Radio vs Bluetooth vs AUX cable

Radio vs Bluetooth vs AUX cable


We all like listening to music during long car rides. How do you listen to yours? Do you still listen to radio?

I used to use the cable to use my iPod for jams (until I lost its charger oops,) but now sometimes I’ll use the Bluetooth in my phone to play music from YouTube videos.

Playing the same stuff can get pretty repetitive though, so I listen to the radio much more often than not. I love listening to rock/punk, and I don’t mind pop music either~


I wish I could listen to my BT or Aux but my car doesn’t have Music bluetooth, only Phone >( and then my Aux cord outlet cover seemed to kind of shift in position or something so now I can’t even place my Aux in there. I need to try fixing it.

I still listen to the radio because of this, or I place my phone in the side door slot if I don’t feel like listening to the radio.


I have to use an aux cable for my car because it doesn’t have Bluetooth.


My car has Bluetooth. Enough said. :eyes: Very convenient.