Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


So since Glitter passed, it seems they can use it again


Im soooooorrrrrryyyy


From the above it looks like at least two of:

Dedenne - Scum. Very defensive and just parroting things other people have said.
Zoska - Getting by own empty comments when she’s normally a bit more proactive. Scum.
Desi - As with Zoska, coasting by without contributing. He can do better. Scum.

Are cleared since he wouldn’t drop his mafia in the shit so early on in the game when no target is on their back.


Morty is … town … . . Right?
I wonder what word they chose for gp


Actually im still reading the role list and i have no idea what are the bad roles so nvm and ignore my dumb shit


colours keep borking in my css, Rival/Clair/Lance are scum, Kimono Girl is TP, everyone else is Town


Dude I thought Clair and Lance were town due to the order. Although now OP makes a bit more sense. Once I get back from vets I’ll have a proper read through everything & see who we should be wary of now.


So it’s now 8v2v1

that’s kinda hot, I’m down with that.


And nobody freaking believed me huh.

One down two to go.


Hi, so uh, does this mean I’m going to die on Day Four or end of Day 3? Screw you Bugsy :wobblurk:

I wonder which Hex Morty used on GP… I imagine he said someone’s name in one of his reads. From what I understand I think he can only use two, one on words and one on names, but he sure was really lucky with his choice of who to use it on.

Two “Dragon Elders” and a Kimono Girl left against what is it, 8 Town now? (I asked Aaron which roles were Mafia earlier because I didn’t understand either, being confused in advance, haha) Guess that’s a good start. With all of the actions being so distinct this should be interesting to uncover.

What I want to know is, why?.. I’m not sure if you’re trying to make me sus of Kitty because I voted her in the first place, or if you’re trying to get me to say something, when I already gave you my basic opinion. What exactly were you trying to accomplish? Well, I’m a little bit salty so you guys better win before Night 3 when I bleed to death. I was planning to rescind my vote since the reads were starting to come together, but I mean at this point it only serves as a tiebreaker so call me when you need me xD

I’ll take a second right after this to go through the reads and get a stupid flyswatter to hit my screen with, guess the Mafia doesn’t need to kill me since I’m already dying so I’ll tell you what else I figure out from my role on Day Two.


Oh shoot I forgot about this game
Will quickly read up


So I’m not really big on posting reads, but I guess I’ll do my best since it seems to be the newest fad around here :’)

First off; I’m going to assume that Dedenne is pretty much confirmed Town for now; he was hounding GP long before he died, and there’d be no reason for them to go after each other so early, and unless by some weird twist of events you are Mafia as well, you’d surprise me. It’s not as if they knew he was Hexed already, and it’d be ridiculous for them to start throwing each under the bus already Day One.

As for the rest of my reads:

  • For Fletch, he started the initial vote pressure on GP, and put some good analysis out during their conversation as well. For the most part I’d be leaning Town on him too, a little bit impartial as to which side he took but for the same reasons as Dedenne I don’t think he’d pressure GP so early in the game without due cause.
  • Ho-Oh (I’m still not sure whether you go by Nika or Forever or what) put out some good analysis, and seemed to be at least very thorough on what she thought of everyone. I’d say leaning Town, or at least being helpful :’)
  • Kitty said a little bit of stuff but is kind of busy. Guess I’ll let that slide for now.
  • EC’s said nothing substantial.
  • Shiny pointed a few things, but mostly obvious.
  • Zoska reads to me as either confused, or slightly scum for not telling very much.
  • Desi said they’re tired, put out some reads but mainly “null reads” and compared people with their “usual selves”. Not very informative, so unsure what to make of that, guess that would mean leaning scum? I don’t really like it when people rely heavily on meta information to make reads.
  • Sawsbuck and Desox haven’t said anything yet. (Waiting for them to catch up.)

To be fair, I’m not really sure what abilities we have at our disposal or what everyone is able to do either, so I’m just as confused as you are. I might have to start looking a little bit deeper into that, but that’s all I got for now. I acknowledge that a lot of my opinions are riding on the outcome of the Hex, but that’s probably one of the best things that could have happened in our situation; not only are we down to two Mafia, but knowing where people’s alignments lay before GP died suddenly gives us a big chance to see who was working with or against him, and discuss these all before the first night even ends. And of course the remaining Mafia are going to have to suddenly shift gears, so I’d be on the lookout for odd behavior.


I clearly need to start taking notes.


So I need a new read huh.

Firstly, @Sawsbuck has been reading up for half an hour. But, from playing with him before he’s usually quick to respond if he’s mafia and doesn’t forget about the game since he’s in the mafia server then.

Secondly, to those thinking I was overly defensive, you should probably read through my posts again, and actually look at my points. Since apparently, only two people read. I hate to say I told y’all so, but I did. Like he parroted his playstyle completely in past mafia games with his thoughts toward Fletch vs. Me and then swept my points under the rug. If he stayed alive I’m sure I’d probably be dead at the end of this Day Phase with Fletch and Zoska looking my way and Nica (still?) looking at me as scum on D1.

I’d recommend not jumping the gun today, with Day actions and such that is. We know very little and most people have stuck to their original playstyles. Only people I’ve noticed change it up a bit are Fletch, Ho-Oh and GP. @Magipika I don’t know (nor can I figure out) what went down with Kitty, but since nobody replied to this I wanted to since I originally saw it as parroting what GP said but it’s quite different.

Everyone should use their investigative actions, and I’d be shocked if people didn’t (unless its Saws or Desox). But, to pick apart the flavor text.

Jasmine/Steelix ^

Falkner/Pidgeotto used Gust, to “halve the chance of any visiting player’s actions to succeed”, but to no avail says they failed at doing so.

Perhaps this is an allusion to Morty hexing someone?

And then this is a nice start to no random killings. Which is originally what I went crazy on GP Over.

Those are all my current thoughts, would like to hear from @Desox today and perhaps a bit more from Saws if possible.


I’d like to hear from all of the people I mentioned who I thought seemed a bit light on opinions; that includes those two, but also Shiny and EC, since none of their statements have been anything but statements of fact.

I don’t think the “restless” line is not an allusion to the hexing. According to the description:

So the Hex message was only active starting at the beginning of the Day, from what I can tell, so I don’t think it matches the clue quite perfectly. Still finding that one line hard to comprehend, maybe that is a reference to Will/Alakazam using their Future Sight as essentially a Cop? I would imagine telepathy might cause restless sleep, but I don’t know…


Wait, you said Dedenne is confirmed town, eh?



Sorry I’m having trouble adjusting to a single page format for Mafia


Tbh that’s apparently how EC plays. I don’t expect analytical posts from everyone, or reads for that matter on D1. But, it’s odd that Shiny is so quiet now that you mention it. She’s said literally two things, the short and quick response on D1 to show activity, not unexpected. But then you see my comments and back and forth, you and Kitty, you getting slashed and Glitter dying.

That’s a lot to comment on or form a read from for Shiny who is usually quite active in mafia. I wouldn’t be all that shocked had she not reacted after Glitter’s death, but her coming onto the scene right after makes me wonder. Especially since no useful information, or even opinions were shown.

Also it should be easy to adjust Saws :zoomeyes:

Desox is typing now so we’ll see his thoughts.


OK why the f did Bugsy do that to Magi it was like a clear townread are you serious? Come on. I suppose it’s time to shine as the town’s lead, @Magipika, because I doubt mafia would waste a kill on someone who can neither vote nor live.

Townread on Dedenne cos I think it’d be stupid af to bus this early. Unless the pair got really unlucky with Morty’s hex (well, gp got unlucky more like, if Dedenne was mafia all along there’s now a sweet excuse there). Talking about Morty, was it someone who knows gp well and some words he writes when defensive or something, or was it just luck? I’d doubt the latter just because I’d never do so… you could literally cripple town with it, so ehhhhhh… be careful please if it was?
If it wasn’t, I’d say it’s someone who knows gp very well…

Oh, and…

[Lynch] EC

…can you actually write anything more than a sentence as response to something?

Sawsbuck, I don’t even see how is that an excuse, read post to post and that’s it.


Although it could be the latter because N0, so Morty wouldn’t have some kind of bias in which to start with gp could be defensive let’s test the waters. Kinda disregard until further things happen.