Rowlet used Roost! (new theme)

Rowlet used Roost! (new theme)


Hey everyone! Got a new theme for you featuring everyone’s favourite round birb:

(To preview it, open the link above in a new tab!)


Theme doesn’t show up though


Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the link Daks told me you have to open it in a new tab to see changes, but if that’s still not working you can can go to your profile > Preferences > Interface and select Rowlet’s Roost from there.


It’s not showing up in the interface theme selector thing either


Oh, that’s strange :thonk: I’ll poke Daks about it and see if she knows, thanks for telling us! @Flower_Child


ok and no problem!


Aw, that’s so awsome!! Time to change my Sunflora’s theme!


Oh wow this has a very nice color scheme. Gonna use this for a while!


Changed to this. It’s a nice medium between an all dark skin, and an all light skin. Good job, as usual, folks.