Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


It sounded like GP was the Hexer but Typhlosion couldn’t be the hexing one…


They can waste a inv on me if they’d like, I’m town but at least they’ll know it for sure


I keep forgetting to stop posting just nonsense, but I’ll just leave my final interpretation of the situation here for the night and let it rest until tomorrow.

I swear I almost forgot this was a Pokemon Mafia because we’re so busy talking about reads and activity that we barely even discussed NA’s whatsoever. So as part of trying to decipher the “trainer roles” into EM things I can understand, I’ll put it all down here. For Town’s game plan:

  • Falkner is pretty inconsequential as his role is only self-defense… we know what Bugsy does ._. and same with Morty, but maybe this time lay off until you’re absolutely sure of your choices. Will, Bruno, and Karen should continue to investigate, of course. Jasmine is essentially another Doctor (with options), and I can’t even read what Koga is able to do (PoisonPowder and Shield Dust, and maybe Sleep Powder?). Sounds fairly useful, but if we’re right about EC then these protective roles have a low chance of doing anything by chance against a singular Mafia. Not saying we shouldn’t try, as the Mafia isn’t equipped roles which can punish us for that.
  • The plus side of most of our interpretation being read-based is that the Mafia still has almost no idea of who’s what and what sort of threats each of us pose; hopefully we can hold on to this advantage before we can use the investigative roles or perhaps one of the others to pin down one of the Mafia or TP for sure.
  • Despite us already getting one Mafia there’s still two out there, and also don’t forget the Kimono Girl. We haven’t seen the TP in play yet, but it’ll take five nights for them to win so at least we still have time to deal with them. Clair is an unstoppable Mafia killer, while Lance is basically capable of roleblocking everyone (except Clair) for a night and a day, twice a game. Depending on how EC flips by the end of the day, we can try to send either investigative roles to Shiny or someone else sus to see what they’re up to, since with so much happening so fast NA’s are bound to be used before someone meets their unexpected end.
  • Overall I’d say we’re pretty lucky GP got killed so early; as the Rival, it was a wild card between an Illusionist/Mafioso/Hooker style Pokemon so that limits a lot of the possibilities the Mafia has at their disposal.

So, that’s my breakdown of Pokemon Mafia as I see fit; hopefully that means tomorrow people can send more of their reads or theories and less of “I didn’t know they were that alignment” or “that’s what that Pokemon does?” to pass as analysis. xD


That took way too long to read

Also - me as mafia because im inactive is a sad excuse. A possible excuse, but a really sad one. ;( look into me if you need to

@Magipika , p sure you wont die from the bugsy hit. Role sounds to me like the cuts effect gets worse after every day phase. Rn your votes only halved.

Saws is acting much like a confused town, mafia mates would likely help him with keeping up should he be maf. Ec is well, ec. Idk i dont really… idk.

Unpopular opinion but asking for a roleclaim on the first day is p shit yknow? Unless youre sure youll be hitting mafia with the thing i dont suggest it. Soft claiming is better, but also not that suggested since people and perceptiveness and stuff. So suss on d.


EC didn’t defended at all even when he is this cornered . His lynch is inevitable at this rate.

My vote isn’t going to change anything but my top scum reads are Sophie( even though they addressed that they’re always active and just busy this time around, I expected them to provide at least some reads) Sawbuk( I know it’s meta, he looks like confused townie but he kind of used same tactic in beginner’s mafia in PC where he was mafia)

After reading Shine vs Ded again that just looked town vs town to me.


Ahh, okay. See, I didn’t know which roles were town, mafia or third party. That’s what I was so confused about. So when I saw GP’s death, I thought it might have been mafia trying to obviously frame one of their own so people would assume that Dedenne was innocent. I didn’t realise GP was mafia.

That’s why I voted for you before changing my mind @Dedenne.

Looking at the whole EC vs Saws thing, I have no idea what these two are trying to do, so I’m gonna ignore whatever’s going on there for now. What I’m more concerned about is Shiny.

It’s true we use meta information at times. But that doesn’t mean the meta information is sure proof that something like that should happen in a current game. Throwing out a statement saying, “Well, they’re a good player so mafia should have obviously gone for them, but they didn’t so they must mafia, too” can’t be a default argument we latch onto, because then it’ll be the same for every single game we play in when a certain player doesn’t get N0’d.

I’m gonna [Vote] Shiny for now.

I’ve been pretty busy today, and I’m not really in a mafia mood right now, so that’s gonna be my final vote.


Yeah hi sorry I passed out yesterday so phase is extended until 20:00 today (14 hours ish)


Ok very unwell so no fancy death etc, yadda yadda EC has been voted off, they were Bruno’s Hitmonchan.

Night now starts, ending roughly 00:00 GMT tomorrow (3rd November)

The Pokémon Wars
Second Chronicle: Johto under Siege

Day Two.

The winds were extremelt quiet last night, which made flying for some verrrrry easy. An all-seeing eye probes uselessly.

For some however, it meant no winds deterred the swift removal of what was thought to be a well-protected city. Olivine, along with Jasmine and her trusted Steelix that protected it, was obliterated within seconds.

Dedenne has been eliminated. They were Jasmine’s Steelix.

Tonight marks the second Day phase of the game. If you have a Day Action (this will be signified in your Role Message) then please submit them to @Tyler either via PM on here or PM on Discord (Arcaneum#0001). Voting will now begin; you may choose to abstain from voting and may also change your vote as many times as you like. Regardless of how many votes a player has, the highest amount of votes will result in that player’s elimination.

Day will finish at 00:00 GMT Wednesday 7th November.


-All Mafia Hub and SZ rules apply
-Do not PM share of discuss this game outside of specified chats or this thread. Do not PM share.
-Day phase is 48 hours, Night is 24. You may not post here during the Night phase.
-If you are dead, you’re dead. You may post one death post containing no game information and then you are barred from the thread.
-Lynch format is [Vote] Username.
-All actions are to be sent either via PM here or to myself on Discord (Arcaneum#0001).
-In the event the phase has unexpectedly run over, votes outside of the 48 hour period will not be counted towards the totals, unless I as the GM have explicitly stated I will be extending the phase.

Player list

@Ho-oh as ???
Specifice as Pryce/Dewgong
@Zoska as ???
@Sawsbuck as ???
@Shiny as ???
@Dedenne as Jasmine/Steelix
@Fletch as ???
EvilChameleon as Bruno/Hitmonchan
Glitter as Rival/Typhlosion
@Desox as ???
@Magipika as ???
@Kitty as ???
@Desinishon as ???


No Hurricanes last night? That’s a surprise. Sounds like Bruno or Will or whatever “all-seeing eye” refers to didn’t learn anything either, either that or from it being described as “uselessly” means that they got roleblocked for some reason. (That might be Koga?)

Clair and Lance.
Falkner, Bugsy, Morty, Will, Koga, Karen.
And the Kimono Girl #4.

Congratulations on the mislynch of EC. Desox, Ho-Oh, Sawsbuck, and Desi, you bandwagoners have some explaining to do. Particularly you Sawsbuck. EC was Bruno’s Hitmonchan, essentially Watcher, so he must have been implying something when he said your bloody hands were showing. Could’ve been more straightforward, but we’ll work with what we’ve got.

[Vote] Sawsbuck

Sad to know our confirmed Town is gone as well. It’s a shame we lost Spaget so early or we could have handled that better. You’ve still got eyes on you too Shiny, although not as much as I initially thought. High chance you were investigated last night, but you seemed strangely okay with that so there’s a good chance Dedenne died both to confuse us as well as to put a slight frame job as well.

Otherwise, anyone I haven’t mentioned already (Zoska, Fletch, Kitty), if you’ve got any other helpful information, we’ve got three threats left in a game of nine. So consider that as well. We still have Will and Karen to gather information, but with EC gone that’s that much help gone, so if you know a Mafia or the TP we may need to know who that is as soon as possible.

And if I die from Morty just because I said everyone’s name, I swear…


I shall roleclaim, I am Will
I visited Glitter N0, came back Mafia
I visited Dedenne N1 but they died

I have no clue what EC was on about


That’s an awfully safe claim.

Either way guess we’ll wait for CC’s.


I mean I don’t know what to tell you, EC was playing as perfect Clown, not Watcher.

Want me to analise his comments? because they looked scum af, imo it was safer to go after a scumread than the typical ‘I’ll go after some random idk’

Apart from the comment about Saws’, which without info looked more like maf weaseling an accusation, ECs defense was literally nothing. And I cant even trust that because EC kust looked like he was messing with us for fun.

I will wait for a CC on Saws.


I want to know who among the others you trust or don’t trust. There’s a lot of information in these messages on who thinks who is guilty, and EC being scum doesn’t change the fact that at least somebody who voted for him knew he was town. You must have some idea at least.

For example, you didn’t say a word about Shiny when she came under suspicion, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on that. There’s plenty of reason she should have been discussed, but you didn’t even think about her.

There’s nine of us left. Looking at GP’s remaining reads, it’s likely Desi or Zoska are Third Party and Town, interchangeably, mainly since it’s still unlikely GP would have ratted out fellow Mafia on Day One. Criticize the rest at your own discretion.

Also dangit Saws outing as Cop is a way to confirm yourself as Town if nobody CC’s but it is by no means a good strategy for helping Town, especially when both of the Doctor-like roles are dead…

Also guess since Sawsbuck says he’s Will, time to switch the pressure over to you.

[Vote] Desox


Blame it on EC for acting like a nutcase and getting me sussed ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We might as well start trying to roleclaim or something


Hi, I’m going to have to ask you to please not do that.


To be fair EC was acting way too nutty and that’s why I didn’t vote him but it sucks he didn’t really try to convince anyone against the votes. I don’t understand how EC plays mafia too much so that’s all I can really say about that. I’m sure at least one of the BWs on the EC vote was mafia, it’s the perfect opportunity to vote and not be detected. Usually.

As for Dedenne’s kill, it sucks my risky theory wasn’t right…fully. He usually never stays alive long in mafia games when he’s good and I’m guessing they’re trying to frame me, now. Only now we need to consider who would come up with something like that. I have a few suspects but I want to backread, read their comments and try to pick at them to see if they’re sus or helpful or even null first.


Like I said previously we shouldn’t use full username since highly active players might be hexed.

EC’s lynch was already inevitable + he is very hard to read.
Ho-H and mag are looking town to me.

Saw was my second prime sus but he claimed cop.

Other one was sophie but they gave their comments at end of phase. I really like them to talk more since they’re dropping scums in others games left and right. Still null read on them.@Zoska


Right, third round of analysis. And for the record, if Morty hexes any major Town reads for no reason, they’re not being very helpful. GP was a fortunate risk but not the likes of which I’d like to see again. Also, I think I know who Bugsy is, but even if I reveal my thoughts on them now it probably won’t matter too much because Saws is the most likely victim.

When I say that you (Desi) and Zos seem to be either Town or TP by GP’s scumreads so early on, that reminds me of an interesting detail. Ho-Oh, you called out Zoska as TP which feels awfully specific, I don’t disagree that she’s been somewhat neutral but I’d like to know why you reached that conclusion specifically. Either way, I don’t think Zoska would have mistaken GP for Town, so unless that’s a really, really sly play on her part I think she’s cleared. However, TP doesn’t win until Night Four, and to be honest most of the actions aren’t very harmful so whoever we determine to be TP doesn’t really need to be dealt with until later. We might let them live on accident though because one of their actions prevents them from death xD

My thoughts on who Mafia is: I’m pretty sure from process of elimination that Desox is one of them. Your so-called “paragraph” of information last day phase seems mostly rehashed: I had already mentioned Dedenne’s townread before, and EC and Saws have both essentially been proven Town so your reads seem pretty selective. Overall I feel like you’re just laying low and trying to avoid having attention drawn to you in new conflicts, not giving fresh reads either. You seemed to be trying to aligning yourself with my opinions as well, since I was such a given townread by that point.

Second Mafia? I had it narrowed down a bit, but I think I can narrow it down a bit further. Ho-Oh is unknown, but overall her reads seem pretty fair and I think she’s scumhunting pretty nicely too. While you were a little sus earlier Shiny as well, the light frame and your overall attitude seem mostly Town to me, although I won’t confirm it completely.

Honestly, I think Fletch is my prime suspect for the other Mafia. Hasn’t made a ton of major claims after the very beginning, so I’m starting to think that GP was orchestrating the whole ploy at first, but with him dead it kind of faltered since they have to backpedal now. And in the very beginning, it seemed like the back and forth was to catch Town like Dedenne in the net and turn it on them. Didn’t seem to have a very big response when I made my later claims as well, makes me think that you’re just trying to lie back and be cautious as well.

I think Desox and Fletch are Mafia. Zoska or Desi or Ho-Oh might be the TP, but not the biggest threat. I’m going to die in two days, so make it quick.


EC seemed sus af and even said Saws was his mafia buddy… like that to me isn’t any sort of defense. Did anyone investigate Kitty?

Also I haven’t read the posts only skimmed I’ll read everything tonight & make a proper analysis.