Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


Looking back, that is rather strange. EC said hardly anything at all, and I said I expect EC not to give reads, but to outwardly say town idk. Same with Kitty as she was inactive and said very little.

Looking forward to Shiny’s comment but yikes. ^


Yeah I can’t understand why GP would townread EC unless he were maf


Yeah I’m… gonna go EC for now based on that weird reply. Hopefully someone investigates Kitty, EC or Shiny tonight depending on who we lynch.

[vote] EC


Perhaps that’s why, it’s obvious. He doesn’t like going for the “obvious” route. Also sorry if this was already said, I’m sort of replying as I read. I’ll address the fingers being pointed at me as best as I can. **EDIT: Perhaps usually he would have, if you weren’t on the same team

Yeah, I did because of the fact that it cuts someone’s voting power in half, but I can see why it’d be useful for town. Sorry on my part. I honestly need to reread that stuff.

I know this isn’t a good excuse for Mafia but this is a custom-type Mafia so I was more so trying to read and analyze what others say rather than picking out who could be scum right off the bat.

I’m actually feeling a bit sus of Dedenne right now, though from backreading. Hear me out. So we all love using meta knowledge in mafia, yeah? Well, usually in these games Dedenne is so good at figuring the mafia’s game plan out that he’d almost likely already be dead. Instead, they didn’t go for any majorly experienced mafia players or outspoken players, they went for Spaget. Only thing is, GP and Dedenne went after each other in the comments… I know Dedenne likes to plan things out in his mafia games, as anyone should so this could be a plan to make Dedenne look like town if the person ACCUSING him of being bad, turns out to be bad. That would automatically make the person being accused look innocent, right?

Then Dedenne is going after the easier targets, picking the ones who aren’t saying much when more often than not, those lead to mislynches and it’s easier to lynch someone who is struggling on what to say in a game or being inactive because most will BW, he knows this. He tried covering it up by saying “I DON’T want this to be a mislynch.” Well, if you lynch me it would be a mislynch. I’m not bringing much to the table yet so my apologies. The honest truth is that I wanted to see what others had to say, most of us didn’t use a night action, and it’s the first day so that’s why I was quiet though I tried placing my thoughts when I had them.

Also, I know I said GP doesn’t like going the obvious route but that’s kind of another point I was making earlier in this comment. Perhaps they’re trying something new for this game, something riskier because if you play the same way each game, people eventually catch on.

So for now, I’ll [Lynch] Dedenne


Also if I missed anything, feel free to point that out because it’s possible with all the comments today.


Gp accused Dedenne of being mafia though and was against him from the start despite Dedenne only writing one post at that point.


I addressed that


Is it just me or didn’t I write a goddamn paragraph 1 hour before you wrote this?


Firstly, of all the people here I would not point out myself as being the best at anything. I already stated I found it weird that they went for Spaget instead of GP, Me, Fletch and the various other veterans. I also already went over why you shouldn’t confirm anyone as town just because they have a public scuffle, it’s a good mafia tactic to do so so you don’t have people associating the two of you together. I wouldn’t bring this up if I thought I were going to live another night.

And no, I’m really not. I could have backed down on GP once Fletch started to change their vote if I were going the easy route. And the easiest targets would have been EC and Saws before this. Now that EC has counter voted Saws it makes him look extremely suspicious. And I would like to change my vote to him. But no I didn’t try to cover up anything, I haven’t swept anything under the rug and I’ve summarized my points various times. I’m also not leading a lynch and yeah I don’t want to mislynch. If I were mafia, I wouldn’t even mention mislynching because it’s easy to look at that and say I knew it from the beginning.

So from what I took you’re lynching me based on:

  • Me voting for you
  • Me not being lynched Night 0
  • Me accusing a mafia player, seconding a vote against them and putting them in a dangerous spot, and then speaking with them enough to draw attention to both of us, to make me look innocent? Alright
  • Easier targets, which even if I was everyone has to because we have nothing to go on. And as far as I can see nobody wants to abstain.

I’m waiting for the reason you made no comment till now, with reads, or any reaction really besides the obvious facts. You’re usually pretty active, and your three posts show that activity. Instead you didn’t reply to that part of me lynching you. And you come onto the scene after there’s 2 (1 and a half?) votes against you.

It doesn’t look great, and the town thing to do would just be to explain why. Not throw that part under the rug and counter with a vote against me in hopes of getting me lynched. Either way, I don’t want to mislynch, so I urge you to role claim if more people vote for you, as I will if more people vote for me.


Did you? Ok I didn’t notice it so if you are active that’s ok. I’d say EC is my biggest scum read currently seconded by Kitty, Saws then Shiny/You as “maybes”.


No xD

In consideration of what you said though, that’s a really huge stretch and I don’t know if I can allow it. This makes so many assumptions in it that I don’t know if any part of it stands up on its own…

  • The only reason Dedenne isn’t dead is because he’s Mafia. Even if I did assume all N0 kills were based on ‘experience’, this in itself is an “obvious” play and doesn’t guarantee anything.
  • GP and Dedenne were already fighting D1, which under your suggestion means the Mafia are already trying to divide themselves and get one another lynched first day. It’s one thing to make Dedenne look good by appearing scummy, but that would mean GP was okay with making himself stand out as sus on D1 in such a large game? Even if it was a setup, that’s seems too big of a sacrifice. Please recall that the Hex was not expected.

I didn’t realize Dedenne sent a whole post about this already but sure whatever you do you : P

As for EC, I guess I see your guys’ points about GP’s townread and lack of information generally, but I guess we’ll see by tonight since the majority already seems to be going that way.

The votes as they stand:
4 for EC (Desox, Sawsbuck, Ho-Oh, Dedenne)
1 for Ho-Oh (Kitty)
1 for Sawsbuck (EC)
1 for Dedenne (Shiny)
0.5 for Me (Me)
Choose wisely.

I realize my statements are getting a lot more blunt or just extremely straightforward, but as someone with only two days to live and nothing to lose, I want to make the most of the time I have left and live my best life :’)


I mean this is a pretty scummy move on top of all of that as well Magi.


I know, but half a vote isn’t going to change anything at this point : |

I wish I didn’t feel so useless, since I haven’t been worrying about trying to stay alive I’ve been treating this as more of an debate forum and less of a mafia game. Part of me still wonders if Bugsy even realizes they’re Town or not, but that’s the least consequential part of the game at this point, one day the great mystery will be revealed :wobblurk:


I mean, you’re voting me on the fact that I haven’t said much while I’m not the only one. You’re voting me because I haven’t said anything really helpful (and I know that can be seen as a bad excuse on my part because I know people playing right now love writing paragraphs of their thoughts and I struggle with that) and I said it’s honestly because I’m pretty lost and I was mainly trying to read other people’s comments and their thoughts in this. So based on your reasons why you’re voting me…theres not much I can think of to defend myself that I haven’t already said, since I already gave my reasons and that didn’t help change your mind, I don’t think it will.

Yeah and this isn’t a game I’m more used to. Lol, in other mafia games that were new to me I was quiet in the beginning because I don’t have anything to go off of.

Seriously why is this always a point brought up in these games? I was busy and couldn’t reply at the time. That’s not a good reason to go off of.

I did explain why I’m voting you, it wasn’t wasn’t simply just a counter vote.

It’s DAY ONE and you’re urging me to role claim? If I role claim, I’ll die tonight by mafia possibly and if I don’t, I’ll die by lynch because more people find it more suspicious to not have much to say day one than anything else. I’m not going to role claim just to die by mafia tonight. (Watch it happen anyway because of me saying this.)
If I didn’t address anything else it’s because I feel I already explained myself enough and I don’t want to reiterate just to not change your minds because my reasons aren’t good enough.

Cries… now to reply to Magi’s big post.

Yeah it is but it’s all I could go off of the first day.

It doesn’t guarantee anything but it’s more possible than not in my eyes. :eyes: Considering past games.
Glitter wasn’t really on track to being lynched, he only died because a townie placed a hex on him. Both of them can talk their way out of a lynch, so perhaps they weren’t really worried about that and could go after unhelpful comments and inactive players. You know, fight each other in the beginning but then bring up inactive players and have them be the spotlight… kind of like right now. :eyes:

I’m not great at talking myself out of being lynched whether I’m townie or scum so, with my thoughts already spoken, take them as you must, honestly. I can already feel the lynch or my death tonight. It’s an itchy feeling.


That’s a defense right there, however I’m voting you not because of your activity being low, moreso because your posts contained no reaction. Just short statements of the facts.

There’s not usually better ones. I went off on Glitter because that was the best one, now EC and you are the best ones. Sorry D1 sucks with evidence in reads, thankfully we have an active town and plenty of people talking though.

If you count the various assumptions sure.

Read the entire thing… Being overdramatic just makes more people suspicious of you. I said I don’t want to mislynch, I rather you role claim when you have many votes against you and get a chance to live, or at the least the town has a better chance to lynch another mafia member or third party, than lynching you. This is common sense and doesn’t require all caps.

Again, we’re hardly focused on your inactivity. If we were focused on that we would be talking about Saws quite a bit (no offense Saws). But, you not stating anything but facts while posting at various times was deserving of a vote to get you to come out. You came out at the right time.

Either way, I see your vote as a counter vote. This is just sad with the better options available in EC’s comments and other possible reads to be gathered.

Your assumptions are a bit too far reaching and it makes me suspicious of you, but I’m being extremely blunt because I said I might die tonight. Who knows though now with other people in the spotlight.

I’m going to ask the investigative roles of the game to investigate Shiny/Kitty tonight please. Or even me if you’re suspicious of me. And with that I’ll await D2 where hopefully the dramatics will be put aside.

[un-lynch] Shiny
[lynch] EC


Mafia war of century EC vs Saws : p
Idk man it’s very hard to read EC, last time he was town he had same type of reaction, i haven’t played with him as mafia but his post looks like usual. Only reason for susing him is gp mentioned him as town read without him saying anything useful?

As for saws he is more confused than anything.

Seriously shiny, if you were going on ded for planning it all ahead with gp as scum mates, doesn’t fletch look more sus in that regard. But i can’t see him as scum right now 'cause if he and gp even planned this, Fletch wouldn’t hard defend him only after gp getting 1 vote.

Ded, ho-oh and magi looking town to me.

I suggest players who provide shit ton of reads with this format
Player 1: he is town…
Player 2: he is town…

…should stop or just use initial or other names other than their username here 'cause they will be much likely get targeted by hex words.


All these D1 comments are pretty much assumptions though? I had nothing of evidence to go off of, and I might not since I’m not an TI role, so my reasons will most likely always be made from assumptions, er at least in the beginning.

I did read the whole thing for the RC but theres barely any good reasons to RC on D1, THAT’s more dramatic than anything else. I’m pretty sure EC is going to be getting lynched since he’s acting strange this game, I definitely would not want to RC with that. That’s sus to bring on anyone D1, especially when someone else is acting more sus than any of us are. Last time I RC’d D1 to not get lynched by town I at least had mafia evidence, this wouldn’t be worth it. At least with voting EC we might, at best, get TP.

You still seem sus to me too, for reasons I’ve already stated. (Usually would be dead by now, possibly trying a new risky strategy, going after the easier targets to mislynch ‘accidentally’, even asking to RC D1 when knowing my role could just make me even more of a target for a night kill, etc)

I did wonder that but it’s hard for me to get a good read on most, I feel like Glitter, Magi, Dedenne, or Ho Oh would be most likely to plan elaborate schemes like this. Johnny as well but he’s not in this game.
I’m not calling Magi or Ho Oh scum atm right now because they’re still in the gray area for me, Magi leaning on town.

Good point :thonk:


Something about the way you say RC and EC and D1 and TP messed up that paragraph in my head, don’t even know what RC stands for but seems good I guess.

Seems like all’s well and I have an inconsequential half vote on my hands now…

[Un-Half-Lynch] Shiny
[Half-Lynch] Magipika

I can’t even make votes matter anymore, so I’ll just continue shouting into the cold endless void and hoping someone listens :>


Role claim, sorry. Was tired of typing it out XD


Again, read. If you get more votes justifying a likely lynch you should RC. Common sense, didn’t need a paragraph or capitalized words twice now.

I am playing differently, you’ve noticed correctly. GP is dead, mafia will see me as a threat if they haven’t already, I basically said I was likely to die next night but so many people have hinted toward their roles I’m unsure. But I’ve been extremely blunt this game. Assuming people should N0 kill me though every game is quite strange, especially because I only N0 died in one game of all the one’s I’ve played.

Also I’m going to bed, TLDR, Shiny is suss to me for her reasons to lynch me, her demeanor throughout the game and the harping on the RC atm. EC is counter voting against saws and has provided nothing substantial. Really not unlike EC, but there’s 4 votes against him now. If he wishes to prove his innocence he should RC. Though if it’s vanilla (are there any vanilla’s in this game?) I don’t see that being substantial enough to sway the town. Someone should investigate Shiny tonight at the least in my opinion. Ho-Oh would like Kitty looked into as well though.