe separate channels will be set-up for popular games but don’t quote me on that one!)

We will also have our brand new logo here VERY soon and we can’t wait to reveal it to you!

If you have any questions or concerns please reply and we’ll answer your questions as soon as possible! If you would like to write for the Zine (about ANY game you like!) please contact @Tyler, @Johnny or @bobandbill.

If you have any help with your forum account please contact @Ho-Oh. if you have any mafia related questions please contact your forum staff: @Glitter and @Kitty (and @Ho-Oh).

Please keep an eye out for the vanilla game in a few days! Also note we will still be on Social Media (just under the new Load Screen handle!) If you have any Social Media related questions feel free to send them to @Dedenne.

Here are Discord links to the channel replacements of the forums we previously had:

Chill Out:
Art and Writing:

And finally, mafia:

We can’t wait to see you on Discord!

~ Safari Zone Staff



What a fail


…said Sawsbuck, the one posting on a forum on New Year’s Eve in search for attention.


It really was a fail


If you say so, my guy.


A bunch of terrible abusive mods


I don’t know about that, I’d have banned you already. You don’t like this place then stop commenting.


Or someone being overly bitter, we’ll just save you the trouble and you can take your scathing to other places which will eventually get rid too.


Saws bro how much self awareness can you lack, why do you think you got banned


I had to log back in just to comment on this. Nobody here was ever abusive towards you. That’s all in your head. You just have a penchant for being negative all the time, then when called out on it, leave the site (here and PC) in a huff for a month or so, only to return like nothing happened.