I think it would be a nice idea to have a puzzle or such in each edition. It would make the zine more interactive, and give people something fun to do. Puzzles could include: crosswords, wordsearches, Pokemon Sudoku/ Sujiko, Mazes or even a quiz.


Hi there! Yes, I like the idea of puzzles indeed! ;D Maybe they could be a periodical issue for fun or something? However, do keep in mind that the zine will probably be like what Daily is as well, although @bobandbill would know more for sure. :]


Yeah, we’re not planning to have editions per say - articles happen when they happen rather than everything being released at once as a collection.

Puzzles are something we can certainly have; the issue is mostly who makes them. I don’t have time or interest to do that myself but if someone wants to pitch the idea I would be happy to approve it.

First thing is first though - Zine needs to exist. =p It’s currently being designed by people better at that sort of thing than myself!