Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


I’m glad somebody finally acknowledged my martyrdom :zoomeyes:

The way I see the Morty case, with no leads on any of the people prior to D1, I’d chalk the Hex on GP to be dumb luck. Not sure if they chose GP randomly, or if they chose him as one of the more experienced Mafia players here, but either way there’s no way they could have known whether he was Mafia or not. I’m not sure of the extent of the Hex’s ability, such as if you can curse words like “the”, but for the most part it’s basically the equivalent of a Vig role, albeit more effective on those who talk more. Therefore, I wouldn’t Hex tomorrow unless we had some suspicions locked down on someone that weren’t resolved by the lynch the day prior.

So, with the power of the half-vote bestowed in me, I’m going to [Half-Lynch] Shiny and see what she has to say for herself.


I would think it was someone who had bias against GP, or they just went randomly, which would make me think it’s someone who hasn’t played mafia much here. Either way, it won’t limit down who it was because most of us can be wary of GP, same with me and Aaron when he plays.

But yes, just be careful with it Morty, that’s a quick death and though successful there’s nobody I’d chance killing right now. Investigators though, check out the scummy people.

Also, I’m surprised mafia went for Spaget. Not that she’s not a threat to them, but I would have expected GP to go for me, seeing as how aggressive I’ve been with him lately. I don’t think he would have wanted Spaget dead, but he’d probably go with anything random since they know nothing.

And I’m going to leave these here, in case I’m killed tonight.

Those sum up my current thoughts, also in case I do die.

The key word here should be for now. I should probably not draw this much attention to myself, especially since y’all are clearing me, which is a fair assumption. I’d like to say that later down the line mafia can go at eachother in the thread. They just usually don’t tend to vote for eachother cause that’s super risky. But this way the tension between them helps the other seem innocent in case of one of the mafia members dying.


Fine, you’re sus now, congratulations :wobbthonk:

I had more doubts about Fletch, because he seemed to have called out GP originally but then flipped into a mild defense of him when you agreed. That seemed more like a bait play to me, so I would’ve considered Fletch to be more on that boat than you.


I’m confused about Shiny, why did they do that Scyther thing to MagiPika (off topic but I have no clue who they are) and why are you guys ignoring it

Edit, forgot the roles are in the OP and this isn’t the other Pokemon Mafia game


Hardly, just realising that GP made Some Points, but those said points are clearly irrelevant now


If I’m going to die tonight, I rather take a risk in being seen as suss for correcting people on reading me as cleared than see you all make the same mistake later when X player says Y player hasn’t done anything, and after Y player is lynched, X is somehow in the clear.

I see that with Fletch, but I feel like he called out GP to get him to say more (perhaps even his own name?) which would make me think he’s Morty. Which is why he’s not as much in that boat in my eyes.

I’m more interested in why Zoska tried to lynch me and why Nica wants people to see me as scum?

Also no matter who I say is suspicious it will come off as being “defensive” cause I was in the spotlight so almost everyone looked to me.


We don’t know who Scyther is btw. We only know Specifice and Glitter’s roles.


[quote=“Shiny, post:55, topic:2808”]
I know Magi was already being town read but that might help show he’s town even more so?[/quote]

What about this?


Fair enough Fletch, just keep in mind that I’ll have my eye on you…

I don’t think Zoska and Nica are after you, it’s just an issue of poor wording… I read through those trying to get my reads earlier and I realize they can be easily misconceived.

I don’t think Zos was originally aware of the alignment of the Rival. Her response said that you were either being framed or it was a bluff of a frame, but these are both assumptions that are based on the idea that GP was Town, and that you were the one seen to be arguing with him the most.

Nica didn’t actually call you scum, but was referring to GP’s earlier reads:

She said that “at least two of [the reads] are cleared” since GP turned up Mafia. Hopefully that clears some of it up.

As to that quote Saws, I think Shiny was referring to it from an outsider’s perspective, not as Bugsy herself. Even given that, Bugsy is supposed to be a Town role so if she were soft-claiming it there on accident (which I don’t think she is or should be) that would mean the opposite case.


People were labeling Magi as town, and Shiny thought that this would lead to people seeing Magi as even more town read. Why? Uhhh I have no idea. I assume she thought Scyther was a mafia pokemon, which from what I see with colors it isn’t. Honestly it doesn’t make much sense to me beyond that.

Oh i didn’t even notice that since I remembered GP putting scum at the end of each sentence lmao. That was the only thing I had for Ho-Oh.


To clarify there’s at least a 2/3 chance that those people aren’t scum as gp wouldn’t call out all his fellow mafia as mafia. He might have one, but that would be all which is why it’s worth investing/keeping their eyes on them which would give us cleared town roles.


As to this, I don’t think anyone is after me. But I was just confused by their meanings. Zoska is obviously confused, or that’s a play. But I’m pretty sure she’s just been quite busy. Only thing I was interested in was the “simple scum read” part of why I was being defensive, because hell it was anything but simple.

For now since I should be going off now and don’t know if I’ll be on before Night,

[lynch] Shiny

I’d like other thoughts on Shiny’s comment there. Because I don’t want to mislynch, but right now I’m seeing the least from her of anyone, despite having three (thought two originally) comments at three different times where there were plenty of developments to comment on.


EC has made a lot of empty comments :thinking:

What the hell does that mean :thonk:


Whoa lemme catch up one second


Wait a minute…

empty comments


I’m sure I’ll have your head in a spin soon enough.


Okay reading back here are my reads:

Fletch - town, possibly may have figured out his role but if I’m right I’m not going to out him.
Magipika - town, with everything there seems like a safe town bet.
Dedenne - town, gp seemed against him for no reason but as Dedenne is usually centre of attention in these games it was a “safe” pick for him.
Desinishon - town for now.

Zoska - Third Party. Neutral but playing safe.

EC - mafia, gp straight away considered him town even though he contributed absolutely zero.

Second mafia: Sawsbuck (not contributing much to town), Kitty (VERY inactive & gp seemed to make an “excuse” for her inactivity), Desox (quiet af) or Shiny (maybe Bugsy, maybe mafia).


Yes, Sawsbuck is my mafia buddy. Please lynch us both.


Hell no I’m not your maf buddy

[Lynch]EC because you’ve not contributed anything or attempted to contribute anything


Your bloody hands are showing.

[Lynch] Sawsbuck