Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


If you really want to know, I think Kitty is Bugsy. I checked out who townread me beforehand and afterwards, and she’s never acknowledged me as Town before or after the slash. To be fair I did vote Kitty on Day One, but that was just random so that’s kind of rude. I might be wrong, but I have no reason to believe I’m not. Saws is the most likely to die anyways so I see no harm in revealing at this point.

*Kind of ironic the person I trust the most is the person who trusts me the least, haha


I dont have a night action so I have nothing to add. :^) didnt think d would be jasmine though, thats a sharp turn in my read.

Gp being mafia, his reads are not reliable. He could be predicting everyone else would think people he suss claimed are actually town. That said thats a horrible case of circle prediction or whatever the actual term is.

I forgot what hurricane actually does but i think the person did that thing so people who could have roleblocked the killer were unblocked or something (disclaimer - could be wrong)


Last night, it was said that “the winds were extremely quiet last night”, so Hurricane wasn’t used over Night One. People were able to use abilities on Day One, so it doesn’t look like Hurricanes have been used yet at all. And while it does normally block the Mafia night kill as well, it does not block Clair when they use Draco Meteor.

Guys, stop ignoring me, I’m not actually dead yet but I think I’m onto something eeeeee ;-;

I feel like I got Sleep Powdered by Koga to the point where I’m “unable to participate” xD
Holy heck, maybe Koga did Sleep Powder me and I’m muted for all intents and purposes… that’s some scary stuff man, that means I have to wait 72 whole hours before I can say something and I’ve got so much bottled up in me I think I’m going to go insane oh god


I’d assume I’m being ignored but Desox acknowledged me, but I swear that Shiny, Saws, Ho-Oh, Desi, and Kitty, are all treating me like a ghost .-. Actually Desox never really replied to me either, am I dead?

I went too far and made too many judgements at once, people can’t even wrap their head around the fact that I made a post, even when I put a tldr at the end of it too, rip… well I’m hecka impatient and I know you people are out there so I’m going to keep editing the end of this post until somebody considers what I have to say.


Already soft claimed so I hope this isn’t serious x


I think @Fletch is falkner guy?

I saw your “pressure vote” Deso post but not the one after me. I was in uni.
I don’t know what to think of deso 'cause his playstyle is like posting bare minimum in every game. 'cause he busy always. I suggest he should claim if he is town. I know its scummy for asking him to claim since so many roles are already out.
I want to hear everyone thoughts about this.

Edit: FUCK THESE ROLES I READ IT WRONG! forget my theory whoever read it. I gave role page a second glance.

Other post has way too many edits.


I answered you ;(


I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “circle prediction” Kitty but Ill acknowledge that it’s not exactly confirmed to follow the opposite of GP’s votes; however, I still think Zoska is probably not-Mafia for the other reasons I stated. I still can’t tell with Desi because I don’t understand a dang word he’s been saying at all.

From what I do get, you’re having doubts about Desox. You say he posts minimally, but he fell back on his “paragraph of information” which was for the most part repeated information; plus, he did lead the lynch on EC, even before EC even began to say that deal with Sawsbuck. Both of these are hardly incriminating by themselves, but even as a minimalist I don’t think Desox would play like this if he were Town.

You’re saying “I’ll have your head in a spin soon enough” is soft claiming? You’ve given me almost no reason to believe that, nothing in the line of evidence and you’ve certainly been posting minimally after Day One. You didn’t even attempt to address any of the arguments I made against you either. And to be fair, Lance uses winds too.


Im gonna answer the first paragraph because the second and third im honestly not sure if youre talking to me or someone else

Idr the exact term was it wifom or something; anyway gp likes to predict shit. Usually itll be like that theres gonna be one maf thats in the inno list but from what other people say his playstyle was different today, so i feel like we shouldnt rely on what he says or at least take things with some grain of salt (is that the idiom)

I cant say much about zoska, but desi seems like town to me. I dont recall roles already being outed (apart from sawsbuck), so i cant comment on his pressure on desox to roleclaim. Unless he means people figuring out what roles every other person has in which case then yeah-

That said, zoska needs to speak some more so consider this my temporary vote (until i wake up tomorrow morning or something)

[Vote] zoska


Because lance would want to claim and be that obvious… there’s no argument worth having, very baseless


I don’t feel like making a super large post but one of my sus reads are Saws for the words EC has said to him. (About his hands being bloody) but he role claimed cop though…he also asked for people to start roleclaiming so soon which is always weird. EC was essentially a Look Out type role, and targeted Saws but if Saws was really Will then EC wouldn’t of been able to see Saws visit anyone.

EC’s comments are just weird in general, I can’t really tell if he was targeting or just going after Saws because Saws targeted.

Meh I have such a lack of energy right now so I’m sorry these aren’t super helpful.

I think he will though? I was trying to back read some, I might’ve missed it but 1st day, voting is halved, 2nd day his voting means nothing, 3rd day he bleeds I believe? 4th day he dies.

I haven’t decided who I’d vote yet but right now I’m leaning on Desox


Look at that, large post anyway, somehow


I feel you on that lack of energy part, I’m starting to get too tired to come up with rebuttals for everything.

So apparently the name of the game is just accuse everybody until they decide to roleclaim, then process of elimination all the way down until we start getting CC’s. If Fletch is indeed Falkner then that means that perhaps Zoska and Desi aren’t necessarily both Town/TP. I would have liked to believe that, but knocking these out one by one is limiting the amount of options we have left. Still looking to Desox as the prime suspect, guess we might have to start looking at the others more closely too.


Its gonna be imbalanced if its like that


I’m pretty sure it implies I’ll die either at the end of Day Three or Day Four. Otherwise that’d be a lot of slashing.

Hmm, actually maybe you’re right? That’s kind of weird, why would you have an action Day Four act as death if they bleed to death on Day Three though? Guess I was kind of overreacting then… well a lot of my opinions are out there anyways because I was acting super brash since I assumed I was dead xD

Well, perhaps the original plan allotted for the possibility of multiple Bugsy’s? Guess the odds of that aren’t too far off. At least this means that there’s the delightful pleasure of retaining my half vote ;3

Scyther used Fury Cutter!

It’s super effective!

Desox’s voting power has been nullified!


Scyther does not have a 4-day effect - Scyther chooses a person each day (can be the same each time) and depending on what Day it is depends on the effect.

Therefore whoever gets tomorrow will Bleed and whoever gets hit D4 dies


Oh… so I’m not even going to die…

Well that’s underwhelming.


Revised reads, because apparently you guys didn’t like them as they were.

Sawsbuck - Confirmed Town, Will unless CC proves otherwise.
Fletch - Confirmed Town, Falkner unless CC proves otherwise.

Either Town or TP:
Kitty - Leaning Town, my candidate for Bugsy and so far it hasn’t been acknowledged; whatever you want to believe.
Ho-Oh - Leaning Town. Analyzes stuff. Purely opinion-based. What I mean is that Nica is at least trying to make reads, at least yesterday, which seems to me to be at least somewhat more helpful than just countering.

Shiny - Uses too much meta information. Not sure if this was a bad attempt to counter Dedenne or not. Probably not entirely scum since she seemed okay with being investigated (fortunately we have such an on point Cop with us), but I wouldn’t but a fake frame past her abilities. Some of you seem to think she’s Bugsy because of one line, but I still disagree.
Zoska - I think she’s not Mafia, at least. Scum read by GP Day 1, I still don’t believe this was “circle prediction” because the Hex was not common knowledge. Either the plan to seem Town was to ask as many confusing questions as possible and it’s working, or she’s actually just really confused. Kitty seems to disagree.
Desi - Physical embodiment of that one Jerry emote, and GP’s other Day 1 scum read. You seem too noncommittal to me, but Kitty seems to disagree on you as well.

Desox - Got the Day 2 slash, almost certainly Mafia from what I gather.

Apparently I’m not a martyr, and I’ve been going off the rails for no reason in terms of my accusations. Well, I can’t take them back so I might as well keep on going. If you have any disagreements, please point out what it is specifically so I can answer you directly instead of being talked around. A lot of you seem to be tiptoeing around my arguments despite the fact none of these are light claims, almost as if you don’t want to get tied in with the maniac I am ._.


I mean i have been trying to tell you :stuck_out_tongue:

Also idt theyre going to be mafia immed just bc they got slashed. Though your points have been pretty accurate so far.


I knooow, I should have listened but for some reason the way you worded it just didn’t register on me in time, and deep down I like being a drama queen :’)

Hmmm, the slash doesn’t really add anything to it but I think I’ve made my opinion known before that happened so I’ll continue to operate on solely those. We’ve got nine people alive but only two of us have made our votes known; I’m sure the lot of you are a lot more opinionated than you’re letting on, but if you don’t say anything we can’t even attempt to validate you as Town. (I mean that operates backwards too, but if you’re Maf you’re just making yourself more suspicious by not coming up with a defense for yourself.)

In the meantime, I’d really like to hear that analysis you were talking about @Ho-Oh :eyes: and I’m not sure if you’re busy or sick not in the mood (as you said last) Zos or whatever but it’d be helpful to get a statement from you too… Also, if Fletch and Saws are going to claim Town roles then instead of responding with just “EC was sus” perhaps we could get some thoughts from you too; after all, before you’re killed you’re essentially the Town equivalent of Celebrities, so your overall opinions are going to be much more trustworthy (or at least less questionable) than mine are.