Political Compass

Political Compass


While it’s by no means a perfect test, it is probably the one that internet people know most. So, where do you fall?




These tests are kinda skewed in that they always paint me as a libertarian when I’m a broad advocate of Democracy and the State having central roles in society. Not today’s state, but still… not libertarian level. I generally disagree a lot with other people with libertarian views it makes no sense in that point. The economic axis is alright I guess.



I generally consider myself a democratic socialist so I’d say this reasonably accurate.



I wasn’t sure about some of the questions, but it’s definitely in the right quadrant.




are y’all posting the same image


Safari Zone: a liberal safehaven


о чем ты говоришь, товарищ? демократический социализм ftw




Great result Mussolini


oof joining the bandwagon


This was interesting to do :0



where the conservatives at


Just gunna join the bandwagon

image https://www.politicalcompass.org/chart?ec=-6.13&soc=-4.56



I’m a little bit surprised that they all lie in the same quadrant, but maybe that’s just a result of the language barrier or some sort? I imagine my results aren’t as set in stone as they should be because I’m a little inexperienced on that front, but it was a very interesting quiz to take!



I don’t really have much to say here, honestly.