ROM Hacker & Game Dev Interviews

ROM Hacker & Game Dev Interviews


Hello. So, I was thinking The Zine™ could get some articles where somebody talks to ROM Hackers and Fan Game devs, and asks them questions, It could be stuff about how they feel about their game, the way they work, and other things like that.
It might help people know more about how people are making their games, and how the devs feel.


I’m totally up for that.


I think that’s a good idea, it could help spark interest in games. Would this be something like a series? with multiple devs interviewed in one article or one dev interview per piece?


I think it should be one interview for each article.
With multiple devs in one article, I feel like people would forget a little about the last one they read about once they move to the next one, but with one dev, everything is about just one person.


I’m on board with this. Article series makes sense, as well as one interview per article.

Would you want to conduct the interviews? Anyone in mind for the first article?


I don’t think I could be the one doing the interviews. I’m not very good at those, but I’ve never actually done one before so I can’t know if I’m good or bad… Could I do the first one or would all of them have to be done by the same person?
@Luna might be nice to interview for the first one. She’s a ROM Hacker, and lots of people know about her hack, Red++.


Could I do the first one or would all of them have to be done by the same person?

No need to do every single one, haha. You don’t have to do any if you don’t want to, just a matter of finding someone who can/will do so. We (collective we) can also come up with various questions together. Maybe a few staple ones you’d ask every person interviewed, and then some others tailored to the person/their work.


I like that. Coming up with questions together.


This is a great idea! I’d like Luna and Z-nogyroP interviewed if possible.