Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two

Pokémon Wars: Chronicle Two


Everyone here is getting the “ball rolling”, and I’m having an existential crisis about this game holyhell


Right, well, now I’ve got more to go off of. Here’s my current reads.

Magi - Still town, still the same reasons.
Fletch - Town. Called out all the right shit, good analytical posting.
Kitty - Also town. She’s playing consistent with her usual town behaviour and I know for a fact she’s pretty busy hence the time it took for a response.
EC - Town. Not a helpful one but this is consistent with what I’d expect.

Dedenne - Scum. Very defensive and just parroting things other people have said.
Zoska - Getting by own empty comments when she’s normally a bit more proactive. Scum.
Desi - As with Zoska, coasting by without contributing. He can do better. Scum.

Anyone I haven’t mentioned either hasn’t said anything yet or is null. You’re welcome. The ball is rolling.


I’ll agree with your comment about me being normally more proactive. I’m still getting my bearings with this game because the way the roles are set up is a bit more complicated to what I’m used to. While before I’m okay at picking apart flavour text normally, I was struggling with today’s flavour text.


You’re pointing out people as scum immediately oh my lord.

If you were truly town you’d look at my points and respond instead of reflecting off to something else, a style you care to have when you’re mafia in other games. If you were town you wouldn’t blatantly call people scum immediately with little evidence and you wouldn’t ask for quick risky deaths.

I also see your flip flop from Fletch being analytical to me being defensive. Something you tried in the last game I played with you as mafia, to seem innocent you didn’t want to burn bridges on leading other lynches so you never wanted to fully oppose those voting for you.

Either way I’ll be standing by my vote.


In Pie’s defence. As did I, did I not?


Like I said, defensive.
Also, I clearly said those were my reads. I didn’t say anyone was scum without any doubt… although you’re looking worse by the second.


I have to say, I’m seeing what Glitter is saying here, Dedenne.


Idk but it’s a bit meta but kitty is little inactive in all mafia games i’m in.
Beside that I got nothing to add.
It’s bit early to give reads without much context from other players but magi really dissected phase change post so +1 from me too. Ho-oH is also looking town to me. That’s all I guess.
EC is always here with quick jabs idk null read on them.
GP is playing aggressive like always but I can’t really tell him apart.
Fletch is playing different from other couple of games I’ve played in this site and Dedenne is being their usual self I guess.

I have only played survival of zombie and DCYOM with you guys so I’m taking that as a base for your playstyle. Again here I might not be able to return before phase post end so I summed up everything I feel so far.


3 people laid out as scum from very few posts, in 1 post. After he was voted on by two people.

Complete scum reads on D1 are not how these usually go. Leaning scum, possible scum, or simply not contributing enough sure.

I’m just saying it’s his playstyle when he’s mafia. You don’t have to agree, especially since very few of you have been mafia with him.


I’ve been mafia with him countless times… sis… come on


I don’t think GP mentioned us because he was completely certain we were scum. Those were just the reads he was getting so far in the day, they could easily change. hecc, his read on me was justified because I am usually more proactive, but I gave my reasoning behind that

For you to get so defensive Day 1 makes me wonder if GP scum reading you rattled you so much because you really are scum.

GP’s always played aggressively, though. As far as I’ve seen. blobthinkingglare


Yes he has, as have I. But never outwardly saying scum on multiple people to my knowledge.

Also please, I would never outwardly be defensive if I was mafia. I wouldn’t even bother replying and would probably give reads away from GP in order to push his vote under the rug. Especially since nobody seconded his vote by then.

I don’t know your mafia scene fletch you’ve played like 3 games here sis.

I addressed the fact I was being defensive. And I said why I thought he flip flopped, and ill stand behind it.

That’s my one read, i don’t have enough information to call anyone else out. I’m aware why Zoska is busy and the game has custom roles. Desi never comments a bunch and nor does he usually have a lot of information right away. Fletch is usually slower. Forever always gives large posts on her thoughts regardless of town or mafia. Kitty is v busy right now.

That’s about all I have to go on so I pointed out the one thing I’ve seen that’s odd, and that’ll probably be my vote with him especially because of this.

Instead he reflected, and continued with his short response to me being defensive. Perhaps it’s too clear. But I see no reason for any person who is experienced in mafia to ask for people to blatantly use their one time NA’s day one, or use their killing actions with no reads.


I’m probably about to sleep so I’ll make this quick.

  1. I blatantly said that specifically to start people talking, same reason I voted for you.
  2. Fletch has been playing mafia with me since like 2015 and has been mafia with me numerous times over that timeframe. He’s got a better idea of my playstyle than you do. It hasn’t really changed much since then. For context on Fletch’s claims.

Scyther used Fury Cutter!

It’s super effective!

Magipika’s voting power has been halved!


I know Magi was already being town read but that might help show he’s town even more so?


These will all seem like they’ve come at once however I received them whilst at work

Tempers flare up and run high, much to a point where in fact someone had not noticed that the air around them seemed to…darken. A lot. The Rival thought it was their Typhlosion being a little premaure with its Smokescreen…however he realised too late, after Typhlosion was engulfed in the now purple flames; his own screams followed not long after.

@Glitter has been Hexed! They were the Rival’s Typhlosion.


Ok lmao. Wbk.


This is bonkers so far.


Jesus, okay

This is either someone wanting to frame Dedenne with how defensive he had been over a simple scum read, or that’s exactly what Dedenne wants people to think.

EDIT: [Lynch] Dedenne

I’m looking at the OP to see what could hex again, and I’m back to being confused about this setup


Essentially: a word or player is chosen by Morty/Gengar. If the word is said or the person is chosen, whoever was Hexed dies.

Here’s the current player list etc in light of what has happened, just for clarification:

Ho-oh as ???
Specifice as Pryce/Dewgong
Zoska as ???
Sawsbuck as ???
Shiny as ???
Dedenne as ???
Fletch as ???
EC as ???
Glitter as Rival/Typhlosion
Desox as ???
Magipika as ???
Kitty as ???
Desinishon as ???